Friday, October 17, 2008

Gasoline Prices Dropping Before 2008 Election

A coworker told me a few months ago that some WMAY conservative talk show hosts were referring to me on air as "paranoid" because I had predicted in one of my blog post that gasoline prices would fall below $3.00 per gallon before the election.


$2.85 per gallon, and dropping - due to the "recession in China".

Lower gasoline prices are used by big oil to sedate the masses, which results in a lower voter turnout. Low turnouts result in conservative turnouts.

This won't work this election because too many people hate the GOP, and I expect a VERY HIGH turnout.

Dumb ass Republicans will have to employ other methods to steal this election this time around.

You see folks they weren't counting on the stock market crashing. If only the market hadn't of crashed things would have been so much closer, and then the rigged gasoline prices would have helped steal the 2008 election.

Why don't you read that WMAY jocks?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SPORE - An Update

I approached the game SPORE much as I did Civilization. I have slowly expanded my empire by building trading relationships, and alliances with neighboring empires. I have slowly acquired nearby solar systems though military conquest, exploration, and purchase.

And I have become better at playing the game.

Thinking each step along the way that I would build a huge empire, and then, and only then begin a star trek toward the galactic center - where the Grox hold a secret which is the key to "winning" the game.

But as I expand my empire I have come to believe that I could in fact spend years, yes you read it right, years expanding my interstellar empire.

There are that many solar systems, and planets in SPORE.

Sometimes when I move from one scale to another as I zoom in toward my empire, and then outbound away from the galactic spiral which my empire is located within I notice how very exceeding small of an area my empire makes up.

All of my conquest, all of my allies, all of my enemies, all of those stars which I have yet to visit, but which I have seen on the fringes are in fact just a drop in the swimming pool of SPORE's galaxy of solar systems.

I have been fooling myself.

I keep telling myself that eventually when I have expanded my empire to such a size that my home world is no longer subject to random attacks that I will focus on some headlong trek toward the galactic center, but this could take weeks.

And then I what?

I could see how it could take quite awhile to move toward the center.

I have recently acquired the ability to move through wormholes, but I have yet to see one, so I am guessing that may solve the problem, but I am not sure.

I accidentally launched a weapon which destroyed the entire biosphere of a planet.

The entire biosphere was left ablaze, and soon enough nearby empires, which I had never even known existed, declared war on me.

Luckily I chose not to save my play action, and reloaded the program, and was more careful about not launching such a destructive weapon.

In SPORE a planet is a terrible thing to waste.

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