Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Springfield, Illinois Struck By Swine Tornado Flu!

Springfield, Illinois Struck By Swine Tornado Flu!

It was the perfect storm!

Trouble Breathing Destructive Hail Sore Throat Deadly Lightning Fatigue High Winds High Fever

Find an interior room, wash your hands often, stay away from windows, cover your face - and eyes!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Must Believe

You Must Believe
by JeromeProphet

The things you must believe
Are growing in between
The lines of paper and ink
You blink your tears now

The heart inside you beats
But barely enough to speak
Or cast out the devil's keep
For you're asleep now

You followed what they've said
They're deep within your head
With Heaven's gate betrayed
You're running from the grave now

Like an opium cosmic dream
You scream and scream and scream
Relieved of all your scenes
You drift away now

No thoughts to bother you
No doubts to make untrue
This blissful interlude
And Death to carry you away now

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