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Air Strip Where Steve Fossett Departed

Barron Hilton's Flying-M Ranch Airfield - Google Earth Fly To: 38°36'47.58"N, 119° 0'36.22"W
Where did aviator, adventurer and world record holder Steve Fossett take off from?

Steve Fossett left from a mile long airstrip located at hotel magnate Barron Hilton's Flying-M Ranch.

The Flying-M Ranch is located sixty miles south of Reno, Nevada.

Location of the Flying-M Ranch in Latitude and Longitude as follows:

Latitude: 38°36'47.58"N

Longitude: 119° 0'36.22"W

The image above shows the Barron Hilton Flying-M Ranch from an altitude of 9916 feet.

Example Only: What Type of Aircraft Was Steve Fossett Flying?

Steve Fossett took off in an aerobatic Bellanca-built Super Decathlon Citabria. The color scheme of the actual Barron Hilton Super Decathlon is different from the photo above. See the photo below for a look at the actual aircraft. The colors are blue, and white with red trim stripe on the actual aircraft Steve Fossett was flying on September 3rd, 2007.

Photo: The Actual Barron Hilton Super Decathlon

The aircraft Steve Fossett was flying is owned by Barron Hilton. It has a range of 200 miles, and is equipped with an emergency transmitter which is automatically triggered after a crash. No such radio transmissions have been reported. The transmitter may also be manually activated.

Single Engine Aircraft From Altitude Of One Kilometer

What Does A Single Engine Plane Look Like From One Kilometer Up?

See the photograph above, however, it is recommended that you search from half that altitude (i.e., 1500 feet).

General Area From Altitude of 85 Miles

What is the Scale of the Search Area?

  • A Maximum of 200 Miles
  • A Cautious Pilot at 150 Miles
  • A Hypothesized 50 Miles

In the image above the grayish rectangle is an area photographed by satellite within the last few days (to assist in the search - there are several such areas). This vast area has been sectioned into tens of thousands of smaller images from an altitude of 1500 feet. Each smaller section needs to be reviewed several times by several different sets of eyes to verify need for immediate physical investigation.

Amazon.Com's MTurk Search for Steve Fossett
The more people participating in the search the greater the chance of finding the downed aircraft. Already six downed aircraft have been found, including three which were already known crash sites, and three crash sites which had been previously unknown. Each MTurk square is 278 square feet, but there are more than 300,000 squares to search. The MTurk system requires that each square be viewed 10 times. Also the satellite images employed have been updated several times. The good news is that an estimated 50,000 people are searching for Steve Fossett using the Internet.

Searching For Steve Fossett Using Google Earth (Same Coordinates As MTurk Above)
In the desert when a small plane crashes it can simply vanish. Families who have lost loved ones on board smaller aircraft which have crashed in these deserted areas are often told that resources have been exhausted - and the search stops. Decades pass, and their loved one's are never found. Therefore even if Steve Fossett is not found there is a very good chance that the search for Steve Fossett will find additional crash sites which will assist in the return of the remains of lost loved ones to their surviving family members.
How Can I Help Rescue or Recover Steve Fossett?

Short of flying out to Barron Hilton's Ranch and assisting in the physical search you can search right from your own computer using Google Earth! You don't even need to use Google Earth. In any case visit Steve Fossett's website for details on how you can help search for Steve Fossett.
Where Should I Submit Steve Fossett Leads Coordinates?
If you're using Google Earth you can submit your discoveries to Mturk at:

What Is The Phone Number To Report A Steve Fossett Physical Sighting

The phone number below is provided for members of the public who have physical Steve Fossett sighting leads, not Google Earth, or MTurk leads. If you're using Google Earth to find Steve Fossett see the link above to submit your leads. If you're using Amazon.Com's MTurk just submit your hit results through the normal MTurk system. The number is (910) 396-0704. At the tone press 4719.


  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Latitude & Longitude of Sighting
  • Description of the Sighting
How Long Has Steve Fossett Been Missing?

Since early afternoon of September 3rd.

Is There A Reward For Finding Steve Fossett?

YouChoose.Net has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone providing information which results in the rescue, or recovery of Steve Fossett.


Download Google Earth Here (Free)

Get Coordinates Here to Search For Steve Fossett

Here's an excellent Wired article on the subject

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mainstream Media's Mental Muzzles

A Voluptuous Media Fixation - Britney Spears
Illinois Times' Amanda Witherell recaps her top ten important stories which should merit public debate, yet hardly mustered a mention in most Main Stream Media outlets too busy covering important issues such as how fat Britney Spears is (over 1500 news article hits on Google News within 24 hours of her revealing comeback performance yesterday).

I'm alarmed by these stories. It is completely obvious that the United States has been turned into a police state in the name of The War on Terror, The War on Drugs, etc.

Gitmo: How Many Innocent People Are Still Detained?

Most people think they'll never feel the ill effects of legislation which has quietly deleted the rights and protections provided to them, and prior generations through the Constitution. That's for Muslim terrorist they tell themselves - but these laws are far reaching, and apply to us all.

Let this article be a call to arms for freedom loving Americans - oops, that might be construed as an inducement to violence which could be used to justify tossing me into a cell without a trial for a very very long time. Think I'm joking? You have to click on that link, and read the article - this may be your only warning.

So let me rephrase that, Let this article motivate you, but do nothing - do nothing at all except pay your taxes - unless you happen to be rich and can get out of paying them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bush's Tool - Osama Bin Laden

Terror Attack Upon U.S.A. - September 11th, 2001

Six years ago to the day we in America remember. We recall the day that America was attacked. We mourn the loss of those whose lives were taken by Osama Bin Laden, and his radical Muslim followers. We remember how we felt as we hopelessly watched each tower at the World Trade Center fall leaving only flames and dust - and broken bodies, and broken lives.

We remember those whose lives were taken in the attack upon the Pentagon, and those lost on Flight 93. We remember our sense of loss, and our rage, and our vow to support any means necessary to avenge this horrible act - to bring those responsible to justice - to make the world safe again from such madness. We remember.

Pearl Harbor Attack - December 7th, 1941

The attack upon America on that day in September of 2001 wasn't the first such attack. The British had attacked our young nation in 1812, and the Japanese had launched a sneak attack upon our Naval forces docked at Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. We remembered. We did not forget.

We had known the bitter realization of our state of ill prepare before 9-11. We had known the sense of loss, the anger, and the rage before. We had vowed before to bring justice and peace to the world - and to vanquish our enemies wherever we found them. We remembered.

Yet, despite the similarities the response to the 9-11 attack could not have been more different. After the attack upon Pearl Harbor in 1941 the United States declared war, and mobilized for total war. The entire nation went on a war footing, and millions of men, and women enrolled in the fight. Everyone sacrificed at some level to help defeat the Axis powers.

The same sense of unity which led the U.S. to total victory against its World War II enemies existed in the years following the 9-11 attack. However, after the liberation of Afghanistan from the Taliban it was clear there had been a lost opportunity to capture Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden's head would not be served to the civilized world at the end of a rope, but instead he managed to flee into northern Pakistan.

We as a nation were told it was only a matter of time, that something would be worked out, and Osama and his gang of thugs would be captured, and killed.

But then the focus of the hunt morphed. Wedged between tax breaks for the rich, and the destruction of our civil rights began a full fledged campaign of lies, and deceit meant to convince the American people that a war against Iraq was needed.

Through the efforts of the Bush Administration the U.S. public were convinced that it was Saddam Hussein who should actually be the target of our ire. We were told that Osama Bin Laden was a non factor, and that an attack upon Iraq would liberate a people - that democracy would flourish, and that security in the Middle East would be imposed.

Now years later as the non stop sectarian violence in Iraq has loudly spoken we see how our invasion and occupation of Iraq has been one of the most horrible and destabilizing events ever put upon the peoples of the Middle East.

And what of justice for Osama Bin Laden? Six years later he is alive, and free - and he has paid no consequences for his terrible act.

Our so called leaders have betrayed us to the wicked men behind the scenes - those who shackle us into the servitude of Middle Eastern oil interest, and the corporate war profiteers.

While thousands lost their lives six years ago on that terrible day in 2001 it is we the survivors who have been victims to this nation's so called leaders - for they not only have allowed Osama Bin Laden to evade justice - and to mock us, and our sense of patriotism, but it is our corrupt leaders who lied to us, and betrayed us - leading us into a war based upon lies, and greed.

And in the end isn't that what the lesson is that we the common people of this nation are being taught by the likes of the upper class and their boys in Washington D.C. - that patriotism and nationalism no longer matter in the age of wealth earned not through labor but inheritance. Wealth earned through ownership in stock in multinational corporations which care not for America, but only for a quick buck.

In this age our leaders collude with the very people who finance hatred and violence against our nation and they do so openly. In this age we look back to what we once were and we remember - and we wait.

Osama Bin Laden - Alive & Well

Question: Why hasn't Osama Bin Laden been killed or captured six years after 9-11?
Answer: He's worth more to the Bush Administration alive than dead.

Adolf Hitler - Dead April 1945
If September 11th, 2001 was the equivalent to the December 7th, 1941 attack upon Pearl Harbor then Osama Bin Laden would have been dead by now.

By this time World War II was over. The United States went from a nation in the depths of an economic depression to the saving the world from the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. America's enemies within four years fell from the status of regimes bent of world domination to the scrap heap of history.

Admiral Yamamoto - Killed April 1943
Comparisons between the Japanese sneak attack upon Pearl Harbor to the 9-11 terrorist attack upon the United States are inevitable. Some say that a war on terror isn't the same thing as a world war. Some say that there's no way to definitively win a war on terror, and perhaps that is so, but just looking at the failure to achieve the one goal - the capture of those responsible for the 9-11 attack - it is clear that a huge difference exist between the United States of old, and the current version led by the ever corrupt Bush administration.

Benito Mussolini - Hung April 1945

Instead of pressuring the Pakistani government to give up Osama Bin Laden the Bush administration has put the capture of this mass murderer on hold while it has concentrated its efforts on the occupation of Iraq. It is as if the capture of the individuals responsible for the mass murder of thousands of American citizens was secondary to the take over of a nation which presented no real threat the the U.S. - a nation which we had already contained.

One must examine, and question the motivations of those involved in deceiving the American public, and America's Allies into invading, and occupying Iraq - instead of dealing honestly with those actually responsible for waging war upon America.

Let's Look At Some Important Dates

  • Pearl Harbor Attack - December 7th, 1941
  • Germany & Italy Declare War on U.S. - December 11th 1941
  • Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Killed - April 18th, 1943
  • Hitler Commits Suicide - April 30th, 1945
  • Benito Mussolini Hung - April 28th, 1945
  • Victory in Europe Day - May 8th, 1945
  • Victory Over Japan Day - August 15th, 1945
  • 9-11 Attack Upon U.S - September 11th, 2001
  • The Capture or Killing of Osama Bin Laden - ?

A Total U.S.A. Victory By August 1945!
War on Terror - Too Lucrative To Win

It is quite clear that Osama Bin Laden is simply too valuable to the Bush Administration as a boogy man to ever be killed, or captured. Leaving Osama Bin Laden alive, and trotting him out from time to time as a means of creating distress in the populace helped elect George W. Bush in 2004. Bin Laden has become a tool successfully manipulated by Dick Cheney, and his underling, George Bush to remind the public that the nation must always be frightened of every shadow.

Only in this way can attention be shifted away from the domestic agenda. Only this way can the people's efforts be misdirected from addressing long ignored social issues, and it's corrupt and broken political system. Only in this way can huge amounts of U.S. tax dollars be plundered and funneled into the coffers of the war profiteers.

Osama Bin Laden is George W. Bush's Tool.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dad, I Smoke Pot Now!

Dad, I Smoke Pot Now!



One Act Play


- Curtain Rises -
Daughter: I smoke pot now. All the kids do it so you shouldn't be concerned.

Father: I thought you said you had stopped?

Daughter: But it makes me feel good, I'll admit it I'm not going to stop.

Father: First it's illegal, and you've had two run ins with the cops already this summer.

Daughter: You said you did it when you were a teen.

Barney to Blunts in Sixteen Years

Father: Yes, and I also told you what a complete waste of time, money, and brain cells it was! I told you how it adversely affects grades, how it makes you lazy, and gets you to overeat.

Daughter: One girl I know does coke, at least I'm not.

Father: You chose to go out, and pick the friends you did, but you don't have to live like this. You tell me you're not doing coke now, but everything you told me that you wouldn't do just six months ago you're already doing. A month from now are you going to be doing cocaine? Can't you trust us on this?

Daughter: It hasn't done any of those things to me - except maybe last Tuesday.

Father: What happened last Tuesday?

Daughter: Well I smoked, and then went in an took a test and flunked it.

Father: Oh great, you have bronchitis, can hardly sleep at night but your smoking pot?

Daughter: Just don't take my car away because I'm being honest with you.

Father: Ever since we got you the car you've shown us nothing but disrespect.

Daughter: No I haven't. You show me disrespect all the time.

Father: You called your mother a mother f*&()% this afternoon, and told her to get your shoes as if she were a dog!

At Least I Don't Snort Coke Yet

Daughter: Just shut up.

Father: And you're telling me to shut up? You're losing your car.

Daughter: I need to go to work.

Father: And you're losing your cellphone too. Everyone I know that I've shared this with tells me to take the car away. That you need to learn that there are consequences, before it's too late. Before you end up in jail or worse.

Daughter: Are you going to do what they tell you or what you decided?

Father: I would have taken the car away already, it's your mom's idea to let you keep driving it.

Daughter: Well if you take the car away I'll move out.

Father: So be it, but you won't be taking the car, and I'll be canceling the cell phone too.

Mother: Don't tell her to move out - that's my daughter!

Father: She's the one that's laying down the ultimatums not me.

Daughter: Just let her go to work, she needs to get to work.

Father: So the new way in this house will be that your daughter will call you a mother f*&()%, and tell me to shut up, and there won't be any consequences?

Independence But At What Cost?

Mother: You're just making it worse.

Father: Unbelievable, I'm out of here! I feel like I've been set up once again. You know you have just 18 months until you turn 18. That's going to go by so fast, and what are you going to do then if you've burnt all you bridges? You better be looking for a full time job between now and then because you're going to need one.

Daughter: No I won't, because Jay and Mary* said they'll help me in any way they can.

Father: But they don't know the real you do they? They don't know you do drugs. What do you think they'll do for you then? You'll be eighteen by then. An adult doing drugs under the same roof as their teenage boy. You're not even related to them, do you think they'll want to support you when you tell them what you are doing? When you tell them the same thing that you just told us, that you have no intention of stopping? Do you think they'll tolerate you calling Mary a Bi%^$, or a Mother *&^%$#? Or perhaps since they have more money to spend on you - you're planning on not treating them in the same way?

Daughter: Don't tell them. Mary thinks I've stopped.

Father: You know, I'm glad you're honest with us, but there's no way a loving parent can be silent while you chose such a self destructive lifestyle.

Mother: She needs counseling.

Father: Yes, she does, and so don't we all.
- Stage Fades To Black -

Typical lower middle class family U.S. living room. The year is 2007.

Daughter: Sixteen year old white female with part time job.

Father and Mother: Stressed out lower class parents.

Let Us Save Your Daughter

Jim and Maria: Jim and Maria are two local teachers. They play man and wife although not married - yet. Maria can no longer have children, and has spent $1000's over the past year wooing this real other family's daughter into moving in with her - to be her "adopted" daughter - so that she could experience what it is like to be a mother of a daughter. Maria has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

The net effect of this unnatural coveting has been disastrous upon the poor family. It has undermined the real parents parental authority. The real parents who struggle with their real daughter's real personality and real problems have to contend with these enablers who in no way know the real parents, have never made any attempts to know the real parents - and yet have come to play a significant role in their daughter's life. Their goal is singular in fashion - grab up the other family's daughter as their own.

Poor Parents Are Bad Parents
Manipulating Teenage Vulnerabilities Through Generous Gifting

The real parents who are poor work hard just to pay for the necessities. Paying their daughter's car payments, cell phone bills, food for their daughter, health insurance, utility bills, putting a roof over their heads (the non-sexy things in life) are about all the poor parents can afford.

They wear clothing at home that has holes in them, and wear shoes with holes in them even at work. They never go anywhere, or spend money on themselves so that they can give as much as they have to their disrespectful daughter.

Instead of garner a sense of respect for her parents for sacrificing for her the daughter has concluded that her parents are complete losers - because they are poor.

They find themselves completely unable to compete with Jim and Maria who take their daughter on shopping runs at the local mall to buy expensive brand name clothing, to restaurants which the parents have never been to before, or by giving their daughter spending money, etc.

The real parents have noticed as the "generosity" has grown beyond anything considered normal, and looks to them like some type of attempt to purchase their daughter's affections - and it's working.

In the meantime their daughter uses this alternative place to flop as a means of creating fear among her real parents that she'll simply move out if she is confronted about drug use, breaking curfew, sexual activity, and a growing level of disrespect for her real parents.

The daughter recently stating, "You're poor - I have no intention of being like you", and "Maria has a room for me now", and "I'm moving out when I'm eighteen, but you don't need to worry - Jim, and Maria said they'll pay my way through college".

The pseudo parent Jim actually pretended to be the daughter's father when he picked the daughter up from an incident with the police - the first of two such drug related events over the same summer.

The real parents are very concerned, but find themselves stymied by their greater concern - that the daughter will increase her drug use, and sexual activity if she hangs out with her teenage friends - instead of with Jim and Maria. It's a Faustian bargain, but the real parents love for their daughter has prevented them from moving against what appears to be the monetary seduction of their beloved daughter - into the hands of another family.

The real parents also find themselves heartbroken to see that their daughter, who they raised from childhood would chose another family based upon money instead of understanding that loyalty to poor parents who love her is more important that a few thousand dollars in gifts - but sadly it seems money speaks louder than love for some - including their own child.

This sense of rejection- the sense of failure as parents, has led the parents to fight and squabble creating a sense of despair. Each parent blaming the other for alleged failings. The once tight knight little family has come apart at the seams.

A choice seems to have been handed to the parents - continue to feel the pain, and depression over the rejection by their daughter of their once loving family - or to further disconnect from their daughter - only accelerating the dissolution of all the dreams the parents had of continuing to guide their daughter through her high school and college years. It is as if a death were taking place - slowly - painfully - and inevitably - and all the parents can do is wait, and hope for some type of resurrection, which they increasingly doubt will ever occur - especially due to the presence of Jim and Maria - who have other plans for their daughter, and the money to finance it.

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