Thursday, November 24, 2005

ALPLM Seasoning

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Photo: Halverson Construction's Turkey Atop Union Station Clocktower

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Photo: Ladder For Christmas Decorating @ ALPLM Off Jefferson Street

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Photo: Decorating Ladder And ALPLM - Sprigfield, Illinois 11.20.05

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Photo: First Christmas for Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

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Photo: Christmas Street Light Decorations & Union Station - Springfield, IL:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Downtown Springfield, Illinois. Garland, and Christmas Wreaths are being used to decorate the victorian style street lights in the downtown area. These photographs were taken in the vicinity of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in downtown Springfield.

One image is of the Union Station Clocktower which is under construction. That photograph includes a display of a turkey which has been attached by construction workers to the steel piling. This is a tradition in the construction industry. Union Station is also part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Complex.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Union Station Roofing In Progress

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Photo: Roofer Cuts Tiling Atop ALPLM's Union Station - Springfield, Illinois

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Photo: Roofer Atop Springfield, Illinois' Union Station Prepares Tiles

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Photo: Union Station In Springfield, Illinois Gets A New Roof November, 2005

Good weather this Fall of 2005 has allowed a steady pace of work on the Union Station Rehabilitation Project. The series of photographs above are of a roofer cutting masonry tiles prior to installation. Union Station is part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Complex located in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Meaning About Us

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Photo: Color Bath Truck - Union Station Springfield, Illinois

The play between light, and shadow, color and white takes place on every level of our everyday lives. We're often too busy to notice that in each and every moment, in each and every space there exist potential for discovery, art, love, science, beauty, meaning, and purpose. Our lives often seem mundane, and meaningless yet meaning is all about us bathing us constantly - we just need to open our eyes, and see it.

We live in a world chasing after an illusion of happiness built upon consumerism, and greed, but in the end the values we have adopted will result in unhappiness, and our destruction - both personally, and as a species.

We're all very much making choices every day about what's important to us. The end result of all those choices is the life we live, and the world we create for ourselves. A world based upon greed, and consumerism places happiness outside the human being, and it drives all the other choices we make. What jobs we take, who we marry, what we believe about ourselves, and everyone else.

But a world based upon the presumption that completion, and oneness can only be found within, and between ourselves and other human beings - instead of things, places the attainment of happiness within reach of every human being.

As we each will face a day where we are gasping our final breath, I wonder what will be the last thing you look upon, what will be the last thing you grasp, the last thought you think? Will it be of an automobile, a house, a bank balance, or will your last precious thought be of a loved one, whether you lived a life worth living?

Under The Bright Lights Baby!

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Image: False Color Image - Anderson Electric Sign - Springfield, Illinois

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Image: False Color Image - Evans Construction Sign - Springfield, Illinois

The ordinary isn't always mundane. There's a layer below waiting. Don't give up trying to understand. But don't be frustrated if you never do. We've all been there - at least those of us who have awoken. You are not alone. The system is not of our design. It works somewhat. We serve it. But it is just a system. No more real. Than what you have imagined.

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