Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Baby Powder Terror? Oh Well, Better Than Anthrax I Always Say

This from SJ-R:

Horace Mann white-powder case solved, police say

An Indianapolis man's attempt to frighten a suspected mail thief culminated in an unscheduled day off for some employees of Horace Mann Educators Corp. in Springfield. Police said Wednesday evening they had traced a letter found Wednesday in the mailroom at Horace Mann that contained a white powder. The powder at first tested positive for possible anthrax, but later tests revealed it was baby powder.
The Indianapolis man reportedly intended to frighten the suspected thief with an envelope containing baby powder, but enclosed the substance and a threatening letter in an old Horace Mann envelope. That resulted in the envelope being sent to Springfield.
Day-shift employees of Horace Mannwere sent home because the building's air-conditioning system had to be shut down until the substance could be identified.

end snippet.

This moron's bright idea must have cost Horace Mann thousands of dollars (although I have a feeling HM is insured for this type of incident), and surely cost the City of Springfield tens of thousands of dollars too. Even the FBI, and Postal Inspectors got in on the case.

UPDATE: I sent an email to Springfield, Illinois Mayor Tim Davlin suggesting the City of Springfield considering suing the individual who mailed the baby powder in an attempt to recoup some of the cost the city incurred.
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Dave said...

Good coverage, dude.

I'm glad it wasn't you. I know you use baby powder - don't deny it.

And the new look to the site is great.

JeromeProphet said...

Speaking of babies - this blog is certainly in its infancy. I have much to learn. You seem to have it down to a science already.

I like a dark background, but if I planned on posting as much as you do, I'd have to switch to a white background for readibility.

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