Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time Traveller Says - Elton John Rules

Razor Face - 1971 - Elton John

Something about 1969 through 1972.

Wish I could explain it.

You can sense it.

It was real.

Beyond the style.

In the music.




Elton John - 1970 - Burn Down The Mission

Monday, May 14, 2007

Calvin & Butterfly

Calvin & Butterfly - Slide Show

Decided to do something fun with the slide show. Since there are bubbles in this section of the mural I've went with a bubble slide show. Those bubbles are washing away all the dirt on the mural, and magically repairing the sections of the mural damaged by the elements.
Hobbes has not been forgotten, and is next in line for a digital renovation!

Renovated Calvin & Butterfly
I have completed a variety of versions of this "finished" renovation. I couldn't decide which version I liked best. I offer this high contrast and high color version. This digital renovation took me longer to complete than any other I have presented. In fact I still want to continue making minor adjustments, but have decided that it is time to post what I have.
I love those pyramids in the background. I've made some digital modifications to the image. For example the third pyramid in the actual mural is to the left of the scene shown, and so I added a pyramid so that there are three in the scene. The small pyramid to the right is the one I added. I also added a stream of clouds which wrap around the largest pyramid.

The yellow brick road which is very prominent in the mural appears to continue in the background across a bridge and toward the pyramids on the distant horizon.

I also eliminated the skull in the clouds bubble. I have another version which keeps the skull. The bubbles in the scene are coming from the tailpipe of the "Further" bus. As they lift into the sky they are filled with a small skull - in the Grateful Dead tradition. In this version of the digital renovation I eliminated several clouds so as to bring greater focus upon Calvin, the Pyramids, and the butterfly.

Notice behind Calvin is a suitcase. The pole to the right of Calvin is topped off with a Bus Stop sign, and Calvin is waving his arms to stop the "Further" bus which has already passed him by to the left. Master Yoda of Star War's fame, and Hobbes - Calvin's companion are off scene to the right.

Penny Lane Mural Featuring Calvin & Butterfly
The mural is heavily damaged in this area. Despite the damage the Mural is a real work of art, and is available for view at Penny Lane on South Macarthur Blvd., in Springfield, Illinois.

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