Friday, November 04, 2005

21st Century Thunderbirds

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Art Work: A Stealth Fighter Shoots Infrared Laser Weapon

A black jet on a black-op over an unknown land, directs a black-op energy weapon into a rain laden cloud setting off torrents below. This may not be that far off into the future.

I've read about a program called HAARP, which is a land based weather modification pilot program based in Alaska. The whole program looks like one giant disinformation program. Well meaning people speculate that HAARP is somehow responsible for altering the shape of the ionosphere, and therefore changing the course of the jet stream. The small array of antenna, and the low power transmitters used by HAARP make any such claims absurd. Again, the whole project looks like a token research program being offered to scientist interested in the possibility of altering weather, and specifically targetting those scientist not wanting to work in the covert world of black-ops. Or perhaps it's a means of feeling out who would be interested - a recruiting tool?

Why on Earth would we waste time, and money on such a program? If I wanted an effective weather modification program I'd employ it right over the areas I want to control weather. The only way to do that, and not get caught? You guessed it, stealth aircraft! Whether the temptation to develop such a program could possibly be resisted decade after decade is the question. Certainly the development of directed energy weapons, and techniques to alter weather would hold great appeal.

Such a covert program would allow both the technology, and techniques of weather modification to be refined without restrictions which would be placed upon any overt program. One can only imagine the political uproar such a program could cause if one community received too much rain, while another didn't, or if a tornado wiped out one community, while another was spared.

The decades of debate which would naturally, and necessarily occur in the scientific, and political realm would certainly slow down the progress of the development of any overt weather modification program. However, such a program if intended for military use would most likely be hidden from public examination for as long as possible.

Thus it is likely that whenever a program of this type shifts from the world of black-ops to that of a public service the technology, and techniques adopted will have been proven with decades of prior research.

Art Work Credit: JeromeProphet.

Contrails Over Springfield Illinois

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Photo: All Cloud Cover In This Photo A Result of Contrails

Image hosted by Photo: Springfield, Illinois Skyline Defined By Jet Contrails

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Photo: Morning Contrails @ Stanford & Sixth Springfield, IL 11.03.05

While watching CNN a few days ago I noticed a segment which referrenced Weather Wars. The story used several intriguing satellite images of contrail tracks which appeared to be responsible for creating virtually all cloud cover over the imaged region. The speculation which was at the heart of the story was whether or not the U.S. Military is secretly testing, or employing some type of weather modification program. Watching that story has rekindled in me a decades long interest in the subject, and so I'll share some of my ideas on this topic in coming post.

The topic of this post is the role of contrails in the formation of cloud cover. Contrails are created by jet aircraft flying at high altitudes. The steady increase in the number of jets flying over the United States has become apparent to anyone who simply looks up. The number of contrails also appears to have significantly increased. The formation of contrails is now under suspicion of playing a major role in the phenomena of global dimming.

This increased air traffic combined with other factors such as global warming, increased pollution levels at high altitudes (China's polluted air is now flowing over the United States), and possible impurities in jet aviation fuel appear to be allowing the creation of super contrails.

A recent change in FAA rules allowing jets to fly in tighter air corridors (due to increased traffic) also appears to be a contributory factor.

Contrails at formation appear as narrow streaks in the sky soon spread, and seed cloud formation at very high altitudes. These cirrus cloud formations, unlike lower cloud formations, reflect large amounts of solar radiation back into space, and therefore have a cooling effect upon the suface below.

On many otherwise cloudless days the vast majority, if not all, overcast appears to be the result of cirrus clouds which formed as the result of contrails. The exact impact of air pollution upon climate is still a heatedly debated topic, but it doesn't take much analytic prowess to understand that our weather is being altered by pollution, and contrail formation.

I doubt that there is a massive conspiracty by the petrochemical, and aviation industry to alter weather in some way through the creation of contrails. Having said that doesn't mean that I don't believe that those industries aren't aware of the problem, and are failing to address it.

The federal government is perhaps the only entity which has appropriate jurisdiction to regulate the skies over the United States, and it appears that the current adminstration is unconcerned about global warming, and the prevention of environmental damage due to industrial pollution.

So this massive weather experiment, whether by design, or not will continue. The next time you get a chance take a look up - you may be disturbed by what you see. Stay tuned for additional post - perhaps even more controversial on this topic! I also want to thank Jan, you know who you are for helping me see the importance of getting these ideas in writing! Thanks Jan!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Gate

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Photo: The Gate

I snapped this on Holloween Evening. Last night was a cold rainy, horrible night dominated by witches, warlocks, elves, trolls, vampires, pixies, space aliens, zombies, various Star Wars characters in search of a sugar fix. I saw very few children trick or treating last night. Some parents were helping their children by driving them from house to house. A few braved the elements with help of umbrellas.

Our family made a night of it by eating out. The Chinese Buffet we went to was somewhat empty, but the Chinese waiters, busboys, and host were all very happy - almost giddy, to see our party dressed up in gothic, vampire-type costumes. The hostess told me that China doesn't celebrate Halloween, but she did offer me some candy.

I consumed a few pieces of Hersey's chocolate, and a mini-mounds bar. Just a bit more candy this year than last. Last year I gave in, and ate one, and one half very small pieces of candy!

Last year was special because I recorded the entire outing on video, and our family went with our neighbors - a total of over ten children all together! Sadly, the family we went with last year moved out just this week. We already miss them, but they had outgrown their home, and Springfield, Illinois. Good luck in Virginia!

About the Photo: Taken from within my car on Halloween night this photograph was obtained in downtown Springfield, Illinois. I altered the hue to fit the Halloween theme. The raindrops are evident, as well as the green traffic light. I've titled the photo - The Gate, and had planned to write a fictional short story - a scary one for Halloween, but I fell asleep before I got the chance! And it's too late now.

Letter To A Weather Prophet

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Photo: Do Contrails Contribute to Global Dimming & Increased Rainfall?


Your site is filled with many wonderful photographs, and excellent speculation regarding the issue of the alleged existence of a weather modification program.

My own belief is that there is a significant, well advanced, and long standing weather modification program already employed over the continential United States.

In no way do I believe it has anything whatsoever to do with extra-terrestrials, or non-human technology. In fact I believe the whole subject of "alien technology" to be nothing more than disinformation.

I do not believe that every bit of weather is being modified around the globe. There doesn't need to be a vast global weather modification program in place to alter weather in a meaningful way. However I do believe that the modification of certain weather events is within our abilities - both technologically, and economically.

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Photo: Natural Phenomena or Evidence of Weather Mod?

Initiating a storm when one may not have started, intensifying a storm beyond what it might have been naturally, increasing the duration of a storm, all thus changing rainfall patterns over specific regions is well within our current technological ability. I'm not entirely certain as to the degree to which weather has been modified, but I feel it is more than what most people would believe possible, but less than what you have offered as currently possible.

Closely linked to any weather modification program may be other aspects, and issues related to the development of technologies, and the refinement of applications of those technologies which would necessarily need to remain secret.

The development of such a platform of technologies might necessarily foster important military, political, economic, and even diplomatic implications.

Due to the importance of these related concerns a government investing in such a platform would perceive the disclosure of any such program to be undesirable.

It is highly doubtful that the intelligence communities of the more developed military, and economic powers wouldn't already possess confirmatory evidence of the existence of said program.

The continued official silence which exist among all quarters despite the adversarial nature of relations between these powers is telling of the importance which is placed upon such a program.

Therefore open public disclosure should not be expected.

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Photo: Are Fuel Additives Doping Our Atmosphere?

Even admission on a small scale to the existence of any particular feature of such a platform would open the entire program to further inspection. Eventually, questions of liability would arise, which could result in legal, political, and diplomatic ramifications. These concerns wouldn't even begin to address the wisdom of foresaking a military-intelligence tool of such importance.

There simply can be no reasonable expectation that any rationally based government would ever officially admit to the existence of such a program. Not in the age of nations.

While your website offers a significant number of starting points for inquiry, those living at the time of this posting may not be long lived enough to see the day in which those speculations are confirmed or denied in any official manner. We can always speculate!

I'm posting this email to my blogsite which can be found at

Best of Luck on Your Most Excellent Site!

PhotoSource: Downloaded From Weather Wars Info.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Will The Scooter Roll?

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Photo: Scooter Libby (Unattributed)

The question now is whether Scooter Libby will finger his boss Vice President Dick Cheney for having conspired with him in the naming of CIA operative Valerie Plame, or in the subsequent attempt to cover up said criminaal activity?

Would the Republican held legislative branch ever impeach the Vice President even if he were indicted?

I consider this to be a highly unlikely result of any finding of misconduct on the part of either President Bush, or his Vice President Dick Cheney.

The american people spoke loud, and clear in the last election. These folk are in total control of the nation, and they will do what they want. Corruption, and illegality is totally acceptible if it's carried out in the name of God, and Country.

Scooter can make all the deals he wants, and nothing will go any further (except a little country-club-jail-time for Scooter, and a fruitless indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Trust me on this one folks. President G.W. Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney could be caught on live video sacraficing a baby to the devil, while consuming its charred flesh - and they would still be endorsed by the religious right as long as they use the right code words, and by the rich as long as they continue with the tax breaks.

So bend over folks, and enjoy, and don't ever forget that you're paying for this!

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