Saturday, April 15, 2006

Anorexia Dolls

Photo: Ashley - It Really Is All About You!

Normally I don't post on the subject of dolls, but these dolls caught my attention. I believe these high fashion dolls are one of a kind artistic creations. Here's a link to the photo source.

I don't believe these dolls are ever intended to be played with by a child, but imagine if you could get your hands on them, and gave them to that special child.

Photo: Brittney - Heroin Is Sheek!

I'd say the effect would be positively evil.

I'm not stating that the dolls aren't beautiful, because they are. Yet it appears that despite their innocent faces something doesn't seem quite right about them. There's a little something about the way they stare back which has me a bit unsettled. I'm worried a bit about them. Are they naturally thin, or do they have an eating problem? Are they naturally pale, or are they in poor health. Is that attitude I sense, or are they screaming for help?

I suspect that Barbie wouldn't have much time to ask such questions. She's a bit old fashioned, but she also keeps active, and has a career. Her body is way out of proportion, and she's way too thin, but she is so incredibly active that one can see that she is in very good mental, and physical health.

Photo: Emma - At The Edge Of Sanity!

These dolls on the other hand seem preoccupied. I just can't see these dolls eating an entire hamburger. It just wouldn't be right.

I'd say many preteen girls look very similar to these dolls, and most hope to look like these dolls when they grow up. Girls become obsessed with their weight earlier than ever. Despite what we'd hope many parents of little girls wouldn't mind their children looking as thin as these dolls appear. While there's a huge number of obese children in the United States there are millions of little girls, and teens starving themselves just to look like something similar to what these dolls look like.

If they are "lucky" they achieve their goal of being thin, and find that they must constantly maintain that appearance. They become "preps", who then terrorize all the normal, and obese girls - a form of dominance behavior.

Sadly, starving themselves isn't always enough, so there's cutting. These dolls may have a reason they look so pained - I wonder what their arms look like.

The numbers of girls in their early teens who are starving themselves, cutting themselves, and in therapy for depression is disturbing.

The dolls in this post would weigh maybe seventy pounds if they were real. Can you imagine what the designers of these dolls were thinking?

Halt Springfield, Illinois' Giant Robot Project!

Image: Image Of Robot In A Laser Containment Field?

So many times in my life I've watched apathetically as society's problems drift into my view only to look away. Someone else's problem, I'd always say! Someone else will fix it, I'd think - yes think - just before reaching for the remote. But no more, not this time!

This time it effects me, and the town I love! No, not Jerome - Springfield, Illinois!

Please read my EXCLUSIVE prior post exposing the secret construction of a gi-normous clocktower-robot in the heart of downtown Springfield, Illinois!

I have recently discovered that a huge one hundred foot tall transformer robot is secretly under construction within the Union Station Clocktower!

This incredible project has been conducted in total secret despite hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum passing under the robot's cold metalic gaze!

I have written Springfield's Mayor Tim Davlin expressing my concerns, and making a plea for the robot's construction be stopped. Yes, stopped, and before it's too late!

For goodness sake people this is madness - sheer madness!

My letter (edited version) to Mayor Davlin:

Mayor Davlin,

While I don't actually live in Springfield I work in downtown Springfield. I've always enjoyed Springfield's safe, and friendly atmosphere. I've also taken pride in the historic ongoing improvements to downtown Springfield's look.

Yet frankly, I've become aware of a very disturbing development to which I must make comment - actually it's a plea.

Please Mr. Mayor do something now to stop the construction of the massive one hundred foot tall transforming clocktower-robot!

I can not for the life of me understand why any city anywhere on earth would ever want a huge robot, armed with a massive lance, at the heart of its downtown historic district.

Surely, those who secretly agreed to its construction must have been persuaded that it would be used to stand guard over the Abraham Lincoln Presidential LIbrary & Museum.

Yet, what if the robot goes bezerk? We'll no longer have an air national guard unit close enough to protect us if any type of malfunction occurs!

I've included a link (below) to a photograph which I myself (please forgive the poor photo-quality) took of this gi-normous robot currently under construction.

I implore you Mr. Mayor to do all that you can to stop its construction before it's too late.


I recieved the following response:

Mayor Timothy Davlin

Thank you for writing me to voice your concerns about our city. I want to assure you that we will look into your inquiry and determine what action is appropriate.

Mayor Timothy J. Davlin

We cannot act without knowing which problems or issues need to be addressed. Your input has been very valuable to us because it reveals issues which we might otherwise overlook.

Thank you for being conscientious in helping make Springfield a better place to live.

No, thank you Mayor Davlin for listening, and taking action when I had all but given up hope!

Massive Clocktower Conspiracy Exposed!

hoto: Giant Transformer Robot-Clocktower Under Construction - Springfield, Illinois

For the first time anywhere I can reveal to the people of Springfield, Illinois, and the world that a massive conspiracy exist within our midst! One of the greatest deceptions since the construction of the Trojan Horse has been accomplished in plain sight in the heart of downtown Springfield. Workers assigned to construct a one hundred foot high clocktower atop Union Station instead appear to have built a massive remote controlled robot.

As the photo above reveals a large antenna sits atop the robot's head. Several eyes, the size of windows, can be seen on the robot's face. Note how the robot's massive right arm is nearly complete, and soon will be attached! A large lance stamped with Halverson Construction's corporate logo appears to have been constructed for the robot's use!

Just who, or what, ordered this massive robot's construction is a mystery, but it is obvious that once construction has been completed something really big is going to happen.

I warn all those planning to attend Union Station Square's grand openning to instead flee from the Springfield area! Before it's too late fellow citizens, before it's too late, run for your lives!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Techie Meets Art & Blows The Whole Thing Apart

Photo: Randy Reynolds of Photos-Etc Snaps Up Yet Another Great Image - Springfield, IL

Local Photo-Blogger Randy Reynolds of Photos-Etc.Blogspot.Com has been making steady improvements to his blog lately. Randy is an all around good guy, and Star Wars fanatic. He's been into photography for many years, and dabbles in painting as well. He has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to share a hobby with him.

Randy, and I are in a sense refugees. Recently a local (unnamed) fitness club located in downtown Springfield, Illinois closed its doors permanently leaving Randy, and I looking for something to do during lunchtime.

Out went the weight machines, elevated track, and basketball court, and in came an idea!

The idea?

Why not combine walking, and photo-blogging?

Great Idea!

All those readers checking out my site after having read of my blog in the Illinois Times please feel free to check out Randy's blog - you'll be glad you did. There are also several links to other excellent local blogs on this page - check them out too!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brings The Night

Photo: Angelic Magnolia Bloom Flashed Against A Jerome Sky @ Dusk

Brings The Night
- By Jerome Prophet

It's in that moment.
Not one before it.

I feel like crying.
Like dying.
I feel so mad.

Not lived fully.
Slave to survival.
Compromised by a rival.
I call my life.

The day is done.
Gone forever.
Never. Never.
Will I be back.

It's in that moment.
Of desparate dreaming.
Like Running Screaming.
Is this my life?


I am content.
It's heaven sent.
Filling now.
With growing light.

For the darkness.
That surrounds me.
That impounds me.

Brings the night.
Photo: 04.10.06 - 7:30 P.M. Jerome, Illinois. A magnolia against a darkening blue sky at dusk. The growing length of Spring days, and the recent shift to Daylight Savings Time allows for some excellent photo opportunities.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Martian Eros

Image: Number Five

Some might see Springfield, Illinois as devoid of culture, and opportunity. Those criticisms hold a great deal of validity. Springfield needs a great deal more of everything to become a city worth boasting about. The city is relatively safe, relatively compact, and relatively boring.
There is a limited amount of economic, and cultural opportunity, and for many the exceedingly slow pace of community development is harder to tolerate by the year.

Image: Chocolate Bars

I've often heard in defense of our slow growing community that slow growth offers those who lead Springfield, Illinois the time to plan its growth. Yet, that one advantage which slow growth allegedly offers seems to have been overlooked. Just look at "New Springfield" on Springfield's west side as an indication of what is in store for the future of Springfield.

New Springfield, which is located west of Veterans Parkway is essentially a barren wasteland of commercial spaces. There is no real community there at all. No sidewalks, no public spaces for anyone to misinterpret the space as civic in nature. Public roads lead to private parking lots, to insure that shoppers arrive at the doorsteps of the various strip malls that make up the "Public Spaces" of New Springfield.

A feeling of "safety" is substituted for a feeling of civic belonging in the artificial constructs of New Springfield. New Springfield is as sterile, and white as an unused Kotex. A sense of alienation is reinforced by the passively hostile minimalist designs employed by various office park buildings. After the initial sense of excitement over Springfield's west side growth subsides a further look reveals stark offices employing dark, or mirrored windows with no ornamentation - no outward statement to suggest connection to an organic nature to human society. These orwellian styled office buildings are dark structures - the pride of New Springfield.

Even the modern church buildings in New Springfield are hideous warehouse like structures designed to assure those already cast into Springfield, Illinois' west side that everything is o.k., as long as one accepts the fate of man as impliment.

New Springfield's well to do shelter themselves in large warehouse like buildings designed to impress through size alone. Wall size has been substituted for beauty. It doesn't matter how ugly the boxy Hummer SUV is as long as it's bigger than other cars on the road, and that mentality seems to have driven housing dezign in Panther Creek - the jewel in New Springfield's ugly crown.

Image: Martian Eros

The State of Illinois needs to beautify the area around the Illinois State Capitol Complex. Street after street of that area consist of gravel parking lots. The damage to Springfield's image which those gravel lots has caused is tremendous. The sheer excitement that must have been felt by those who destroyed several nearby churches, and surrounding neighborhoods must have felt very rewarding. It was all done in the name of expansion, and progress. Yet, after a quarter of a century of excuses, and promises to beautify the complex area the Illinois State Capitol Complex remains a disgrace, and an insult to the people of Springfield, and the entire State of Illinois.

About The Images: All images included in this post were derived from photographs which I captured at the Municipal Parking Garage located at the corner of Fourth, and Washington in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

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