Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chirping Cat

Chirping Cat

About a year ago I wanted to post this video, but I never did.

I find it fascinating that cats are able to make nearly four hundred different sounds.

I suspect that the cat in the video had been listening to the barking of a dog, and is imitating it.

They memorize sound patterns, such as the sound of cat food being filled into a plastic cup, but they also know the sounds of pumpkin beetles in flight for which they seem preprogrammed.

So much hardwiring involved in being a cat, yet there's enough ability to learn that each cat seems unique.

Monday, November 26, 2007

WMAY's Pam Furr - An Observation

I was listening to Pam Furr this afternoon, and I couldn't help but notice how much effort Pam put into trying to help an elderly gentleman believe that he was worth caring about.

The call concluded with the infirmed gentleman proposing marriage.

Well, actually there was a silly joke about Viagra, but that's another story.

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