Friday, August 29, 2008


Governor McPain Please Kill The Polar Bears!

After a long week I'm a bit tired, so I'll relax a bit this evening with the wife. In the mean time watch this video on "George" McSame's pick for V.P. - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin seems like your average conservative nutcase from Alaska.

Kill the Whales and Polar Bears Dudes! Oh yes, and like McCain she's owned lock stock and oil barrel by the oil industry.

Obama's Acceptance Speech

Wow, where do I begin. Barack Obama gave a stirring acceptance speech tonight. I've seen many political speeches, and this one was one of the best I have ever witnessed.

I do, and have believed that now is the time for America to take a different direction, and I honestly believe that Barack Obama is the man that can take us there.

Will we win the upcoming election?

I don't know. The rich in the United States are used to controlling who gets all the cookies, and they aren't going to be happy having to share. But we as a nation are at a crossroads as to what type of nation we shall be.

Is the U.S. just a large third world dictatorship similar to those seen throughout the developing world, or is it an advanced nation like those in Europe, or Japan?

Only time will tell, but I'm sure hoping if enough voters come out and support Barack that it will be harder for the Republicans to steal the upcoming election like they did the 2000 election.

Republicans Fear The Truth

True Story

Today I emailed a person I know is a "conservative". Actually she is a "Christian" and believes that true Christians are always Republicans.

I sent her an email in which I asked if it made good sense to spend $7,000,000,000,000 on imported oil from the Middle East over the next ten years (actually closer to Ten Trillion).

I asked her if that is what a true patriotic American would support.

I came by her place of business, and with her permission I leaned over to check for my email in her inbox.

She had deleted the email.

That's right. She had immediately deleted it.

She was afraid of even considering such an issue as it might create doubt that the only choice she has is to support a Republican candidate in the upcoming Presidential election.

It is like a form of mental insanity.

I felt as if I were a character in a B grade movie in which I suddenly find myself surrounded by pod people.

I then spoke with another Republican.

I told her I was so excited about watching Barack Obama tonight.

She told me that she would never watch the convention tonight.

I asked her why, and she responded,

You mean watch Osama Bin Laden speak tonight?

This was the best she could do.

She had no other rational reason to provide, just some crazy response that one would expect from a grade school child.

The nation is filled with two types of people.

Those whose eyes are open, and those whose eyes are shut.

The nation has been run by the most corrupt regime in history, and those who put the evil regime in power live in fear of ever learning the truth.

For if they did - they would have to live with the guilt of what they have done to this nation, and the world.

God Bless The Real America

Wonder why 35,000 people show up in a city the size of Springfield, Illinois to see Barack Obama?

Wonder why 80,000 people show up in Denver to see Barack Obama?*

It's called the real America.

There's something odd about the polls, and how close this election is.

Something odd again.

Something hard to figure.

Are American elections fixed?
*The line to the stadium stretched six miles - per CNN.

It Will Survive Us

We live with the truth buried deep inside us all.
We tell ourselves that it doesn't really matter.
That the truth is for someone else to grapple with.
That it is for another time and place, but not now.

We spend our lives scraping an existence along the surface.
The surface of what we think little of day to day.
But down inside deep within - it is there waiting
Waiting for that moment to express itself - to take flight

Our crude bodies demand food water sustenance
The things we seek the things we hunt we then worship
And as we age as we rot we close our eyes and try to forget
That which has awaited within us from the very start

On that day that final day that final moment after which
We shall be no more we believe we shall find our escape
Perhaps in our devotion to some higher power or some greater good
We seek this form of immortality and hope and pray

And after we are gone it exist another day within another
And when we are forgot it continues beyond us awaiting
And it leads us to ask - when will there be union?
When will there be oneness?

When will there be ecstasy of purpose and truth?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barack Obama In Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois - Crowd of Thirty Five Thousand Line Up For Blocks To See Obama

The photo above was taken on 9th Street in Springfield, Illinois. The view looks north toward the intersection of 9th and Adams Street. The line of attendees snakes west on Adams past 7th Street and then reverses to the east returning to 9th Street. The line then continued north toward Washington Street.

Everyone seemed to be following a set of informal rules of not sneaking into line. Black, brown, white, young, old, male, female, rich, poor, middle class, gay, straight, east side, west side - everyone seemed to be in positive mood. We were all headed to the same place together.

Springfield, Illinois - Looking West On Adams - Line To Barack Obama and Joe Biden Speech

Something to scare of Republicans - who have always ruled by inspiring fear among the people in an attempt to divide us against each other - divided we have fallen - to the powerful, and corrupt, over and over again.

Not this time McCain fans.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama & Biden Crowd Springfield, Illinois

Barack Obama Announced His Choice For Running Mate In Springfield, Illinois

Click here for the larger version of the Obama Rally Photograph.

The photograph above was taken in the middle of Route 66 in downtown Springfield, Illinois. Just in front of the oldest bank in Illinois, Marine Bank. Looking back toward the corner of Sixth and Washington many in the crowd begin to lower their heads in prayer - just before Barack Obama came on stage to make his VP choice announcement.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Letter To Michelle Obama

I know, She'll Never Read The Message I Sent Via The Obama Website


It was such a privilege having you back in Springfield, Illinois for Barack's announcement that he chose Senator Biden as his running mate.

I proudly stood in arctic cold weather in February 2007 to see Barack, and then again to stand with thirty five thousand others the day Barack introduced us to Joe.

There is, however, something I must mention to you, something important because I know you'd want to know about it, and it affects your supporters, and the campaign.

For days now, since you left our community there's been an ongoing online expression of concern, some of it very angry and partisan, some of it not, about the numbers of people who physically collapsed, and the hundreds of others who nearly did, from heat exhaustion during Barack's speech.

I myself barely made it through the speech without passing out, and became sick afterward.

The Secret Service would not allow anyone to bring in bottled water, and the local media promised that there would be water available inside the event area.

However, once inside it became painfully obvious that it was nearly impossible to reach the few areas where water was being distributed.

Now Barack's detractors are suggesting that he, as the leader of his campaign, has shown a lack of leadership by not making certain that his campaign look out for his supporters under such dangerous conditions.

Quite frankly I doubt if you'll ever read this, but I hope that somehow you'll be made aware that many people I have spoken to have expressed their concern over just how close we came to having a major incident take place.

I hope that some of the money I donate, and will continue to donate, will go toward the purchase of provisions which volunteers can distribute to your supporters so as to help avoid anything like what happened here in Springfield.

Best of Luck, and God Bless!

A Letter To Michelle Obama From A Supporter In Springfield, Illinois

My Incredible Barack Obama Photograph

Incredible Only Because It Was Taken On A Cell Phone

From dozens of meters away.

I have several others of this type. I abandoned my real cameras so as to stay as light as possible for the event. Lesson learned, and I'll never do it again. I also have one, or two of Biden - pretty much like this. Kind of funny that I'd even write a post on this photo, but it's about all I have.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Crowd Cheered A Cloud!

Actual Cloud Which Crowd Attending Obama Speech Cheered

Mike Davlin: How hot was it?
JeromeProphet: It was so hot that the crowd attending Obama's speech cheered for cloud.

That's right folks it was that hot and humid in downtown Springfield, Illinois on August 23, 2008, the day that Barack Obama came to Springfield with Joe Biden to announce his VP pick.

Confused McCain Supporter At Obama Speech

Springfield, Illinois 08.23.08 - A Confused McCain Supporter Drove Miles Just To See Obama

Seemed like a nice enough fella, hair dye and all, but Dave and I ditched him. He seemed fascinated with our cell phones. Don't they sell cell phones in Mason City?

Joe Biden To Obama Supporters

Here's Joe Biden Introducing Himself To Obama Supporters

I was expecting Senator Obama to pick Hillary Clinton, but I guess Joe Biden could be a better pick. Joe Biden probably doesn't arouse the same hateful knee jerk response that both Bill, and Hillary Clinton have. Joe Biden also has more than three decades of experience in the Senate, with his strong point being foreign policy.

And while I'm not expecting the upcoming Vice President to be anywhere near as powerful as the current puppet master, Dick Cheney, I do believe that a VP pick should consider how good of a President that VP would make in case the President couldn't finish the term out. In that regard it looks like Obama made a safe choice.

Springfield, Illinois Obama VP Announcement

Our Obama Line Began In Front of Saputos In Springfield, Illinois

Much More to come for this post - text will go here

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