Saturday, May 20, 2006

Whether English Or Spanish - It's Chinese for the U.S.

That the United States is rapidly becoming a hispanic nation is clear.

Under current demographic projections the entire nation will look ethnically, and racially very much like the state of California within only four decades. That's a huge change for any nation to accomodate in such a short period. Just how will the United States fair this huge demographic shift?

Most of hispanic culture is so similar to "Anglo" culture that any predictions for impending chaos is unfounded, yet the issue of language remains vitally important for it is at the crux of how any nation, and how any people organizes itself.

Previous generations of immigrants to the United States rapidly dropped the use of their native tongues, and adopted English, but they did so out of necessity.

Conservation of time, and energy dictates that the vast majority of people will not put a great deal of time, or effort into learning a language, or any other skill, unless they need to do so. We don't see, for example millions of "anglos" taking crash courses in Spanish even though they know they will eventually need to speak that language. Hispanics will likewise wonder why they should waste their time learning English, if they can attain a high standard of living without learning it.

With the flood of hispanics into the U.S. it will become less, and less likely that immigrants will actually need to learn English, and fewer, and fewer will waste their time, and energy doing so. The United States will become a hispanic nation, but this should not become a national obsession Having a common language is important, yet having a common national goal of promoting the social good is much more important. Anglos it can be argued, have seemingly abandoned their commitment to future generations of Americans - hispanics certainly could do no worse.

As anglo history, and anglo culture in the U.S. becomes increasingly marginalized, and is eventually forgotten, the United States will reinvent itself - but into what?

The deliberate policy of flooding the nation with tens of millions of illegal aliens so as to further enrich the ruling class through the exploitation of cheap labor is only one of many factors shaping the fate of the nation.

Even without consideration of the inevitable ethnic shift the destruction of the American Middle Class, and the substitution of a large permanent underclass is inevitable. The United States is rapidly transforming into a nation not unlike modern China - not Mexico. Americans need to concern themselves less with language, and ethnicity, and more with sustained economic growth, and a continuing commitment to democratic, and republican ideology.

The United State's political system has been coopted by special interest to such an extent that the very system itself promotes, and sustains short-sighted, self-interested, and corrupt representation. Sadly, those individuals with the least concern for the very people they represent succeed best in a broken political system Americans have learned to accept.

It seems obvious that little will be done by America's "leaders" to address the nation's growing economic, and social problems.

Those living today in the United States have the unenviable position of knowing that their standard of living will decline, or at the very least become more difficult to sustain throughout their lifetimes. This is the first generation of Americans in history to have to accept this fate.

The Unites States faces some of its most trying days ahead, and the fracturing of the nation along ethnic lines is just one of the issues it faces.

Other issues even more important than ethnicity loom over the nation. These pressing issues question the very fate of the United States as a robost nation.

  • How can any nation with an economy based almost solely upon consumer spending financed by foreign credit continue to finance itself?
  • How can a debtor society continue to finance a huge military industrial complex - the crown jewel of the American Empire?
  • How can any nation which fails to protect its manufacturing base, and watches passively as its services sector is outsourced remain economically viable?

All empires rise, and fall - not one has avoided this fate - The American Empire Will Fall.

It is clear that the U.S. is headed for troubled times. We the people have actively chosen this national fate through our ignorance, apathy, and greed. Our impluse to obtain pleasure now, and ignore the consequences of our bad choices has guided our moral, economic, and political path for too long. In the end our lack of concern for the future has doomed future generations of Americans to economic, social, and military declijne.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ratchet And Clank

Dave of the11thhour recently commented that local bloggers have begun to cut back a bit in their posting.

It is obvious that I have reduced my postings lately. A few weeks ago I picked up a Playstation 2 game, and have spent my evenings progressing through various worlds of Ratchet and Clank - Up Your Arsenal. I beat the game this weekend, and I'm replaying the game in challenge mode. Tonight I spent hours earning enough bolts to purchase the RY3NO weapon.

There's something deeply wrong in all this, but I just had to know first hand about that weapon. I finally purchased it, and used it in the VR simulator against the dweebie robots there, but I haven't used it yet against anything more interesting.

I can hardly wait!

Anyway, there you have it. I'm sure I'll tire of the game after I've beaten it in challenge mode, and I then return to blog posting on a more regular basis.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Are All Red Sprites & Blue Jets Created Equal?

NASA (BW) Image: An Oblique View Of A Red Sprite (Edited by JeromeProphet)

The Red Sprite image above was taken from the Space Shuttle in 1993. The Red Sprite, approximately 1150 miles (1850 km) from the shuttle, appears to have originated from a thunderstorm just over the earth's limb. The portion of the Red Sprite that is visible (above the edge of the horizon) is approximately 29 miles (47 km) in length.

What can Red Sprites teach us about designing anti satellite weapons?

Are some Red Sprites actually the result of a covert particle beam weapon testing program?

Video (BW): Blue Jets ejected from a thunderstorm over eastern Arkansas July 1994.

To watch the video above you'll need Macromedia's Flashplayer installed on your browser.

Blue Jets also raise many questions. Since I've never seen, or heard anyone ask this question yet I'm going to do so here. Is the recently discovered phenomena of Blue Jets based entirely upon nature?

Here are some questions I have about Blue Jets:

  • Are all Blue Jets the product of a natural, and random force of nature, or could some Blue Jets be the byproduct, or even an intended result of a covert particle beam weapon's testing program?
  • Is the matter being ejected in a Blue Jet made up of ionized particles?
  • If the ejecta from a Blue Jet consist mostly of ionized particles where did those particles originate?
  • At what velocity do the particles of a Blue Jet move?
  • What altitude do the particles from a Blue Jet reach (e.g., Ionosphere, Orbit, or Beyond Orbit)?
  • What effect does a Blue Jet have on the Ionosphere, or the Ozone Layer above it?
  • Do Blue Jets have an effect upon radio communications, or radar?
  • Do all Blue Jets point away from the ground, or do some point horizontally into nearby clouds, or even toward the ground?
  • If some Blue Jets eject high velocity charged particles toward nearby clouds what effect does this have on those clouds?
  • If some Blue Jets eject high velocity charged particles toward the ground what effect does this have on what is below?
  • If Blue Jets are entirely random natural events caused by clouds of water vapor, could human beings reproduce, or trigger, Blue Jets through the use of high energy electrical devices?
  • If Blue Jets can be produced, or triggered, by technology to what use can they be put?
  • How can the phenomena of Blue Jets be modified so as to be put to use in solving economic, and military goals?
  • Has any group within the U.S. Intelligence Community, Military, and/or Defense Industry examined Blue Jets - and to what effect?
  • Are Blue Jets in any way the result of nature?
Just a few starting points of inquiry I'd like to see addressed.

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