Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink Whirlpool

Pink Whirlpool 
by JeromeProphet

Love rushes through me
For it's you I must see
Heart pounding moments
If ever you loved me

Love pounds inside me
For you I can be
I'm lost in the torrent
Your love will save me

Swirling love moments
Be most kind to thee
Lend me your angel
Precious darling guide me

I'll be true to you only
Never leaving your side
Dedicate my soul lonely
A love never denied

I tremble cross oceans
Once seemed to divide
Joined one in our passion
Our romance now alive

But I'm away from you now
A fate worse than death
Watching from afar - how
I can't catch my breath

Some say I'm madness
And abandon my love
My obsession and gladness
Race both in my blood

But no matter what fate
And no matter what pain
I must face this my darling
For my heart it must reign

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