Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Darkness Envelops Us

HIM Kiss of Dawn
Darkness Envelops Us

Ninety percent of Matter in the Universe is Dark Matter.

Seventy percent of the Universe is Dark Energy.

Ninety Six Percent of the Universe is INVISIBLE.

This is the Universe You Inhabit.

This is the Universe which Inhabits You.

You are a Creature of light living in a Sea of Darkness..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

by JeromeProphet

Eyelashes brushed across my cheek
And tasted soft trembling lips
Hold me in your sweet arms forever
Then kiss my finger tips

Now our hearts skip beats together
Your sins within me now
Bodies joined and locked forever
You and I have drowned

We've fallen to love's intoxication
In oneness eyes to eyes
Never forsake this intimation
But whisper more sweet lies

And if our union ever separated
Upon a broken tomb of love
May then our souls be liberated
And take flight as light my dove.

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