Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Incest Father Sells Daughter Dope

Scene: Springfield, Illinois

Old Man: I can't believe you have anything to do with him.

Teen Girl: He's my father.

Old Man: He's a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Teen Girl: I love him.

Old Man: Well, there's something wrong with you then. You desperately need help.

Teen Girl: He's a victim.

Old Man: He's shacked up over at Seven Pines with his step daughter.

Teen Girl: I can't stand her, or what she's done to him.

Old Man: He's been having sex with her since she was like seven years old!

Teen Girl: He's tried to leave her, but she won't let him.

Old Man: And now, you feel sorry for this scum. He's ruined everyone around him.

Teen Girl: She beats him up.

Old Man: Because he's gotten her on drugs, and he's afraid she'll leave.

Teen Girl: I can't see what he sees in her. They both got arrested this weekend.

Old Man: She's nineteen years old, and he's nearly forty, what do you think?

Teen Girl: He fell asleep drunk, and she raped him with a beer bottle.

Old Man: He's a hopeless drunk, and now you hang out with him. This is your father figure? This is what you have chosen over good grades, a loving family, and any sense of self respect?

Teen Girl: I'll tell you the truth.

Old Man: What in hell now?

Teen Girl: He sells me my dope.

Old Man: The pot you now smoke every day because you say your life as a teen is unbearable?

Teen Girl: Yes.

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