Friday, October 12, 2007

Muslim Turkey Murdered 1.5 Million Christian Armenians

It was carefully planned, and systematically executed.

I don't know how many 100+ year old mass murderers in Turkey need protecting, but it's simply insane for anyone in modern Turkey to deny what they did.

Even the United States has admitted its genocide against the indigenous peoples of North America. So let's get real here.

Go here for more information.

Additional Note: I was searching for a Youtube video to post, and I began to read some of the comments on videos about the Armenian-Turkish conflict. I found a considerable number of exchanges filled with such vile hate speech that it made me sick.

Kind of reminded me of a Greek friend I had who introduced me to a lovely young Turkish girl, and he said as he introduced us, "We're not supposed to like each other".

I could never understand the ways of the world. Such ancient hatreds handed down generation after generation. I'm hoping that with high speed transport, international trade, and the Internet that such insanity will be ended once and for all.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meanwhile U.S. Auto Industry Implodes

While Other Nations Create The Future

The United States needs universal health care. By adopting universal health care the burden of providing this ever more expensive, and elusive benefit will be taken off the shoulders of employers, and shared in a far more efficient manner by society itself.

The cost of every product, and service provided by the United States includes the cost of health care. Every automobile made in the U.S. includes the cost of providing health care benefits which makes U.S. automobiles more expensive than they have to be.

In fact most U.S. automobile manufactures are either loosing money on the cars they sell, or are struggling to stay in business. Meanwhile companies like Honda are able to sell automobiles which are more profitable, and can afford to invest in long term research and development projects such as Asimo - a bipedal robot.

Please watch the video above, and ask yourself - if you are living in the United States - which nations will prosper, and which will decline in the coming decades. It seems obvious that the United States in headed in the wrong direction.

A society which has greed. self interest, and short term profit as its highest good is bound to failure.

The Little Evil Fish

Want To Waste One Minute Of Your Life?

I was reading PalmerBlevins most excellent blog, and posted a comment to his story in which he discusses his seemingly "evil" cat Choo. Cats can be highly territorial creatures, and unlike dogs are not trainable. Cats deal with issues of territory in terms of space, and time. Cats can share the same space with other cats, and even dogs, but they do so by carefully timing their interactions. Even a glance can start a chain of events which leads to a fight. Oh well.

But my comment to Palmer was not about cats, but about fish - rather about one fish which came to dominate and destroy all my other fish. He was the last fish I ever owned, or ever will. That one fish ruined the idea of my ever having a tank again. I have even forbidden my daughter to start her own aquarium. Here's the comment, and the story of my "evil" fish:

Cats Have Bad Days Too

I had a fish once like Choo (Palmer's evil cat).

I was new to the world of fish, so when my other little fish ended up floating lifeless at the top of the tank I didn't quite link it to the aggression I saw from time to time in the tank.

After flushing about ten little fish down the toilet I began studying up, and realized there was too much stress in the tank and I began watching with more concern.

I had eliminated everything else, except the little attacks that this one fish seemed to be at the center of.

Finally, as nearly every fish but this one aggressive fish had died there was simply no denying what was up.

People told me, just flush it down the toilet, and restock your tank, but I couldn't do it. I told myself if nature had made that fish the top fish why should I kill it.

Finally, I had a tank with only one evil little fish. I grew increasingly distant from the tank, and without any algae cleaning fish the tank became unhealthy.

I waited for the fish to die, but it wouldn't die.

I thought about not feeding it, but I couldn't do that.

Finally I ran out to the store and bought a fish that was much bigger, and has a reputation for being super aggressive - I figured it would kill the little evil fish who had killed all of my other fish.

And fight they did!

But it was only a little while until I noticed the bigger fish was running away from the evil little fish.

The big fish managed somehow to flop out of the only little space it could, and died - it was that scared.

I had had it. I decided not to feed the evil little fish, and the tank grew covered with algae. But this evil fish which doesn't eat algae according to the books started eating algae, and it was quite healthy indeed.

I began feeding it again, and realized it was some kind of superfish.

Yes, a superfish.

It lived on for many months, and I began to accept a tank filled with just one fish.

All was well until the landlord had without warning me had the entire apartment complex sprayed for insects.

The little fish died within a few days.

I had by then become accustomed to a nearly empty tank, and so the tank sat empty for a few weeks - just a few plants, and some snails.

I was depressed, and disgusted with it.

The very nature of fish had come in question.

If fish, even one, could become so evil I no longer wanted anything to do with them I told myself.

Others told me of their own evil fish, and for them it was simply a matter of saving their other fish by flushing the evil ones down the toilet.

But I could not accept that, and ended up giving the tank away.

Now I have cats.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do Be A Good Bee!

Oh My God It's Romper Room Kids!

It's Jack!

Don't believe it kids. It's the behavior that's either appropriate, or inappropriate, not whether you are "good" or "bad". While Jesus said that no men were good, and that only God is good, humanism teaches us that each person is innately good, and needs a positively structured, yet free society in order to realize their full potential. I guess that lesson didn't rhyme.

I Can See You - Billy Are You Masturbating!

And kids it's kind of scary that they can see you from the "magic mirror" isn't it?

Don't Forget To Obey!

I never do anything right!
I always do everything wrong.
Do be a don't bee - do evil all day long.

Note: A Springfield, Illinois Blogger has a story to tell.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

U.S. F16 Shoots Down Antique Flyer!

Downed Wright Flyer No Match For F16

Thousands attending the annual Hagerstown, Maryland Air Parade watched in horror as an F16 shot down an antique Wright Flyer as part of a Homeland Defense interdiction to enforce President Bush's no-fly-air-zone. President Bush is reported unhurt in the incident. Bush speaking in nearby Coward City was rushed to Airforce One, and his exact whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Wright Flyer, one of only two remaining operational aircraft built by Orville, and Wilbur Wright, was not equipped with a radio and therefore unable to respond to repeated warnings. Flying at over fifteen miles per hour it was unable to land in time, and had to be shot out of the sky by the supersonic F16.

"My heat seeking missiles wouldn't lock for some reason so I went to my cannon, and blew that bird out of the sky", said pilot Dan Jefferies. Luckily, the pilot of the Wright Flyer, Robert Truit, jumped out of the plane just as the F16 came in for its final run. Mr. Truit, 75, has already been released from the hospital, and is being held for questioning by the Secret Service.

"This is a lesson they'll never forget", stated Vice President Dick Cheney, "We all have to remember that the terrorist will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life, to instill terror in the hearts of the people".

Monday, October 08, 2007

Chatting With A.L.I.C.E. & God

Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity

Despite ALICE's claim to being the smartest AI of all she's not what I would call "Intelligent". She is much smarter than any Chatbox application than I have ever interacted with before. If this were the 1960's I'd be totally in awe of ALICE, but it doesn't take much to see that ALICE isn't truly intelligent.

An Exchange With ALICE

The argument goes something like this: If at some point in the future it becomes impossible to tell while chatting to a computer whether you are chatting with a person, or a computer then that computer must possess at least some rudimentary form of intelligence.

ALICE Reminds Me Of Early Chess Programs

I'm not certain that I buy that, but then again it might be I'm just biased against computers. I wonder how long it will be until we all have Artificially Intelligent house computers, and robots. It may take a few decades, but I suspect that they will come in handy.

ALICE's Programmer Has Quite A Sense Of Humor

Everyone should have their own chatterbox. Chatterbox programs can be connected to telephones, email, computers, and even sensors in your home. Chatterbox programs can be linked to websites too. I see these little programs interacting with networks, robots, and human beings. In a way they will act as our personal representatives, and may become a form of immortality taking on our personalities, our memories, and our responsibilities long after we have passed away.

A Chat With An Artificial Intelligence

For now I'd like install an AI chatterbox on my blog. Chatterbox programs can present an avatar, and connect to a speech synthesis program. These programs can also take input from speech recognition programs, which means that you can speak to the chatterbox AI, and it can speak back in a manner similar to what is presented in the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

IGOD: I Don't Think This Is A Good Idea

Of course some people don't know where to draw the line. This A.I. pretends, but humorously so, to be God Almighty.

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