Thursday, June 15, 2006

Senator Dick Durbin - Apology Revisited

I don't have much to say about this subject that I haven't already said. My email to the Anti Defamation League in defense of Dick Durbin went unanswered, as did my last email to the Senator himself. I guess the matter is resolved?

I don't feel the Jewish people have a lock on the use of the Holocaust as an analogy - that's not only racist, but it totally misses the entire lesson of the Holocaust!

We must learn from the Holocaust, see how it began - and not allow it to happen again to anyone of any race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or tribe ever again anywhere.

But intellectual facism in pursuit of control over collective guilt is the rule of the day in this Politically Correct world. Control over the use of "The Holocaust" as an analogy is more important than standing up to evil in the modern world. How sad, frightening, and warped this world has become - and all in pursuit of power.

I never believed that Senator Durbin's comments made from the floor of the U.S. Senate last year regarding prisoner torture, and maltreatment at the hands of the U.S. military were anything but accurate. They did not cast blame upon all American soldiers, nor did they lightly consider the nature of the Holocaust.

The Senator spoke true, with courage, and passion - in a time when such speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate is badly needed.

I felt then, and now that the Senator should have made a stand on principle, but instead he apologized. Caving in didn't appease his critics however - Go Here for more.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Passionate About Secularism

Without secularism our modern society would be ripped apart at the seams. Yet those who portray themselves as society's true defenders seek to destroy secularism.

Religious fundamentalist around the world fear a level ideological playing field which only secularism allows to exist.
They fear the free market of ideas, and the power of the individual to make free choices in matters of conscience. Their fear is driven by a lack of surety in a modern world filled with continual changes - changes which challenge their sense of meaning.

Every human seeks answers to the fundamental questions we face. Is the pain I feel worth my continued survival? Is there life after death, or is this all there is? Is meaning to be found in the material world, myself, others, or some higher being? There are so many questions, and so many people with holy books telling us which way to turn.

If it were simply a matter of seeking, and finding fundamental truth and meaning we might all find a way to live with one another in peace, and harmony, but sadly it seems there's something else which people long for - sameness.

Fear not only drives people to seek fundamental answers to fundamental questions, it also drives people into the arms of despots. The more we hurt, and fear the more we seek to embrace offers of absolute answers, and solutions. We are but children seeking to be cradled to the bosom of a loving parent.

For the impoverished masses of Islam fundamentalism is a ready made solution to earthly pain, and anxiety. They may never achieve worldy wealth or success, but they can find peace, and meaning which only religion provides. All questions answered, and all anxiety sedated - religion is the perfect universal opiate.

Christian fundamentalist in the West know that they are saved, and that they are rightous. Others of different beliefs are simply walking corpses headed straight into eternal damnation. Through church attendance, and prayer group associations believers reach for deeper understanding of ancient wisdom found within the Bible. All doubts are pushed aside, the mind is calmed, confidence enabled. and lives are changed with a personal connection to the Alpha, and the Omega.

Whatever the religion fundamentalist fear tolerance of ideas which are different from those embraced by their denomination, sect, or cult. Fundamentalist seek to stamp out other ideas, for other ideas are evil.

Fundamentalist of all religions seek to destroy secularism in any state in which it exist. If fundamentalist had their way the United States, and in fact every nation on Earth, would be a theocracy.

Yet secularism is the very reason the West is technologically, and economically advanced. Secularism was fundamental to the West's defeat of Communism. Without secularism a functional democracy can not exist. Without democracy the modern capitalist state can not exist. And without the modern capitalist state scientific, economic, and social progress will not take place. I hold these truths to be self evident - I am a secularist. And I'm passionate about secularism.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blogger Convention Coverage on CSPAN

There's a blogger convention taking place in Las Vegas, and CSPAN has been covering it. I watched several hours of coverage over the last few days. Very interesting.

For those interested I suggest checking CSPAN.ORG website out for scheduling. If you missed it the first time (and it's ongoing) you may be able to catch it via their webcast.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Did Our 183rd Hit Al-Zarqawi?

This SJ-R article ponders upon the possibility of Springfield Air National Guard's 183rd taking part in the "hit" on terrorist scum al-Zarqawi. True or not? I guess I'll find out when the rest of us do.

Do I care one way, or another? It really doesn't make my heart swell with pride, but I'm happy that murderous scum is dead, and if I had the chance to buy the pilot a beer, or a case of beer I'd feel happy to do so.

What would be fitting, and would fill my heart with pride is keeping the 183rd where it belongs - Springfield, Illinois.

Note: Just because I feel that Al-Zarqawi deserved what he got does NOT mean I support the war in Iraq, or the Bush Administration. I support our troops, but not the war. I love America, but can't stand the Bush Administration.

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