Saturday, August 23, 2008

Packing Lite For Obama Speech

Look for me in the crowd. I'll be wearing a black pull over (with collar), and maroon sweat pants, and brown New Balance sneakers. And maybe, just maybe a very small camera bag. Oh yes, and sunglasses.

I'll be using my cellphone as my camera this time, and so if you're interested you can go to: to check out my semi-live uploads of both video, and photos. I won't bother with text.

I'll be out there with Dave of The11thhour blog. We both decided that waiting three hours while standing completely surrounded by hot sweaty people half a football field away from Mr. Obama was not really worth it - so we're going to arrive a bit after eleven, but before noon.

So I better go now, and hope it doesn't rain - because I'm not taking an umbrella.

Obama Website Down For Second Day

Obama Site Is Down For The Second Day In A Row - But Has Been Updated

Don't really know why they are "updating" the site in a way that demands it be brought down. Notice the DONATE button is still active (oops, that's off to the right, and can't be seen on the image I included for this post), and also note the brand spanking new Obama & Biden Logo.

Now it is off to the Obama & Biden Speech.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Springfield, Illinois Prepares For Obama

A Giant American Flag Already In Place For Barack Obama Speech In Springfield, Illinois

Barack Obama is returning to Springfield, Illinois tomorrow. All indications suggest that Mr. Obama will be announcing his Vice Presidential running mate's identity Saturday afternoon.

Workers Prepare VIP Stands At Springfield, Illinois' Old State Capitol

Senator Obama started his Presidential campaign, in February 2007, in the shadows of Illinois' Old State Capitol. Nearly twenty thousand well wishers came, and withstood subfreezing temperatures to watch Senator Obama announce his bid for the highest office. I was one of those people.

Stacks Of Blue Crowd Control Barriers Ready For Obama Speech

Now with the nomination at hand the Illinois Senator will be speaking as the leader of the Democratic Party. Much speculation surrounds who will be named as Mr. Obama's running mate. Joe Biden has been named by CNN, while I still hope for Senator Clinton. This time tomorrow, and the speculation will be over.

Workers Assemble Stands For Media In Preparation Of Barack Obama VP Announcement

I'll be going to tomorrow's speech, and will take my cameras. Last time I took photos of Mr. Obama temperatures were so cold that my camera was malfunctioning.

Obama Speech - Statues of Abe Lincoln Family Surrounded By CNN and Media Equipment

Tomorrow should be a sweltering humid Illinois day, with the possibility for showers.

CNN Truck Parked Next To Illinois' Old State Capitol Plaza Prior To Obama VP Speech

All the media, big and small are setting up for covering the announcement. Senator Obama plans to visit a few states after leaving Springfield, and then next week the Democratic Convention will be held in Denver.

CNN Satellite Truck Door - August 23, 2008 - Springfield, Illinois

I'll be making another donation to Barack's Obama's campaign - my August contribution. I hope to increase my payment once again. As the fight gets tighter our side will need every dollar, and so I encourage all those reading this to chip in. Surf to

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain At His Best - I Guess

John McCain Either Has Alzheimer's or He's Just Too Rich For My Taste

When asked during an interview how many homes he, and his spouse own, John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee (apparent), was unable to answer.

His staff later answered - at least four (probably seven).

Call me a classist, but just how the hell is this guy ever going to represent me?

I don't want another elder president - we had Reagan develop Alzheimer's during his presidency, and everyone tried to lie and say otherwise, but it was embarrassingly, and frighteningly obvious that he was no longer in control.

Then we had the buffoon king Bush who came right out and said his constituency was the rich, and he never tried to lie about that. Greed, and corruption in every form, war, and massive public debt are the hallmarks and legacy of his presidency.

We don't need some old rich dishonest incompetent codger President with a freakish looking mega millionaire wife pulling his strings. It's quite frightening really - she actually looks like an android. I'd venture the marriage is the unholy result of some pact with the devil.

Make me president, and I will serve you Satan!

Yes, John, I shall give you riches, and an earthly cohort to assist you in my bidding.

Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh? Then again have you seen her eyes - like the kind you see on a lizard, very creepy.

No Energy Crisis - Just Corrupt Government

There Is No Energy Crisis - Just A Corrupt Government

Big Oil owns the corrupt government of the United States. Oil is the justification used for maintaining a large military, and for starting war profiteering schemes like the Iraq war.
What Oil Addiction Has Driven A Good Nation To Do

Raiding the treasury, saddling our children, and grandchildren with debt, destabilizing the Middle East, funding Islamic Extremist, polluting the environment, changing global climate, promoting anti-American hatred around the world, promoting fragility in a world economy which is dependent upon a finite source of energy, starting wars on false pretenses, and sending 700,000,000 dollars per year to oil producing nations (including some which detest the U.S.).

Algae Can Produce Clean Domestically Produced "Oil"

Oil, and natural gas came from algae, and it seems fitting that algae will one day produce clean, renewable, carbon neutral fuel which can be run in any flex fuel diesel engine.

The U.S. could easily produce its own clean carbon neutral fuel within a decade. It's that simple.
The problem isn't a matter of technology, it is one of will. The government of the United States is so corrupt that it no longer functions to protect, and promote the best interest of the people of the United States, but instead promotes, and protects the interest of Saudi Arabia, and other oil producing nations.

Being patriotic isn't wrong, but believing that keeping our U.S. troops tied down in a foreign country in the name of big oil is. Let's bring the troops home, and fund alternative domestically produced energy. Let's end our addiction to oil once and for all.

Start by learning about alternative energy, and support candidates that don't take money from Big Oil.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

14,000,000 Exajoules!

There Is No Energy Crisis - U.S. Government Owned & Controlled By Oil Companies

The U.S. uses 100 Exajoules of energy each year - almost all of that energy is produced by the burning of oil, coal, and natural gas - all finite, polluting, and linked to war, and global warming.

Yet beneath our feet is a vast sea of energy - geothermal energy.

What does the corrupt government of the U.S. do?

Nothing - oil wars are fun and profitable, and can be used to further justify empire building.

While the U.S. government is wasting billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars on Iraq it is not funding geothermal technology.

It takes other nation's governments to do so, and it takes companies like Google to make small investments in developing the technologies, and techniques which will one day form an entire industry capable of providing vast amounts of clean, cheap energy for the world.

The Bush abomination has stolen billions from future generations in its Iraq war profiteering scheme, at the behest of the oil industry - an industry sending hundreds of billions of dollars to our enemies overseas.

It is time to take back the government for the people, for the future. It is time to keep our money here in the U.S., and use it to develop our economy, and raise our standard of living.

What can you do?

Learn more, and contact your congress person. Then support the presidential candidate that isn't taking money from Big Oil - and who would that be? Barack Obama, that's who.

Big oil jacked the price of gasoline up, earning record profits. Big oil then used some of that profit to saturate the television bands with commercials filled with lies they want you to believe. Big oil will now bring the oil prices down just before the election to convince you everything is o.k.

We've seen it before. War, and Oil - it's an old story.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Commander Wing and Other Adventurers

A Blog can be many things to many people. Some use their blog for political purposes. Some blog just to be nasty cranks. Other bloggers like to write poems. Some like to post photographs. I've tried to use my blog in just about every way possible. It's my soap box, my diary, and my scrap book.

This one is of an old friend, Dave "De Wing". Dave was an old buddy of mine way back in the 1970s - when this photo was taken. Dave was a strange lad who liked to climb TV antenna towers as high as he could and then jump. We used to call him "The Wing" because of his obsession. This photograph was taken north west of Springfield, Illinois.


O.K., I must have remembered this part incorrectly - Dave never jumped off antennas {pause} he flew off them. Ka Ching!

O.K., O.K., that's a lie too, but it would have made for a better story if he had. He'd have some pretty bad knee problems about now, but still - interesting blogging material.

By the way, me, and my friends used to jump off the roof of our house when I was a kid. Single story, but it still smarted. Wonder I ever survived my youth.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Springfield Clinic In Living Colors

Springfield, Illinois' Springfield Clinic

I believe the new Springfield Clinic overpass is something you either grow to hate, or love. It certainly changes the character of the neighborhood.

Springfield, Illinois' Springfield Clinic Blood Red

I am confused about my feelings, because I started off hating it.

Springfield, Illinois' Springfield Clinic Feeling Blue

But on a beautiful blue sky day the structure actually looks good.

Springfield, Illinois' Springfield Clinic Night Orange

In fact I believe I see what the architects were hoping for.

Springfield, Illinois' Springfield Clinic Vampire Purple

A mix of sky and blue tinted glass. And an arch which is classical, and functional built within the modern minimal glass extension.

Odd, but neat.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Old Springfield, Illinois' Hardee's Demolished

Demolished Vine Street Clinic (left) & Hardee's (right)

Out with the old and run down rat traps, and up with the soon to come CVS.

View Of Demolished Hardees From The Drive Through

I could never really understand how it is that the Hardee's at the corner of Sixth and South Grand closed. The place was always busy when I'd drive by, and it was always busy when I'd frequent it. In the wee hours of the night it was a very busy place. Oh well, hasn't been open for years so its demolition is for the best.

Springfield, Illinois welcomes yet another CVS - "coincidentally" just one block from the new Walgreen's at Seventh and South Grand. There is also development going on across the street.

And get this - the owners of the Pizza Hut along Sixth near South Grand are doing some roofing work - hope they modernized the entire pizza place, as it needs an update badly!

Springfield, Illinois' Vine Street Clinic Demolished

What Was Left Of The Old Vine Street Clinic Is Now Demolished

Another Springfield, Illinois eyesore has now been demolished. Vine Street Clinic, an outpatient Psychiatric center, was located on the south side of Vine Street between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.

The lots which housed Vine Street Clinic, and the now demolished Hardee's just south of the clinic, will be developed into a CVS pharmacy. The project is part of an ongoing series of business developments in the area.

I drive by the area often, and am happy to see the older vacant buildings torn down, and replaced by brand new businesses.

I once went to Vine Street Clinic for a meeting with my undergraduate adviser, who was a practicing clinical Psychologist. Not much to say there.

Striped Clouds Over Abraham Lincoln Museum

Striped Clouds Over Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

I took the photograph, above, earlier this week. I've already written a post, which included other photographs of the strange striped cloud formation over Springfield, Illinois. One comment the earlier post received stated that the formation was entirely natural. Maybe, but looks rather unusual.

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