Saturday, September 17, 2005

Spartans Vs. Titans 09.17.05

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Photo: East Side Pride - Spartan Coaches watch Chatham Glenwood's P.A.T.

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Photo: Row of Spartan Cheerleaders - Springfield, IL South East High School

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Photo: Band Players - Springfield, IL South East High Band Sax and Trumpet

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Photo: Springfield, IL South East Spartans Play Chatham Glenwood's Titans 09.17.05

Friday, September 16, 2005

Car Cage

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Photo: Car Cage - Saint John's Parking Ramp - Madison & Sixth - Springfield, IL

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Photo: Red Stairs - Municipal Parking Garage 7th & Washington 08.31.05

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Photo: Square Windows - Springfield, IL Municipal Parking Garage 08.31.05

Car Cages

Lurking about the parking ramps of downtown Springfield, Illinois sounds spooky!
Actually my brief tour of Springfield's parking garages with camera in hand openned up several photo opportunities.

Parking in d downtown Springfield has always been problematic. Downtown Springfield needs more parking spaces. Through the creation of diagonal parking zones, the City of Springfield has added dozens of parking spots along Adams street east of sixth street and west of fifth street. Yet, the demand for parking will only increase as downtown reinvents itself into a tourist, and specialty shop mecca.

Some are calling for the municipal government to build several more parking ramps to solve Springfield's parking problem once, and for all, but the city has never wanted to step up to the plate. Aside from tourist having nothing to do in the evening, parking is perhaps the biggest factor holding back continued growth for downtown.

The City of Springfield needs to change its approach, and sell some bonds to raise funding for the construction of several more parking ramps in the downtown area. This act would put to rest once, and for all the parking problem which has haunted downtown for decades. Talk about spooky!

About the Photographs:

The photograph I've titled Car Cages plays upon the feeling I had that people use cars as horse were once used. We no longer use stables, but parking garages. The cars remind me of living beings locked up behind wire mesh cages awaiting their master's return.

The red stairs photo is very interesting with the gold light streaming in from the windows. I don't see these stairs leading to hell. They look like they lead to an interesting place. I love the geometry of the stairs.

The square windows photograph speaks for itself. Geometry which encloses, yet opens up to the world beyond. Fuzzy, yet clear. This photograph is one of my favorites.

Springfield Spammer Beamer

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Photo: Spam Beamer

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Photo: Spam Beamer Girl

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Photo: Spam Beamer Box

Springfield, Illinois Spammer Beamer

I found an interesting BMW Motorcycle parked in downtown Springfield, Illinois. I'm not quite sure what the story behind the bike is. It's a bit of a mystery. The SPAM saddle-boxes, and there are two, one on each side, are covered with stickers - I guess of biker conventions.

I suspect a local artisan, and I won't say where this motorcycle is parked, owns this bike - and probably did the artwork himself. The same parking lot had a
BMW automobile parked in it the next day, but the bike was missing.

This artisan must be a big fan of SPAM, and BMW Motorcycles! This post had been up for several days when I began noticing several visits from Portugal. I tracked the visits back to a website which reposted my photograph, with a link to my site. At least that mystery is solved, now if I can obtain an interview with the owner of the Springfield, Illinois Spammer Beemer I'll be able to solve the mystery of the Springfield, Illinois Spammer Beemer!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

St. John's Medical Waste Incinerator - Post II

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Photo: FlagStack - St. John's Hospital Incinerator - Springfield, IL 09.12.05

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Photo: FlowerStack - Landscaping Overcome by St. John's Incinerator 09.12.05

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Photo: St. John's Hospital Medical Waste Incinerator - Springfield, IL 09.12.05

Saint John's Incinerator Stack - Reminder of Springfield, Illinois' Ugly Past

As development along ninth, and eleventh streets slowly redefines the look of Springfield, Illinois' near east side, remanents of Springfield's less beautiful past loom overhead. The city of Springfield needs to sort out exactly what type of city it wants to be. While Saint John's Hospital employs thousands of local residents, there is no danger that it could relocate if the City forced the Hospital to move its incinerator.

When will Springfield's political players get the nerve to tell Saint John's it's time? Perhaps when enough development along nineth, and eleventh streets forces a change in perception among city leaders? When the perception is that downtown Springfield would be a truly beautiful place if it wasn't for Saint John's ugly incinerator it will be time for it to go.

That day may never come, but I feel it is only a matter of time. In fact I feel that by forcing the relocation now, this part of downtown, and all of downtown Springfield can only gain.

About The Photographs

See that little white cloud above the incinerator stack in the third photograph?
Do you have any idea where that smoke came from? Someone's amputated leg perhaps? They say it's safe? It needs to come down.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Adam's Farmhouse - A Lincoln-Era Treasure

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Photo: Beautiful House - Adam's Farmhouse 07.22.05

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Photo: A Lonely Window - Adam's Farmhouse 07.22.05

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Photo: North East - Adam's Farmhouse 07.22.05

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Photo: Abraham Lincoln Era - Adam's Farmhouse 07.22.05

Adam's Farmhouse - A Lincoln-Era Treasure

One of Springfield, Illinois' historical treasures faces destruction at the hands of the Illinois Audubon Society. Unless someone, or some organization is willing to move the farmhouse in the coming weeks it will be destroyed to make way for a garish modern facility which the Illinois Audubon Society will build on the same site.

The Adams's Farmhouse dates to the days when Abraham Lincoln lived in Springfield. Margery Adams donated the home, along with a large tract of land to the Illinois Audubon Society. The land had been the Adam's family farm, which Margery Adams allowed to return to the wild after the death of her parents.

While I applaud the efforts of the Illinois Audubon Society to protect natural habitats, the decision to destroy this historic house is horrible! It is a beautiful old farmhouse that has a great deal of 1850's charm. Many proposals have been made to save the house, but the Illinois Audubon Society Board of Directors seems dedicated to building a large, and costly modern structure.

I for one will never say a kind word about the Illinois Audubon Society if they carry out this horrible deed. If they plan to move into our fair city with the intent of destroying our history, and culture then they are no friend of mine, and I'm sure many residents of this city agree.

Burning down bridges to this city's most dedicated, and activist segment - those who care about this city's history - is certainly not the way to proceed f0r any organization which depends upon the good will of the community.

About the Photographs

While reading through some old State Journal Register newspapers (I often don't get around to reading them for months) this weekend, I happened to notice an article about a serial rapist who preys upon the women, and childern of Springfield, Illinois. This fine chap repeatedly raped a mother of two children right in front of her children. He is also a suspect in the rape of a nine year old girl.

Well I guess he served his bit, because he was let out on parole, and is now rehabilitated, and a member of Springfield society again.

About five days after our photo visit to Adam's Wildlife Sanctuary, (my spouse was with me), this scum of the earth rapist was stopped, and questioned by police out at the Wildlife Sanctuary. He had a knife, a scarf, and some rope - essentially a rape kit. I gather it's his Modus Operandi of choice, before graduating to killing his victims.

Most frightening was my recollection of how safe I felt out in the woods, and noticed how children had left their bicylces at the side of the road to enter the woods on foot. Little did I suspect that a rapist armed with a knife was stalking the area. The police, after asking this gentleman a few questions never took him into custody. They did take his knife. They say they were only interested in why an alarm had gone off at the Adam's Farmhouse.

Thankfully, this scumbag's parole has been revoked, because instead of stalking the woods for women, and children to rape he was supposed to be working. What a wonderful coworker I'm sure he'd make.

Yes, the criminal justice system - works great doesn't it?

Anyway, the house is truly beautiful, and needs to be saved. Once again I'm tempted to start playing the lottery just so if I ever won I'd start saving houses like these.

Springfield's approach toward's protecting houses like these isn't tough enough. The mayor's assistant is saying there's not much we can do - well then the ordinances need to be changed!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Welcome American Patriot Legion

Thanks to Dave at The11thHour for introducing a new Springfield, Illinois Blog. The American Patriot Legion by Bill Lewis. Mr. Lewis states that he has dedicated his American Patriot Legion blog to the important issue of civil, and human rights.

Welcome & Best of Luck to you Bill! I've added your blog to my blogroll!


Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Salem, IL Historic Village

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Photo: Picket Fence - New Salem Carding Mill & Wool House 09.10.05

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Photo: Porch Row - New Salem, IL Historic Village 09.10.05

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Photo: New Salem Interpreter Pete Ellertson - The Second Berry-Lincoln Store 09.10.05

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Photo: Rail Fence - New Salem, IL Historic Village 09.10.05

New Salem Historic Village

New Salem Historic Village is located just twenty minutes north of Springfield, Illinois. The village is a recreation of New Salem. Abraham Lincoln resided in New Salem from 1831-1837.

There will be another post coming soon on New Salem

About the Photographs

Return soon for additional information about the photographs in this post

Lincoln & Eagles

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Photo: Lincoln & Eagles - Abraham Lincoln Bronze Statue @ New Salem Historic Village

I couldn't have planned this photograph. I was very pleased when these two eagles soared overhead while I took photographs of an Abraham Lincoln Bronze Statue at New Salem's Vistor Center.

I'll be posting more on New Salem in my next post.

The photograph above was taken at the New Salem Historic Village which is outside of Petersburg, Illinois. Petersburg, Illinois is just twenty minutes north of Springfield, Illinois. All photographs for this post were taken by JeromeProphet.

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