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U.S. Run By Rich White Penises

Jeremiah Was A Bulldog

U.S. Red States - Relics From The Days of Slavery

The Red State Christian Right only votes for candidates whose faith in the central tenants of Christianity is paired to a literal interpretation of the Bible. However, in order to garner support from the Christian Right candidates must also oppose abortion, drug use, the equality of women, sexual freedom, and Science.

Due to this list of conditions few Blue State Democratic Party candidates could ever expect support from members of the Red State Christian Right.

Ignorance - Origins of the Red State Christian Right

Blue States with large multi-racial urban populations have developed economies which are dependent upon large numbers of well educated workers - workers proficient in the use of high technology, and who possess communication skills. This type of urban workforce is valuable for those businesses which are based upon international commerce.

Ignorance, irrationality and superstition, all hallmarks of the Red State Christian Right, are the stock and trade of the international anti-modernist movement. This movement is evident in less economically developed regions and nations such as the United States (rural), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Anti-Modernism justified by "Old Time Religion" is the reaction to the demands of an increasing technological world by hundreds of millions of people who are ill prepared to survive and succeed in such a world - usually those who are poor, and less educated.

Instead these Conservatives yearn for the simplicity of a previous era, an era in which decisions about who would succeed versus who would fail were based essentially by the color of one's skin, and the type of genitalia one possesses.

Reduced to its most essential ingredient Red State Christian Conservatism based its entire pecking order of who is most good upon the amount of melanin in and the shape of a few ounces of flesh between a person's legs.

Northern Pakistan & Southern U.S. - Brothers At Heart

In Pakistan large cities in the south are dependent upon a higher level of education, commerce, and International trade. Acceptance of western science, progress, and western economic practices has been crucial in developing Pakistan's economy. Millions of Pakistanis use cell phones, watch color television, own ipods, drive automobiles, live in homes with modern facilities, and can expect an increased standard of living because they have embraced western modernism.

The northern interior of Pakistan, however, is significantly underdeveloped, rural, less educated, poor, with high levels of religious fundamentalism being present - just as in the rural southern U.S.

Similarly, the so called Red States of the southern United States are what they are today due to their commitment to slavery, and apartheid. Slavery is a rejection of worker and consumer rights, and it anti competitive.

While the northern states in the U.S. embraced rapid industrialization to generate wealth the Rich White Men of the South desired to Conserve the practice of owning human beings so that they could force those human beings to work for nothing. Owning human beings was their means of generating economic growth, but in the end it led to a stagnant economy, and a culture doomed to fail.

Opposition to modernity was an important part of the Southern Way of Life. Even in the midst of the U.S. Civil War while the Northern States were installing thousands of miles of telegraph lines the South didn't see the point in networking their society. Southern Red State White Men believed that networking was a threat to their isolation - an isolation which favored their abusive means of controlling their population.

After the devastating loss of the American Civil War whites in the South continued to oppose progress, believing that by keeping a large sector of their population uneducated, underemployed, and impoverished would somehow Conserve their "Utopian" society.

Universal education, fair housing and fair employment practices may seem like good ideas to most of those living in the U.S. today, but for Conservative White Christians in the Red States such ideas met with absolute opposition.

Red State Christian White Men believed themselves to be the natural rulers of society, and white women would never be equal, but most important of all was skin color. The darker the skin, the less human. This Red State Conservative Christian Value was central above all others.

NAZI Germany Ends White Penis Supremacy In United States!

It was precisely because of this White Penis Supremacy that the economy of the Southern Red States were more than a century behind those of the Northern Blue States one hundred years after the end of American Civil War. This economic disparity might have remained up until this very day if not for the Great Depression and World War Two.

The incredible turnaround for the Red States took place during the industrialization of the South during World War II.

NAZI Germany brought an end to legal apartheid in the United States! Years of pressure to reform only brought about Jim Crow Laws. It was only World War II which forced the South, kicking and screaming, into the Twentieth Century.

Now two generations from those days of legal apartheid we still see a nation run by wealthy white men. If you have any doubts please look at the color and gender of the members of the boards of directors of most Fortune 500 companies, and also look at the race and gender of the U.S. Senate.

As a white man it is possible for me to blog about this uncomfortable reality in American society, but for some reason it is considered controversial for Barack Obama's former pastor to say this - even from the pulpit.

While I disagree with many of the statements made by Pastor Jeremiah Wright I can understand why many black people in the U.S. would agree with him.

My take on Jeremiah Wright's Rant

Is the U.S. run by rich white men? - Yes. That's slowly changing, but overall it's still true.
Do cab drivers refuse to pick up black men? Yes. They're afraid to be robbed.
Did the U.S. support apartheid in South Africa? - Yes. During the Cold War out of "necessity".
Have police officers planted evidence to frame blacks (and whites)? Yes. They do, but rarely.
U.S. Govt. created HIV to wipe out black people? - No. - Use Condoms and stop blaming others.
White people using drugs to oppress black people? - No. Blacks are doing this to themselves.
War on Drugs failing to help blacks? - Yes. It has been a dismal failure. Hurting more than it helps.
Do police profile people based on race? - Yes. More cops would result in less need to profile.
Did the Bush Administration lie about WMD in Iraq? - Yes. The dirty bastards!
The Bush Administration lied about an Iraq-Al Queda link? - Yes. Our soldiers die for their lies.
Would U.S. Operatives plant WMD in Iraq? - Yes. If ordered to do so.
Has the Clinton Campaign slyly played the race card? - Yes. Shame on You Hillary Clinton!
Do some whites use the N-word to slur blacks? - Yes. Mostly when they're afraid or angry.
Does the U.S. support the Israeli Occupation of Gaza and West Bank? - Yes. Reluctantly.
Was Jesus Black? - Yes. Palestinians at that time were much darker than today.
Were Romans White? - No. They were brown skinned people too, but "classified" Caucasians.
Did Truman Bat an Eye About Hiroshima? - Yes. It was total war, and saved a million lives.
Did the U.S. deserve 9-11? - No. Two wrongs are never right. The pastor should know that!
Is Jeremiah Wright a racist? - Yes. He appears to be heavily infected with racism.
Is Barack Obama under Wright's spell? - No. Democrats go to church because it looks good.

In a nutshell Pastor Jeremiah Wright is a racist. He is no better in his racism than would be a member of the Ku Klux Klan. His various attempts to blame the white ruled U.S. government for all of the maladies which affect blacks is irresponsible, paranoid, and based upon hate. Instead of blaming whites for drug use, and HIV in the black community it is time to face the reality that what is to blame is the transition from a religion based family structure to chaos.

The demise of the black family was fueled by welfare checks, and segregation, and it was also counter intuitively helped by the flight of over half the black community into the suburbs with whites. Those blacks who could left urban centers, leaving poorer blacks behind. Intergenerational poverty is to blame, more than any other factor. Addressing poverty is the solution, not racist name calling, and paranoid conspiracies.

Jeremiah Wright is an embarrassment to the Obama campaign, but fortunately most Americans don't agree with everything their pastors say. On the other hand Mr. Wright's rant, and the reaction of those attending his sermon does illustrate just how far the U.S. has to go in terms of eliminating the racial divide - a divide created in ignorance and hate, and sustained by short sighted greed - a divide that hurts whites, and blacks - a divide that must end.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Left Only With Heartbreak

"The Separation"

Heart Break - Micro Prose

by JeromeProphet

I looked in your eyes - they were frozen in tears.
I heard all your lies - your love was just fear - no more than a heartache.

I am death all alone - in darkness and pain. I cry and I moan - I'm going insane.
They whisper go home, return to your harms and your heart stake.

While your darkness did reign - and it's your legacy now.
All I felt was your pain, asking why, but not how - filled only with heart break.

Now though my fate be despair - to no longer know care. I shall always be there.
I will never return, nor be victim of you and your heart rape.
Image courtesy of ImageSavant.Com

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gasoline - The Difference A Dollar Makes

Gasoline - The Difference A Dollar Makes

Gasoline Prices Expected To Increase To $4.00/Gallon in U.S.

For millions of upper middle class, and upper class U.S. consumers tacking on an extra dollar per gallon to the price of gasoline is no big deal, however, to the millions of working Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck the recent increase spells for financial hardship.

I can only speak from my own experience, and so I will.

I recently purchased an SUV. The SUV's gas tank has a capacity of 22 gallons. I fill the tank up twice a month. Adding one dollar to the price of a gallon of gasoline works out to a $44 per month increase in gasoline cost for our SUV.

We also own a coupe which tops off at 17 gallons per tank, and that tank is also filled up twice per month. Adding one dollar to the price of a gallon of gasoline works out to a $34 per month increase in gasoline cost for our Coupe.

That sums to an increase of $78 per month to purchase the same gasoline with no added benefit.

The Cost Of Everything Is On The Rise

Everything Else

A one dollar increase in the price of gallon of gasoline will effectively raise the price of everything else. Food prices are already on the rise. Inflation driven by higher energy cost will increase the cost of every good, and every service. Even when products aren't made with oil the price of oil will in some way effect the cost of that product. The cost of services are also effected directly, and indirectly by the cost of oil.

I'm not an economist but I'd guess that the indirect effects of a dollar increase on a gallon of gasoline would have an effect similar to the direct effect that increase creates. Using my estimate of the impact a dollar increase on gasoline I'm assuming that such an increase will drive up cost for everything else. I'm adding an additional charge of $78 per month in expenses for everything else.

Adding these cost together we come to an additional cost of $156 per month.

To net that $156 I have to gross about $177 dollars.

For millions of upper middle class, and upper class U.S. consumers $156 per month is a paltry amount - perhaps a night out on the town - nothing to become concerned about.

However, for tens of millions of wage earners added monthly cost of $156 take home represents several years of pay raises. For these earners a one dollar increase in the price of gasoline eliminates income increases designed to counter the effect of inflation which took them several years of hard work to earn.

While upper middle class, and upper class Americans will chuckle at a one dollar increase in the price of a gallon of gasoline tens of millions of American families will be forced to find ways to survive.

Many American families live at the very brink of self sufficiency, barely keeping up with their bills from month to month. The question is then, how do these tens of millions of working American families survive?

Cutting Back

Expect millions of Americans to cut back on purchases of every kind. For those who could afford a night out on the town on occasion it now becomes a rarity. For those who could barely afford a night out it now becomes impossible. For those who already could not afford going out to a restaurant or going to see a movie these people may find themselves seeking assistance from charities for food and clothing even though they work.

Finding Second Jobs

Millions of Americans already work two, and even three jobs, we should expect to see an increase in the number of American workers who must work several jobs in order to survive.

The Coming Recession

As the price of gasoline and everyday items increases consumers will be forced to cut back their purchases of goods and services. Slowly, but surely the effect of decreased consumer activity will lead to drops in profits for employers, which will in turn lead to workforce reductions.

As unemployment increases the vicious downward cycle will begin in the U.S. economy - an economy based upon imported inexpensive light crude oil.

For European Readers

You surely must be envious of our low gas prices, but remember that Americans drive much larger and less efficient automobiles. Also note that Americans commute a longer distance going between work, and home. Remember that mass transit systems in the U.S. are crude in comparison to those available in Europe. Americans are trapped through years of poor decisions, and short sighted greed, into maintaining a dependence upon large inefficient automobiles.

Also remember that Americans have little in the way of a social safety net. People are enslaved to their jobs to maintain their health care, if they even have it, and ultimately will pay whatever is asked for gasoline just so that they can keep their jobs.

Remember too my European readers that American's have extremely corrupt State and Federal representation that take bribes, and payoffs from the oil industry. Gasoline prices are increasing in the U.S. not because taxes are being increased to fund mass transit systems, or to pay for tax breaks for fuel efficient automobiles - no, the price of gasoline is rising in the U.S. because gasoline is subject to speculation, and the corrupt representatives of the people have turned a blind eye to the illegal price fixing that takes place within the oil, and gasoline distribution system.

Available Soon - The 125 Mile Per Gallon Plug In Prius

Possible Solutions

Decreasing cost will become important. Buying fuel efficient automobiles will help keep slow the increase in gasoline, but shifting to alternative fuels will be the only true long term solution. Unfortunately, a shift to more fuel efficient automobiles will take years, and shifting to alternative fuels will take decades. A change away from fossil fuels will take more than time, it will demand a government not completely controlled by Big Oil. Is this even possible? Unlikely in the near term, but an eventuality in the long term.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Adam Saw A UFO

Adam's UFO Story

Adam's UFO Story

I responded by writing in a comment I left on his Youtube Post that since I didn't know him that I don't really know what to believe. However, I did say that I believed that such an strange "encounter" was possible. That doesn't say a whole lot, because many highly improbable events are still possible.

I've known people who have had similar UFO "experiences", and I have a few stories of my own "experiences" to share. I'd believed the stories that I was told by those I had known personally because I felt they had no reason to lie to me. In fact with the ridicule that seemingly awaits those who tell such stories they had every reason not to share their stories, but courageously shared their stories anyway.

I also believe that the "encounters" which I myself recall having experienced actually took place, and therefore I should assume that other individuals could be experiencing similar events - whatever their underlying cause.

Therefore, in my opinion Adam's story sounds possible, and he tells his story in a believable manner. On the other hand he may just be an acting student having a bit of fun. Or perhaps he and his friends were high on adrenaline, have little in the way of scientific skepticism, and mistook Venus for a UFO.

Then again perhaps he did see something very strange indeed. Perhaps he saw some type of event based upon technology? If so, it would be a very interesting story indeed.

Assuming Adam's story is based upon technology, and not a natural phenomena, let's look at the technology, and possible motivations behind his "encounter".


Very light weight aircraft. A remote controlled carbon composite airframe filled with helium (i.e., a hard shelled blimp would do the trick.

The ring of strobe lights wrapped around the airframe suggest that the RPV is meant to be seen. Therefore we'll classify this as a psy-op - a psychological operation of some type.

A loudspeaker to play the high pitched shrieks.

A very powerful Alpha, Delta, and Theta wave transmitter to induce a brain wave response (sleep) in those unknowing test subjects on the ground. Note that the Alpha, Delta, and Theta wave transmitter need not actually operate from within the RPV itself, but could be located nearby in a ground vehicle.


Motivation I (if terrestrial): Train special ops teams to locate, approach, and subdue individuals at night through the use of advanced technology (night vision, RPVs, and sleep induction).

Motivation II (if terrestrial): Increase belief in extra terrestrial encounters which continues to act as a method of disinf0rmation for development of advanced weapons, and training.

Motivation III (if extra terrestrial): Soft Contact Operation, intended to prepare culture for an eventual First Contact.

Motivation IV (if terrestrial): Create a "UFO" encounter only so that it can be debunked as a means of misleading the public into believing that UFOs encounters are not extra terrestrial.

Who Would Possess The Means and Motivation?

The U.S. Military using state of the art technology and tactics.
Extra Terrestrial Technology or Life Forms

Some BackGround

Inducing Sleep

The Following Description of the effects of Alpha, Theta and Delta Waves from PsyWeb

Alpha (8-12 Hz)

Subjective feeling states: relaxed, not agitated, but not drowsy; tranquil, conscious.
Associated tasks & behaviors: meditation, no action.
Effects of Training: can produce relaxation.

Theta (4-8 Hz)

Associated tasks & behaviors: creative, intuitive but may also be distracted, unfocused.
Effects of Training: if enhanced, can induce drifting, trance-like state. If suppressed, can improve concentration, ability to focus attention

Delta (0.1-3 Hz)

Subjective feeling states: deep, dreamless sleep, non-REM sleep, trance, unconscious.
Associated tasks & behaviors: lethargic, not moving, not attentive.
Effects of training: can induce drowsiness, trance, deeply relaxed states

Effects of ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) Upon Brain Waves

Effects of ELF upon Brain Waves

Adam Larson's? YouTube Home Page

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