Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Teenage Daughter's First Fender Bender!

My Daughter's First Car - Chevy Cavalier Z24

Daughter Has First Fender Bender

My daughter has had her car for less than a month. Today I came out of work to find her in the parking lot waiting for me. She came with a family friend.

She admitted later that she worried about my temper, my possible reaction to telling me the bad news about her first accident.

She backed into a small metal pole. No damage done to the pole, just her bumper. She misjudged the distance while looking out her mirror. Quite literally a fender bender.

She's driving a white Cavalier. It's a pretty little coup - the sports version - a Z24. The Camero's little brother.

I was happy to give it to her for her sixteenth birthday.

Now her little white sports car is just a little less pretty, a little less perfect. She could fix up the damage for around five hundred dollars.

In fact if you squint your eyes you really won't see the damage. Still I know it's there.

Not enough to report on any insurance claim since it would cost me a bundle in increased premiums.

Meanwhile - My Vehicle Is Literally Falling Apart

As I continue to make payments on My daughter's car I wonder when I'll ever get the chance to buy a newer car for myself.

I'm driving an old rust bucket that is quite literally falling apart. I wouldn't want to make a list of the broken, and not working items on my car - as I'm worried someone would probably tow my car off for scrap.

I gave my daughter the newer car to drive since I didn't want to risk her life having her drive the junk which I drive everyday to and from work.

I wanted my daughter to have the thrill of driving a nice looking sporty little car at an age when that's about the most important thing in life - other than premarital sex.

I Dedicate Myself To The Purchase Of A Newer Car - For Myself!

This little experience has decided for me that I will buy myself a newer car.

I was going to pay off a few bills first, but that's always been the reason I never bought a car for myself in more than a decade.

In a few months I'll have my daughter's car paid off, and when I do I'm going to buy myself a car!

Yes, that's what I'll do, or at least that's what I'm telling myself tonight.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Sunset Rainbow

Naomi Discovers A Sunset Rainbow

Second Life allows for all kinds of unusual virtual phenomena. Naomi discovered a beautiful night time rainbow. The rainbow arches over a small waterfall near a little bridge. The sun was setting at the time, and just a trace of red remains in the sky to the left.

Naomi later moved on the other side of the rainbow to watch the moon glide low through the sky. It was a novel sight watching a full moon in the background with a rainbow in the foreground. Not a sight I ever would have dreamed of, but witnessed at Second Life.

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