Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Comet Holmes Easily Visible To Naked Eye

Comet Holmes Sky Chart 11.06.07 - Midwest - 9:00 P.M. - Looking East

Comet P17/Holmes appears in the constellation Perseus. If you know where to look you'll see it in seconds. There's no Moon out now, so it's definitely time to have a look.

I always refer to Perseus as "The Special K Constellation", as it looks to me like a giant letter "K" in the sky. To those who take the time to learn the constellations the night sky is no longer a spatter of random lights, but instead seems comfortingly familiar.

Each season brings the comings, and goings of these familiar patterns of stars. We learn not only their names, but also the myths which surround them.

Knowing the constellations made it very easy to locate comet Holmes. It took me about one second to locate the comet in Perseus, but I don't expect everyone will have the same experience. I recall decades ago when I viewed my first comet how difficult it was. I can only suggest not to give up, because it's worth the effort.

A link to a photo I took last night of the eastern sky with a pointer pointing to comet Holmes.

For those who don't have binoculars, or a telescope - well, you don't need them. The photo I took does not do justice to Comet Holmes. Comet Holmes appears far bigger, and brighter than the little dot which shows up in my photo. It's very easy to see - even though you won't see a tail.

The comet is coming head first and so we can't really see much in terms of a tail, but don't let that scare you away, or into a fall out shelter.

My Own Backyard Photo Of Comet Holmes

You'll be looking for a fuzzy spot. It's as bright as a star - sort of. I say sort of because to a camera it's not as bright as a star, but to the naked eye which works with the brain to capture and interpret images it appears as bright as a star - just fuzzy.

Thanks to Dave of The11thhour for mentioning comet Holmes last week.

The 2 Girls 1 Cup Phenomena






I don't believe ever before have people been able to create a phenomena such as the 2 Girls 1 Cup Reaction Video Phenomena.

Now that there is an Internet, and a Youtube there are new forms of expression, and new ways to network socially. I would have never guessed that reaction videos would have been a product of the Internet, but they are. And now we have absurd micro-phenomena such as the 2 Girls 1 Cup Reaction Video Phenomena that is sweeping Youtubers.

I highly recommend that my readers do not ever watch the video upon which this phenomena is based. I have heard that it is highly disturbing. I only post this as a minor footnote into what was going on at this particular time on YouTube.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Major Matt Mason We Need You!

Mattel's Major Matt Mason - An American Hero

One of the coolest things about growing up in the 1960s, and 1970s is that there was a future being promised to all the children of that period. We were all going to have an opportunity to explore space when we grew up. By the year 2000 there were definitely going to be colonies on the Moon, and Mars, as well as space stations.

Toys such as Major Matt Mason (and the many toys which could be purchased for him), and GI Joe's space exploration series convinced me that I would one day be an astronaut.

From fireworks, to water powered rockets, to various space related toys - all confirmed that we were headed to an exciting future.

Major Matt Mason - A Toy With A Promise

And of course the rush to the Moon landing simply confirmed the obvious - America was destined to lead. Somehow that promised future was never to be, and it looks as if the next explorers on the Moon may in fact be Chinese.

Major Matt Mason Vintage Space Toy Video

Today we make no promises to our children about the future. I guess it's for the best. The American Century has ended with the U.S. being caught up in a quagmire in the Middle East, and corrupt, and inept (in fact traitorous) "leadership" in Washington.

While I'm not mindlessly supportive of manned space exploration, as I once was, I do see how America seems to need an organizing principle - so why not. It must be better than the alternative.

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