Friday, July 07, 2006

Spin Mediated Consciousness Theory

Something I've been interested in for several decades. The nature of consciousness with consideration of quantum effects.
The article below is reproduced from Wikipedia.
Just a starting point for consideration if you wish.

Spin-Mediated Consciousness Theory

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The spin-mediated consciousness theory is a theory that says quantum spin is the seat of consciousness and the linchpin between mind and the brain, that is, spin is the mind-pixel. According to this theory, consciousness is intrinsically connected to the spin process and emerges from the self-referential collapses of spin states and the unity of mind is achieved by entanglement of these mind-pixels.

This theory was initially proposed by biophysicist Huping Hu with his collaborator Maoxin Wu. It is a tentative hypothesis as are all current hypotheses about consciousness. The starting point is the fact that spin is basic quantum bit ("qubit") for encoding information and, on the other hand, neural membranes and proteins are saturated with nuclear spin carrying nuclei and form the matrice of brain electrical activities. Indeed, spin is embedded in the microscopic structure of spacetime as reflected by Dirac equation and is likely more fundamental than spacetime itself as implicated by Roger Penrose’s work. In the David Hestenes picture the zitterbewegung associated with spin was shown to be responsible for the quantum effects of the fermion. Further, in the David Bohm picture the internal motion associated with spin has been shown to be responsible for the quantum potential which, in turn, is responsible for quantum effects. Thus, if one adopts the minority quantum mind view, nuclear spins and possibly unpaired electron spins become natural candidates for mind-pixels.

Applying these ideas to the particular structures and dynamics of the brain, they theorize that human brain works as follows: Through action potential modulated nuclear spin interactions and paramagnetic O2/NO driven activations, the nuclear spins inside neural membranes and proteins form various entangled quantum states some of which survive decoherence through quantum Zeno effects or in decoherence-free subspaces and then collapse contextually via irreversible and non-computable means producing consciousness and, in turn, the collective spin dynamics associated with said collapses have effects through spin chemistry on classical neural activities thus influencing the neural networks of the brain.

As with other quantum mind theories, decoherence is a major concern as pointed out by Max Tegmark but may not be insurmountable (See, e.g., Stuart Hameroff).

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fate, and Looking At Life Backwards

The Conscious Mind, and Decision Making.

Most of us have the luxury of time, and freedom to shape our own fate - at least to some extent. We decide to smoke, or not smoke. We chose what to eat, and how much to eat. We exercise, or don't. We take our medicines, and vitamins, and deal with our stress - or don't. We drive too fast, or not. Most of us make many decisions which add up, and have their effect upon our health, and eventually determine how long we live. Some of us don't have the luxury of time, or the freedom to make many choices, but all of us eventually die.

It's difficult to understand why individuals decide to make bad choices which shorten their lives. Why do people smoke when they know it will kill them, or why do they drink, and drive? There's always some reason whether good, or not, justifying the decisions people make. For some it's boredom, or addiction, for other's it's genetic dispositions.

The Subconscious Mind, and Decision Making.

If our fate is shaped by the decisions we make, it is also true that the decisions we make are shaped by our fate.

In the world of conscious perception we percieve events as a progression of actions and related reactions. We see the apple fall to the ground from the tree. We see the match light the candle. We see the baby age becoming an adult, and then die. The conscious mind sees this linear pattern, and it shapes the world view that each of us holds as true. Linear causality is incorporated into our thoughts, our beliefs, our religion, and our sciences. Without an understanding of linear causality individuals would find it impossible to learn. Yet, the perception, and expectation of linear causality is so predominant within the individual, and society, that any other possible model of causality is overwhelmed.

Non-Linear Causality & Consciousness.

  • Consciousness exist within a universal tachyonic field.
  • The tachyonic field constitutes a spatial, and temporal singularity.
  • The singularity exist, and does not exist simultaneously.
  • The singularity's waveform doesn't collapse until it is observed.
  • Consciousness collapses such waveforms.
  • The subconscious does not immediately collapse such waveforms.
  • The subconscious acts as a trans-spatial-temporal information conduit.
  • Conscious perception is the sampling of wave form collapses.
  • Consciousness incorporates subconscious trans-spatial-temporal information.

If we are ever to understand personality we must also understand the forces which shape personality. Understanding consciousness without incorporating subconscious forces - including trans time perception only leads to a limited view of human psychological processes, and of consciousness itself.

Fate's Effect Upon Decision Making.

Human beings are able to make adjustments to the time, and circumstances of their last moments in a subconscious manner - partially dependent upon their subconscious knowledge of their own fate.

This is true not only when people are consciously aware that they are dying, but is true even in situations in which people are to die of a completely unexpected accident, undiagnosed health problem, or at the hands of another.

Sometimes people live their entire lives to the fullest in what looks like an abbreviated style.

The teenager who joined every club, and played on every team. They loved each moment, and shared themselves to the fullest with friends, and family. Then suddenly fate steps in, and they're gone. Everyone is stunned. Everyone ask, why that person?

These people knew subconciously how little time they had to live, and acted in a manner indicative of this knowledge.
Their subconscious knowledge of their fate shaped the very fabric of who they became, and how they lived their lives. Many times those who survive them are left with the impression that they lived as if like a shooting star burning brighter in comparison to those around them.

A beloved teacher who spent every moment helping every child they could - and the entire school in mourning upon unexpectedly losing this inspirational, and unique influence. How could this young person die so unexpectedly, when they lived like a superman? It's always such a shock to those who survive their passing, yet it seems obvious too why they lived the way they did - but only if thier life is viewed in reverse. Playing their life story backwards makes more sense of their life decisions.

Playing their life story backwards reveals a wealth of clues as to the nature of the choices people make in their lives - and to their very personality.

We see it in horrible deaths too. You look at the photos of the people who go insane, and go on a killing spree before blowing their own brains out. You see it in their eyes - even in photographs taken of them when they were little children.

And who could deny the numbers of life partners who leave life within months of each other? Their reason for living is gone, and it's time for them to leave. You see it in the way they stayed together all those years, and then depart together.

Playing Life Stories Backwards Revealing.

Call it fate, god's plan, the soul, or subconscious forces, but something is taking place on a fundamental level of experience which many of us are willing to admit. While we may have great difficulty understanding what is is we are witnessing, and why it is taking place we never the less know it is taking place.

The tangle of life, and death is complex, and fascinating. The recent passing of former Enron CEO Ken Lay is just another interesting example which illustrates the power of mind, and spirit, as a force which shapes our destiny.

Ken Lay faced a future in prison. This was a fate he could not accept. By whatever subconscious means possible to him he willed himself to die. That is an astounding revelation to the power which people possess to shape their own health, and their lives.

It would be fascinating to play Ken Lay backwards - to examine his life, but starting at his death - to work back a day at a time, and to learn how it all went wrong.

How far back did Ken Lay's subconscious mind have to "tell" Ken Lay's conscious mind to start eating unhealthy foods so that he would die before ever having to serve prison time? That's a question I'd be looking to answer through any such biographical study of Ken Lay's life.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hope for the Resurrection of the USA

Photo: Rainbow Over Springfield, Illinois. June 2006.

by JeromeProphet

My brothers, and sisters.
We've been there.
We know.
The feeling.
And defeat.

The fools leading the blind.
In the name of Greed.
They rule this day.

But do not despair.
You are not the enemy.
You are not alone.
You are right.
You are the patriot.

Our leaders have abandoned us.

We live in corrupt times.
In a corrupted nation.
And all seems hopeless.


Times will get much worse.
There can be no prediction without the admission.
That we are lost.
For now.

But do not give up.

Evil leads to evil.
And evil rules the day.

But your hope leads to vision.
A vision you can share.
A vision you must share.

A vision of a great nation.
A vision of peace.
A vision of love.

A vision with hope.
And of resurrection.
For the nation we love.

The USA.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Celebrated the 4th of July in Springfield, Illinois!

Photo: A Celestial Display of Fireworks Over Illinois State Capitol

You light your works.
You take your drugs.
You drink your drinks.
You smile your smiles.

You celebrate!

You eat your eats.
You say hello.
You say goodbye.
You sing your songs.

You celebrate!

You're going home.
You're wading in obscurity.
You're fading into history.
Of another 4th of July.

You celebrate!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Summer Embrace

Summer Embrace
by Jerome Prophet

Rustling trees upon the distance.
Summer days, and nights of fun.
Lightning bugs do flash yellow.
Reminders all was young.

Cicada, and crickets a melody.
The sun sets hot in amber glow.
Twinkling stars race to place.
Moon a silver sliver shows.

Reality more real than death.
Summer breeze fills my breast.
I see it now it's clear.
Live forever - abandon fear.

If summer night I could capture.
A memory or a trace.
I'd live in you forever.
In your warm eternal embrace.

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