Saturday, August 04, 2007

Seven Pines Seven Crimes Incest Story

Van Gogh Thatched Cottages

Girl: I'm depressed.
Man: About what?

Girl: My dad.
Man: Not him again?

Girl: It was all a lie.
Man: What was?

Girl: He hasn't changed, and she won't let me see him anymore.
Man: That's actually a very good thing.

Girl: Josie moved into his new apartment.
Man: What?

Girl: Yes, they're living together now - as boyfriend and girlfriend.
Man: I thought he moved back to Virden to be with his wife?

Girl: No, it was all a lie.
Man: I thought Josie had moved to Washington state?

Girl: They just told me that.
Man: So she decided to move in with her step father?

Girl: Yes.
Man: I thought she'd escaped all that sex abuse.

Girl: No, and she hates me.
Man: I really hoped she'd left them for good.

Girl: That's why I'm feeling upset.
Man: I don't know why you still want anything to do with him.

Girl: He's my father.
Man: He should be behind bars for what he's done with that girl.

Girl: That's really none of our business.
Man: He's harmed everyone who had anything to do with him.

Girl: I feel sorry for him. He's dying.
Man: Dying, again?

Girl: Yes, his body is riddled with tumors.
Man: Isn't this the same story he told you about six years ago?

Girl: He doesn't have long to live.
Man: Right, I guess he's found solace in incest, drugs, and booze.

Girl: It's lung cancer.
Man: And you're depressed. I can see that.

Girl: Yes. I thought he'd changed.
Man: You know you're never going to change him.

Girl: Silent.
Man: He'll just drag you down with him.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Chauncey Bailey Oakland Post Editor Assassinated

Chauncey Bailey Oakland Post's Editor Assassinated

Attacks upon journalist are all too common in the developing nations, but is rare in the United States, and Europe. That's why I was shocked to read that Chauncey Bailey of the Oakland Post had been gunned down while walking to work.

I don't live in Oakland, California, nor can I claim to have ever read Chauncey Bailey's opinions. My only recollections of Mr. Bailey is of watching him appear as a guest on various television news style programs. He was the voice of the "black community" or so we viewers were told.

I've read in the days following his murder that he had been considered confrontational, and relentless in his journalistic dogging of gangs, and corrupt politicians. I've read that he made enemies within the black Muslim community.

I guess we could take our pick as to who wanted him dead. No matter that he was gunned down by a coward who shot him in the back for simply using words. He's dead now, and his killer lives.

No matter who killed Mr. Bailey, and why, we should all know that Chauncey Bailey's assassination was an assault upon us all. By killing the radical troublemaker editor we have all been threatened.

I grew up hearing the expression that the pen is mightier than the sword, but one must first secure a society in which writing words is considered safe. Gangs, corrupt politicians, and radical religionist present within our society are all signs that we have a ways to go before anyone should consider laying down one's sword.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Peeing Baby Banner Advertisement

If there were only an award for stupid banner advertisements

Why Not An Award For Stupid Banner Advertisements?

There should be an award for stupid banner advertisements. I'm not sure if one doesn't already exist, but there should be. The advertisement above should win such an award.

The Nice Interpretation

A man holding a baby notices that the baby has urinated in his diaper. The man sniffs the air for a sign of odor - just to confirm his suspicions about the baby peeing, and is comforted that there isn't any smell. He's pleasantly surprised that the diapers have retained all smell of urine. Good diaper the man thinks, as a smile comes to his face.

The Evil Interpretation

The man is rocking a baby back and forth to make the baby urinate. The baby urinates. The man sniffs the baby's diaper and discovers it does smell like urine. A smile comes to the man's face as he is happy that he made the baby urinate.

I'm hoping that the former interpretation is the one and only one intended. Still this banner advertisement is very weird - even if my imagination is running wild, it still looks strange to me.

Banner Advertisements Are Cultural Artifacts

In the meantime the number of these banner advertisements seems to have increased, and the ingenuity and effort invested into finding new means of annoying web surfers appears to have increased over the last decade.

I often wonder who will preserve these little bits of Internet history for future generations to scoff at? Despite being annoying the banner advertisement is a cultural artifact that deserves preservation, and recognition.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Drink Tea

A Peek Inside My Refrigerator Reveals a Mix of Green Tea and Red Tea

I love tea. I usually drink it iced cold, but I like hot teas too. I'd say I drink about five gallons of tea a week. That's right, five gallons. In fact I drink so much tea that my skin is slightly bronzed from the teas I drink. But guess what - having an antioxidant saturating my skin isn't a bad thing considering how those same chemicals protect against cellular aging, cellular mutation, and cancer.

My favorite teas are green teas, but I like red teas too. In fact I tend to mix red, and green teas. I also enjoy some flavored black teas, and an occasional herbal tea. I don't drink black teas all by themselves, and use them only to add flavors to green tea.

I usually make up a large batch of tea all at once. Usually ten gallons. If you notice I leave the tea bags floating inside half gallon containers letting them infuse as long as a week before they are consumed.

I stick to caffeinated tea during the day, and naturally decaffeinated teas in the evening.

I'm sure I'm breaking every rule in the book on tea making, but then again when you make more than ten gallons of tea a week you find ways to save time. I also enjoy the fact that my teas grow stronger throughout the week infusing even while refrigerated - similar to cold pickling.

I never use sugar! But I do use sweeteners.

There are many health benefits conferred on those who drink tea, but the greatest benefit is pushing soft drinks like Pepsi, and Coke out of your life! Soft drinks are a disgusting waste of liquids which everyone could do well without.

The photo above is a bit fuzzy, but I like it because it shares the color experience of tea inside a cold refrigerator on a hot summer day. I love tea.

One little note: Actually it's white tea mixed with red, but white tea is actually green tea - confused? Read about tea here:


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts About Tom Snyder's Passing

Tom Snyder of the Tomorrow Show

Late Show With Tom Snyder

Blowing past the Tonight Show deep into the night on the Late Show with Tom Snyder opened a whole new frontier for those living in small and medium sized television markets. During the 1970's the Late Show on WICS 20 was the only network show still on the air at that time of night. Tom Snyder was king of Late Night.

Tom Snyder's show lured me into the realm of the vampire, the werewolf, and cat burgler.

Not only was it too late to be up for a teen on a week night with school the next morning, but many of Tom Snyder's guest were quite radical. The 1970's was a decade with a 1960's hangover.

The overall effect of airing such edgy guest so late into the night was magical, and had an effect similar to reading a church banned book under the covers with a flashlight. It made every word more intense, more important. More adult.

Tom Snyder was capable of asking very serious, and insightful questions, and then out of nowhere injecting a zinger which he often found uproariously funny - which I without years of reading or adult experience - simply didn't get. I knew he was off the wall, but hearing others laughing with him told me straight out that I had much to learn - no matter how smart I thought I was.

One of the most disturbing televised interviews I have ever watched was one Tom Snyder conducted with Mass Murderer Charles Manson. I knew while watching the interview that Charles Manson was as evil as everyone was saying he was. Not that I didn't already know this from reading Helter Skelter, but seeing Manson was believing in evil incarnate. Television has that power, and Snyder knew how to bring it home.

The 1970's was the last decade in which televised smoking was tolerated, and Tom Snyder was always seemingly shrouded in cigarette smoke. There was definitely something hypnotic in those swirling drifts of smoke which crowned Mr. Snyder's talking head.

Trippin On Tom

Tom Snyder Passes Into History

Tom died of Leukemia today after a two year bout with the big C.

Tom was too old to be a baby boomer, yet too young to be of the greatest generation, but he certainly had an influence on the baby boomers, and was great at what he did. Rest in Peace Tom.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Google Earth Unusual Locations Video

Google Earth Video of Unusual Locations

Thought I'd share this Youtube find. I like it when medias collide. In this case we have blogger, which I am using, and YouTube which host the video made by someone else, and Google Earth which I spend way too much time goofing around on.

If the video stops short of the end surf here to watch it on YouTube.

Some Neat Google Earth Spots

Firefox-Logo: 45° 7'25.87"N 123° 6'48.97"W
Nazi-Building: 32°40'33.83"N 117° 9'28.36"W
Reversed Ship: 35° 9'18.21"N 129° 8'51.37"E
Bomber: 52°20'10.98"N 0°11'43.17"W
Indian 2 (with headphones): 50° 0'38.19"N 110° 6'48.31"W
Donut Store: 25°57'0.25"N 97° 8'50.29"W
Giant of Tarapac√°: 19°56'56.86"S 69°38'1.81"W
Italian Crop Circle: 44°40'52.79"N 10°19'6.39"E
Radar Station: 18°20'39.01"N 66°45'8.79"W
Sailing/Pirate Ship: 33°51'13.07"S 151°13'59.47"E

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Your Cat Knows When You'll Die

OSCAR - the Grim Reaper of Felines - AP Photo/Stew Milne

An interesting article in the Washington Post shares a story of a cat which seemingly knows when patients in a Hospice will die. A quick read definitely worth the time.

My take is that it's far more than pheromones the cat is sensing. I believe that Oscar the cat is connecting to an area of its conscious which allows it to sense into the future.

Animals are not as distracted by the division between the conscious, and the subconscious as humans must be in order to survive.

While I don't believe that Oscar "knows" in any human sense, "This person is about to die", I do believe that his behavior is illustrative of a deeper knowledge that is available.

People have been pushing aside this alternative means of knowledge in favor of self talk and logic for a long time now.

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