Saturday, September 16, 2006

September Shadows & Light

Photo: The Yard Shopping Center Parking Lot - Springfield, Illinois 9.16.2006

There's something about shooting an image of an area illuminated by the sun when it is approaching sunset. When the sun hangs low, and its glare is brilliant across the field of view the lighting creates a sense of space. The little reflections of the sun across the asphalt leading right up to where the image was captured reinforces the camera's perspective.

I decided not to go with a multi-color image since the glare washes the color out anyway, and it was shape, shadow, and perspective which I was interested in conveying.

The moment is captured - in space, time, shadow, and light.

How significant is this photo, or the moment it pretends to share?

That I can not answer.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

NASA "Discovers" Thunderstorm Ionosphere Link

HAARP Represents The U.S. Unclassified "Bone" Of Disinformation

CNN Article (With Questions)

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Thunderstorms on Earth can lead to storms in the outer reaches of the atmosphere that disrupt radio transmissions and other electronic communications, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

The discovery could lead to more reliable global-positioning satellite (GPS) navigation and short-wave radio transmissions by improving forecasts of high-altitude disturbances that can disrupt them, said University of California-Berkeley researcher Thomas Immel".

Question: Could such a "Discovery" lead to the development of a technical means of manipulating the ionosphere, and therefore the GPS, and shortwave broadcast?

"Using data from NASA satellites, Immel and other researchers discovered that thunderstorms over South America, Africa and Southeast Asia can create turbulence in two bands of electrical gas that hover 250 miles (402 kilometers) above the equator in part of the upper atmosphere known as the ionosphere.

These plasma bands are far too thin to be directly affected by wind from thunderstorms, but researchers found that the wind can shape the plasma bands by generating electricity in the layer of atmosphere below them".

Question: If wind can generate electricity which alters the ionosphere, then what about lightning? Could lightning alter the ionsphere?

"Three of the densest sections of plasma were located directly above areas with frequent thunderstorms -- the Amazon Basin in South America, the Congo Basin in Africa, and Indonesia.

But researchers found another dense section of plasma above the Pacific Ocean, far from thunderstorm zones -- evidence that tropical thunderstorms have a global influence".

Question: Could manipulation of thunderstorms via particle beams generators (i.e., artificial lightning generators) also have a global influence on the ionosphere, and could this manipulation be used to alter global weather patterns?

"That may explain why the ionosphere above North America is more turbulent than other areas, disrupting radio transmissions that travel through it."

Question: Could a covert weather modification program which utilizes particle beam generators explain why North America's ionosphere is more turbulent than other areas?

"We now know that accurate predictions of ionospheric disturbances have to incorporate this effect from tropical weather," Immel said in a statement.

Researchers now hope to determine if the plasma bands shift with the seasons, or during large events like hurricanes".

Tell Them Why You're Mad Even If You're Not Mad

Hey kids check this out!

Regular readers to this blog may have noticed that I often post "conspiracy related" rants. I've always believed that "paranoid thinking is just good thinking when people are out to get you" (Joseph Heller - Catch 22), and I've never trusted Big Brother (or those who make him tick) to not to cross the line in the name of national security.

For others such paranoid thinking is simply untidy, and uncomfortable thinking - to be avoided at all cost as it makes one a bit nervous.

So it came as a bit of a shocker to see Dave of the11thhour descend into sheer madness!

Has Dave gone Mad?

I'll let you decide by surfing here to read Dave's article on non-lethal weaponry.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Silicon Valley's Tesla Roadster Puts Detroit To Shame!

The Silicon Valley Tesla Roadster

Drinking Liberally writes a stirring dream car post which reminded me of this mean machine. It makes one shudder. The Telsa Auto Company puts Detroit to shame. It quite literally blows anything sold at Isringhausen Imports away. You're looking at the future of automobiles.

Sadly, it won't be coming from Detroit anytime soon, as the failing auto companies in the U.S. are devoid of heart, mind, and soul, and would rather churn out SUVs, and monster trucks for the billy bob sector - oh yes, while bragging that they will get twenty miles per gallon soon!

Let's hope these small silicon valley based electric auto companies tell the first Detroit company which offers to buy them out, and shut them down, to stick it down an oil well!

Watch How Electric Dragster Whips Your Daddy's Favorite Gas Guzzlers!

Note: The video works fine for Firefox.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Major Robert A. Byrd Hi-Rise Demolition II

Major Byrd Hi-Rise Demolition - Springfield, IL 09.11.06

The mighty crane that demolished the Major Byrd Hi-Rise!

Springfield Illinois Housing Authority Hi Rise Demolition

A Horrible Video of Major Byrd Hi-Rise Demolition

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