Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain = War

Let's Put This Threat To Rest America

Vote for Barack Obama, and send war mongers like John McCain a packin!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Melt Down Revisited

The nightmare continues.

This is much worse than 9-11.

Much worse.

After 9-11 a large percentage of investors moved their money out of the market, or at least out of equity investments into bonds, money market funds, and guaranteed interest options.

The financial services industry was seen as a victim of terrorism, and it was the patriotic, and sophisticated thing to stay in the market.

This time, this bear market, is much different.

Questions of solvency, of the very nature of the market, and of the financial sector are at the very heart of the meltdown.

People no longer trust, no longer have confidence in banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, the market itself, or their government - even real estate for god sake!!!

Every day I come home feeling worn out from having given it my all.

The non stop panic of investors selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, selling

and the questions, and the doubts, and pain, and the fear.

People are losing large portions of their nest eggs in days, and they are genuinely scared.

I've seen bear markets before, but this one is laced with a level of distrust that I have never seen before.

I come home and walk to the bedroom, and crash.

Like the market itself, I need a bailout.

I've been considering looking for work elsewhere, and I'm quite serious.

I think maybe I'm too old for my position. Just too old.

Let the twenty somethings burn in the crucible of human madness, and arise from the ashes each and every day anew to fight what comes their way.

In the meantime I went back on my blood pressure pills as I was feeling scared of stroking out.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Spore - Blog Killer

Spore - Blog Killer

Don't know how many regular readers I have. Just a few I gather. Thought I'd say "Hi".

I've been rather busy playing SPORE. Spore is EA Games latest foray into virtual reality worlds. Everyone knows about The SIMS, and SIM City, Etc., well, SPORE takes the idea of running a virtual reality to a whole new - let's say, Galactic, level.

Spore - Space Stage

I purchased the game, and have been playing it since it's opening weekend last month. I've evolved to the point where I have an space faring empire.

I hold maybe twenty star systems, and plan on eradicating some pesky and aggressive interstellar neighbors which I have been raided by once too often.

I could go totally genocidal since I have been methodically amassing a large arsenal of planet busting weapons, but I rather like leaving the planets I find in a good ecological state for future colonization.

Spore - Some Background

I'm probably playing the game all wrong, but I guess with 50,000 planets to explore I could dedicate the rest of my life to this game. I won't.

Eventually I plan to turn my sights on the galactic center, and the GROX which I've been hearing about for quite awhile now, both within the game, and in game reviews.

I assume that eventually when I move along my galactic spiral toward the galactic center, and encounter the GROX I will be feeling rather vulnerable again. I've read that they are protecting some type of secret at the galactic core, and it is associated with a black hole - the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Spore - Procedural Animation

I've also read that in some way they've assembled some kind of device around a black hole that is virtually indestructible, and that one must use weapons and a black hole together to destroy their defenses?

And all this is to defend the number 42? O.K. that might be totally wrong, or a real spoiler, but it may have something to do with Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe - or maybe I'm completely off base, and just misunderstood.

Just bits and pieces I've read about on Youtube, but for now I'm just beginning to grow outside of my local area, and have built around 150 colonies on planets in twenty star systems.

This all goes to say that I've become obsessed with this game, and that's why I haven't been blogging so much.

Spore - Creative Overview

I've spent hours designing homes, entertainment facilities, and factories, and terra-forming planets that I could have just colonized, and left for other exploits, but it is funner for me to fully participate in the various ways to play the game.

I've even used some of the features which allow me to supersize creatures which is fun to do as it can cause havoc on an enemies planet.

Yes I do like to play god.

I'm waiting until I work my way across the galaxy and eventually encounter Earth. I've heard it is one of the planets in the game. I wonder if the creatures there will speak English, or what?

I employed a total war approach with some of the planets who adhere to the fanatical religion of Spode. They come off as totally insane, and I paid them off for a long time, until I built up enough experience, planets, and weapons. Then I decided to wipe them out.

I've use enormously powerful weapons to wipe out their cities, and I then take over their star systems. It's actually kind of fun when you're flying at high altitudes away from a city you just drop an antimatter bomb on, and suddenly the sky turns white, and the shock wave hits your craft, and your craft experiences the shock wave.

It's also neat to get into a dog fight. I find spiraling around, and around, and around until you can lock on wither with a missile, or laser weapon, to be the best method for taking out multiple interceptors. Kind of reminds me of some of the flying aces documentaries.

There are some things I hate about the game, mainly having to run back to your home planets, and colonies to defend them against attacks, which is probably why I haven't made it too far in the game yet.

Oh well, that's it for me tonight.


HIM - Don't Fear The Reaper

by JeromeProphet

You tried to pace it.
Even outrace it.
And then you tremble
At its very thought.

It's always been here.
Never been more clear.
Now it's your turn dear.
A lesson to be taught

Embrace the darkness
In the mirror's reflections
The dark deadly intentions
That will drag you down

It's in those moments
Those lost portents
Of a future lost
Which scream unsound.

You're just a mortal
A simple portal
A disposable window
To sights and sounds

And when you're over
It's really over
You must get passed it
And turn to ground

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