Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22 2015 - New Thoughts on Old Blog

It's obviously been several years since I've updated this blog.  Many changes in my life since I last posted.  The blog jeromeprophet was named such not because I ever felt I was a prophet - I was close to naming the blog Jerome Pundit.

I was reading the Harry Potter series of books, and the name of the newspaper in that magical fictional world is the Daily Prophet, and so I thought - why not name my blog Jerome Prophet - and so I did.

I posted a few posts that were political, and most that were not.

I attracted the attention of the editor of the Illinois Times, and even began a small feature (weekly) in that newspaper - so of the photos I posted are still accessible online there.
I wrapped up blogging a few years ago posting romantic poems while in love - it never worked out - but I did go on with my life since then.

I'm mostly on Facebook now - and have grown bored with Facebook.

Not really sure if I'll ever begin any regular posting to any online service again.

In some ways I look back upon this blog as a way of saying hello to the world - what was then a fairly new online world.

I had experimented with a few short lived webpages - one or two at GeoCities.
I've read that as the years pass more and more online content will have been written, and abandoned due to the deaths of those who created that online content.

One day that will be true of me - I'll pass on, but I don't expect nor demand that any of what I have written online ever be thought of as a testament to my existence.
Peace Love and Live Long and Prosper Everyone

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