Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dopamine 6:23 A.M.

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Photo: Snow Upon Fence - Jerome, Illinois - 02.11.06

Dopamine 6:23 A.M.
by JeromeProphet

She is worn.
Her breath is shallow.
A life is torn.
As she walks the path.

She makes no sound.
And leaves no trail.
A life is bound.
As she feels the wrath.

She shares her visions.
To those who seek her.
A life's derision.
As she steps in strife.

She slashes arms.
For they made her.
A life is harmed.
As she sticks the knife.

Photo: A negative view, with hue alteration. Photograph was taken on the morning of February 11th, 2006 in Jerome, Illinois. It was snowing as I captured the image of a fence covered with snow. The dark translucent shadow in the upper left of the photo is a snowflake in descent.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Abe's Way Is The One Way

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Photo: ALPLM Stickers On One Way Sign - Sixth & Madison - Springfield, IL

Not a whole lot to say here. Just a neat photo of a One Way sign located at the corner of Sixth, and Madison - just across the street from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Seems the children, and teenagers have found a use for their ALPLM stickers.

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Photo: ALPLM Stickers adorn this One Way Sign In Downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Just one more photograph of this interesting phenomena. Kind of neat, but I'm sure that as an adult I should frown upon such activity. The stickers are used as day passes to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. I guess children don't keep scapbooks anymore, and so they post them to the traffic signs near the Museum. I've seen several like the sign featured in this post, but this sign is fartherest along in its transformation into a type of street art.

Photograph was taken first week of March, 2006 in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dana & Chris Reeve Together Again

Last August (2005) I submitted a post to this blog on Dana Reeve's fight with cancer. Dana Reeve, widow of Superman actor Christopher Reeve, lost her battle with lung cancer last night (March 06th, 2006). Dana, born in 1961, was a non-smoker. She leaves behind her thirteen year old son, Will Reeve, and two stepchildren.

I find it difficult to accept that Dana has departed us so soon - she was a shining beacon. She was a woman I deeply admired.

So often we see marriages fail for one reason or another. The unbreakable bonds of matrimony fall by the wayside more often than not in our modern society.

Couples who start out with the best of intentions within just a few short years come to find that living with one another is an unbearble burden. In the past, when divorce was considered scandalous, couples were forced to tough it out. Many times that meant that one spouse simply had no choice, and tolerated an abusive spouse no matter what the personal cost. But in some of those cases staying together meant that both of those involved continued working on their marriage, and made it work - or at least waited it out.

Today marriage, and divorce are synonymous, and commitment has become simply an ideal.

Certainly the horse riding accident which left Christopher Reeve a quadraplegic was a pivotal event in the marriage of Dana and Chris. There must have been many nights filled with tears, and fears - of wondering "Why me?", and of mourning over what might have been.

Yet it was during this period of the Reeve's marriage that their wedding vows spoke most loudly in the heart, mind, and soul of this beautiful, and loving couple.

Dana did not abandon her fallen Superman for being a mere mortal. Instead of opting out of their marriage she made a baby with Chris. Their relationship only deepend as these two wonderful people chose to use their time to help others similarly challenged.

We see in their life together the fate of two souls who found each other, loved each other, created life from their own, and then departed together from this plane of existence.

We must not mourn for them, but instead for our loss at their departure.

The Greeks dealt with such stories in their Tragedies. In this modern day Homeric tragedy the story is now complete - for the fallen hero, and his brave, and loyal wife have now ascended into the realm of the gods, and have become the stuff of legends.

It is we who survive who must now come to face that which they have already passed. Let us hope that each of us in the end may look back upon our days, and see those days filled with as much dignity, grace, and goodness.

Dana, and Chris you will not be forgotten.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Triggered Thunder Imaging System

Triggered Thunder Imaging System is article #11 in the WeatherProphet Weather Modification Series.

Weather Modification Technology Platform

In previous post in this series we've looked at the covert use of SuperStrobes in illuminating large land areas during covert aerial photographic surveys. I have claimed that stealth aircraft equiped with SuperStrobes have been used within thunderstorms to great military, and intelligence advantage. Flashes of super bright SuperStrobes within thunderstorms have come to be interpreted as intercloud lightning by the general public. Such incredibly brilliant flashes turn night into day for one second at a time, and allow for full spectrum light enhanced digital photo surveillance in periods of heavy cloud cover.

The public's misinterpretation of this covert technological phenomena as a random natural event has enabled the exploitation of thunderstorms by those with the means, and motive for doing so. Thunderstorms have become a real world covert laboratory, and workshop for the military, and intelligence community.

In Triggered Thunder Imaging Systems we will now shift our attention to several sound related technologies which could be covertly developed, and employed only within the cover of thunderstorms.

Stealthy Designs Reduce Sound Signatures - But Not Enough

If a military aircraft were deployed on a clear sky day over a typical metropolitan area that aircraft would most likely be seen by someone on the ground within seconds.

Under the cover of night that same aircraft might manage to deploy over a metropolitan area for several minutes before the constant drone of its high performance jet engines raised suspicions.

First, and foremost, evading radar detection would be critical to maintaining the covert nature of any secret aerial surveillance mission. Therefore a stealth aircraft would be the aircraft of choice.

Yet, while in flight, even stealth aircraft engines produce a great deal of sound which can easily be detected on the ground.

Soundly Baffled

Despite its ability to absorb, and reflect radar waves at odd angles the stealth aircraft's design also incorporates design features which reduce its profile in other ways.

One such aspect of this design consideration involves the use of exhaust baffling.

Hot exhaust from jet engines is easily detected by infrared sensors, and can be used to accurately pinpoint the location of aircraft by ground observation, and heat seeking missiles.

To impart greater stealthiness to the stealth aircraft hot exhaust from its jet engine is mixed with cooler air before it is vented. Baffling is used to direct the exhaust at angles less likely to be detected by infrared sensors.

The cooling, and baffling of exhaust leaving the aircraft also reduces the amplitude of sound waves which ripple down the "sound cone" trailing behind the aircraft.

Still, despite these design implimentations, the sound of a stealth aircraft's engines can easily be detected while the aircraft is in flight.

In my previous WeatherProphet post titled, Thunder or Jet Engines?, I argue that thunder, and jet engine sounds are so similar as to be difficult to destinguish. I argue that unless observers were specifically listening for jet engine sounds within a thunderstorm, they might not even be aware of their existence.

An entire generation may have great difficulty telling the difference between the rumble of thunder, and the rumble of jet aircraft engines if they grew up in a time in which thousands of covert aerial missions were deployed over their heads during periods of inclement weather.

The failure of the public to accurately identify the source of lights, and sounds within a thunderstorm opens the door to the covert use of thunderstorms by both the military, and intelligence community.

Atmospheric Sonar

Outside of thunderstorms there are few settings in which to covertly develop, in a real world setting, a wide range of high energy weapons. Several of these weapons while considered exotic, or futuristic by the general public, are most likely significantly advanced beyond their design phase.

I argue that thunderstorms provide the perfect cover for the development of sound weapons, and sound based imaging systems (atmospheric sonar).

In the age of radar, laser, and infrared imaging systems could the development of an echo location system (sonar), akin to the type which bats employ, ever be considered a worthwhile expenditure of research, and development funds?

In this age of stealth aircraft, stealth UPVs, stealth RPVs, and stealth misiles the idea of adding a dependable sonar based detection system, capable of echo locating such stealth aircraft, would seem appealing.

Sound waves from triggered thunder could be employed in the task of imaging ground targets. Employing "triggered thunder" in a sonar system would allow imaging without the need for radar, or laser. Radar, and Laser based imaging systems can be detected by military surveillance systems, and make the source of such emmisions vulnerable to shoot downs.

A triggered thunder based sonar system, if used within the cover of thunderstorms, would allow the collection of high resolution sonargrams without setting off alarms as to the presence of low flying spycraft flying within forbidden airspace.

From a research standpoint information gained from such a program would provide immediate military, and intelligence advantages, and represent an intregal step in the development of the next generation of weapons.

Sound Weapons

Sound weapons are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Not only have sound weapons been developed, but they have been used - albeit, on a small scale.

Yet, imagine the lure of developing a very high volume sound delivery system capable of inducing nausea, and distress upon hundreds, and even thousands of ground troops within a matter of seconds.

While aerial based sound weapons may not yet be fully developed, the development of such a weapon would seem very enticing.

Thunder is potent enough in volume, and duration, to shake woodframe homes, and perhaps entire neighborhoods, into harmonic vibrations of great intensity. Could a simple shift of wave amplitude, or sound frequency be all that is needed to turn "thunder" into a weapon capable of shaking a building off of its foundation, or sickening all those within earshot?

A Synergistic Justification

In earlier post I asked if thunder can make it rain? This question remains important, for if sound generating technology is already being covertly employed as an important tool in a covert weather modification program it would be all the more likely that this same technology would be adapted into both sound based imaging systems, and into sound weapons.

In the next post in the WeatherProphet Weather Modification Series we will exam the subject of triggered thunder based technology, and its possible uses in greater detail.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Stars Are Out Tonight - Oscars 2006

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Jon Stewart Host of 78th Oscar Awards (2006)

Crash? BrokeBack Mountain? I'm just so nervous about this that I can hardly relax. Well, O.K., the truth is I really don't care, but I have been watching the runway show. I just like looking at the cute actresses in their revealing dresses. They've been starving themselves for months to slip into the most bone binding outfits designed.

I watched a short report on I believe it was CNN, or was it NBC, about how each star walks away with fifty thousand dollars in gifts given to them by various companies which hope that a star will slip on one of their watches, necklaces, etc. Man it must be nice.

I had an opportunity to rent Crash last night, and I missed it in the theater, but I ended up renting Dark Water instead. While the openning credits of Dark Water was playing I noticed the film was a touchstone picture. A sense of dread immediately came over me. Why did I waste my money on such a film I began to wonder. As I began to watch it I noticed it did not fit the average Disney production standards of blandness so I didn't immediately turn it off.

The show was well crafted, but predictible. Despite its cookie cutter like feel I still found it disturbing enough not to hand it over to my child to watch. It would be a show to watch during the day. It's not that scary, but it is disturbingly depressing. Not a show to end a day on.

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Photo: Fashion Designer Isaac Mizrahi Works The Red Carpet for E

Oh yes, I was disappointed by E's redcarpet pre-oscar show. Apparently the interviewer, Isaac Mizrahi, was running his hands all over the actresses bossoms (for wardrobe adjustments only) during the Runway show for the Golden Globe Awards - but darn it if he was very constrained tonight!

The show has begun, and I'm watching Jon Stewart. It was funny watching the intro too. Many gay jokes already. Now Jon is doing some political jokes. More gay jokes.


Racism, Corruption, Censorship it's why we go to the movies. Good line.

Another gay joke.

Nicole Kidman comes out to present an Oscar! Wow! She's so white - like a wedding cake. I can't really concentrate on what she's saying but wow! Very pretty!

You know when they play clips the scenes all look so good. George Clooney just won an award for supporting actor. He's up for several Oscars tonight. We'll have to wait and see how many he is awarded.

Clooney just said that he was proud to be out of touch (liberal). Good for him!

Commercial Time.

I have to admit that I did not plan to do a play by play of the Oscar Awards tonight. In fact I can't recall when I have ever watched the entire broadcast from start to finish, and tonight will not be an exception.

I just find it too boring, but I usually make it back in time for the big awards at the end.

Jon Stewart is back!

Funny skit with Tom Hanks getting shot with a knock out dart from a clarinet - an illustration of how the band is used to keep the Oscar winners from making their acceptance speeches too long.

Ben Stiller looking very weird in a green suit (Unitard?) announcing the Visual Effects Oscar winner. He is incredibly talented. Although I hated Zoolander!

King Kong wins it! King Kong was a good remake. My daugher cried at the end. I guess I had forgotten to warn her that the big guy gets it in the end.

Reese Witherspoon coming out on stage now. Love Her ever since she was in Man in the Moon! She's been so careful with her career, and she's so talented. She's introducing Best Animated Feature.

See! I knew it, I have to go, and take my daughter to her friend's house! Completely unplanned - but I knew something would come up!

The Curse of the Were Rabit Wins! People at work were talking about that.

Oh well this little experiment must end. My daughter must see some newborn kittens at her friends house.

Wow! Noami Watts! She's incredible. Yes, I know I must go!

I Have Returned. More Oscar Awards!

Best song? Not exactly sure what category, but the whole posse seems happy to be up on stage. Jon Stewart ask, "Why doesn't everyone seem as happy?", or something similar.

Djay f/ Shug - It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp Lyrics

You know it's hard out here for a pimp - you ain't knowin
When he tryin to get this money for the rent -you ain't knowin
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent - you ain't knowin
Because a whole lot of bitches talkin shit - you ain't knowin
Will have a whole lot of bitches talkin shit - you ain't knowin

In my eyes I done seen some crazy thangs in the streets
Gotta couple hoes workin on the changes for me
But I gotta keep my game tight like Kobe on game night
Like takin from a ho don't know no better, I know that ain't right
Done seen people killed, done seen people deal
Done seen people live in poverty with no meals
It's fucked up where I live, but that's just how it is
It might be new to you, but it's been like this for years
It's blood sweat and tears when it come down to this shit
I'm tryin to get rich 'fore I leave up out this bitch
I'm tryin to have thangs but it's hard fo' a pimp
But I'm prayin and I'm hopin to God I don't slip, yeah

Man it seems like I'm duckin dodgin bullets everyday
Niggaz hatin on me cause I got, hoes on the tray
But I gotta stay paid, gotta stay above water
Couldn't keep up with my hoes, that's when shit got harder
North Memphis where I'm from, I'm 7th Street bound
Where niggaz all the time end up lost and never found
Man these girls think we prove thangs, leave a big head
They come hopin every night, they don't end up bein dead
Wait I got a snow bunny, and a black girl too
You pay the right price and they'll both do you
That's the way the game goes, gotta keep it strictly pimpin
Gotta have my hustle tight, makin change off these women, yeah

Actually, the dance routine, which accompanied this song, and the female singer did quite well. NPR movie critic said that the entire movie depended upon this song being played throughout the song - the song acting as another character in the movie. Perhaps that's why it won?

Before I came back from dropping my daughter off at her friend's house I zipped by the video store, and returned Dark Waters, and tried to get a copy of Crash. There weren't any copies available. I didn't know at the time it was going to win Best Picture, but I had heard on CNN earlier today that it "had been picking up momentum", whatever?

Crash won best picture, but Broke Back Mountain took away several Oscar awards.

Reese Witherspoon took best actress, and gave a fine acceptance speech. Even had me clinching back those tears.

Jack Nicholson was quite the dude walking on stage to present Best Picture. If I could come back in the next life as anyone I guess I'd be O.K. with being Jack.

And Jon Stewart didn't blow it. CNN was running an online vote in recent days on whether people thought if Jon Stewart would screw the Oscar Awards Show up, which I thought was dumb. Jon's a very talented, and funny guy. He, and his spouse just had a baby last week, so I'm sure all he wants to do is give the awards, and get home to his wife, and baby - not create some controversy for making a political speech.

Oh yes, my daughter's friend's cat had six kittens.

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