Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racist Obama Chimp Assassination Cartoon

I'll be happy when white people are a minority in the U.S. The world will be a better place then.

Ignorance, intolerance, and the downright evil pursuit of power has lead some to believe that race should be used as a weapon.

The White "Right" Wing in the U.S. has always relied upon such tactics. Race based attacks are just another arrow in the quiver.

The recent racist Obama-Chimp cartoon created, and published, by the New York Post is just another example of how low people will go to do whatever they feel must be done to hold onto power.

Let us all be warned that neither the U.S., nor the world, is past racism. As long as there are evil people willing to use race as a means to divide us, and as long as we let them, racism will be around to haunt us.

It wasn't too long before President Kennedy was assassinated that members of the right wing fringe were promoting assassination as a way to solve the Kennedy problem.

The right wing, far more than the left, has always felt that it was justified in killing whomever it wanted - justified in doing so by God.

If I were a cartoonist I'd sketch a cartoon reply showing a couple of firemen spraying a hose on the smoking embers of the New York Post headquarters.

The caption would read "Trash Heap of History".

Maybe I could get Chris Britt to draw it for me?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Star Trek The Movie Official Trailer

Star Trek The Movie - Official Trailer

I was going to post this a month ago, but forgot so here it is.

After watching this trailer over, and over, and over again for hints on what the movie will look like all I can say is - looks good!

The mixture of the "old" music, and the new style (interior) Enterprise is very interesting indeed.

Looks like Uhura, and Kirk spend some time in the sack?

And we have a cameo with Leonard Nimoy - shiver.

Monday, February 16, 2009

This Story Is Too Strange

Now who would want to kill a harmless little chimp?

Now that was my first question as I began to read this rather weird story of a chimp gone wild. Turns out our simian friends can be very smart, and very dangerous.

This article with my added commentary taken from CNN

(CNN) -- A woman has been hospitalized with serious injuries to her face, neck and hands after a pet chimpanzee attacked her at a friend's home in Stamford, Connecticut.

Travis is shown in 2003, when he escaped and "wreaked havoc" on the streets of Stamford, Connecticut.

Travis is shown in 2003, when he escaped and "wreaked havoc" on the streets of Stamford, Connecticut.

My first question is - I thought owning chimps was illegal?

Charla Nash, 55, had just arrived at her friend Sandra Herold's house when the chimp, named Travis, jumped on her and began biting and mauling her, according to Stamford Police Capt. Rich Conklin, who said the attack was unprovoked.

Herold had called Nash over to her house to help get Travis back inside after he used a key to free himself from the house.

Now we have to worry about Chimps learning to use keys?

After the attack, Herold was unable to pull the primate off her friend. She then called 911 before grabbing a butcher knife and stabbing the chimp, who police said was like a child to her.

Stamford police shot the chimp multiple times when he ripped off a side mirror and tried to enter a police cruiser, Conklin said. Travis returned to the house and died inside.

At first I thought why shoot him just because he was trying to get into a police car - then I realized - it was the keys - what if he also had learned how to start the police car, and to drive?

Conklin estimated Travis to be in his 20s, weighing close to 200 pounds.

This was not a little chimp at all.

The police captain also said this isn't the first interaction his officers have had with Travis -- the chimp escaped in 2003 and "wreaked havoc" on the streets of Stamford for a couple of hours.

In 2005, a different chimp escaped from California's Animal Haven Ranch and chewed off a man's nose and genitals.

O.K. I guess it's o.k. to shoot chimps if they are going to chew off your nose, testicles, and penis!

During an interview after that attack, wildlife expert Jeff Corwin told CNN's Anderson Cooper that chimpanzees are "absolutely powerful."

"It's often said that an adult chimpanzee weighing in at 150 pounds is three to seven times stronger than a human being," Corwin said.

But this old lady was allowed to have this super powerful creature as a child?

"The thing about chimpanzees is, we sort of look at them through our rose-colored cultural glasses of the cute little chimp in the 'Tarzan' movie. Those are very young chimps. Chimps grow up, they become very powerful. They are very complex in their behavior. They have a whole range of emotions, including violence and anger."

Film To Use JeromeProphet Photo

I just received word that a photograph which I captured, and posted to my blog, will end up in a documentary called "Carbon Nation".

Great name for a documentary, and no, it's not about soft drinks, instead the film focuses on global warming!

If you want to learn more, and would like to watch the trailer go here:

Global warming has been a topic of many of my blog post, and so it comes as a pleasant surprise that one of my photos was deemed as worthy of such an important project.

As regular readers may recall last year one of my photographs was included in a book titled, The Physical Lincoln, which is available for sale at

I can hardly wait to see "Carbon Nation"!

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