Friday, May 12, 2006

The South Will Rise Again - Pam Furr?

I was listening to WMAY's Pam Furr Thursday morning. She was commenting on some statements which Jim Leach, also of WMAY, had made earlier that morning - stating that Jim Leach had crossed a line - and that Jim Leach was wrong because he stated that Confederate Memorials were flying in the face of history.

The Lie of Southern Heritage

Pam Furr (which is probably just a on-air-name) began a rant on what a down home southern girl she is, stating that the Civil War wasn't really fought over slavery - but for state's rights (this is code talk by racist southerners through the promotion of myths (lies) about the nature of the Civil War - myths started by the KKK, and their ilk after the failure of reconstruction).

The nation had been heading for a civil war since its founding, and it was always about slavery.

Anyone denying that is ignorant of American history.

Southern heritage is a myth created by segregationist designed to create sympathy for whites after reconstruction. The myth of galant southern men, and women defending "Southern Heritage" instead of the institution of slavery was created as an end run around the question of how to deal with a recently freed black population.

As northern commitment to southern reconstruction wavered whites in the South began to act in every way possible to throw blacks back into the shackles of slavery - this time through segregration, economic oppression, and disenfranchisement.

At the end of WMAY's Pam Furr's "Southern Heritage" rant she opened up the phone lines for callers. The very first caller started in with a supportive, and sympathetic comparison between southerners celebrating their "heritage" (read that legacy of slavery, and segregation), and some poor old misunderstood German WWII veteran wishing to proudly display a photo of Adolf Hitler pinning a medal on his chest.

As it turns out the modern youth of Germany just don't understand why this veteran of Germany's most recent world war would ever feel pride at being pinned by one of history's greatest mass murders.

The caller stated that the poor misunderstood World War Two veteran saw Hitler as his nation's leader, and that he did many great things for Germany (despite the fact that Germany was in total ruins at the end of the war), so why shouldn't the veteran feel pride swell in his chest, and why shouldn't he display his Hitler photos?

This poor ole war NAZI is understandibly proud of his moment of glory - supporting the fatherland in its triumpant destruction of Europe, and the killing of tens of millions of people - eventually leading to the very ruination of Germany itself. Yes, pride swells in the hearts of such brave blue eyed men - so why indeed should he hide his Hitler Photos, and his Hitler Medals?

Now Get This!

Pam Furr actually agreed with this lunatic Neo-Nazi caller by saying that his point was a perfect comparison which supported her ideas about how people need to feel the pain of the poor misunderstood white south - and their pride over "southern heritage" (Slavery, and Segregation)!

Yes, two groups of misunderstood martyrs - those who defended slavery, and those who wanted to create a world of slaves - there is indeed a commonality.

Is Pam Furr a Racist Nazi - Who Knows?

I don't know what Pam really feels about anything - radio is after all entertainment, and on air personalities do their schtick. For all we know Rush Limbaugh votes democrat.

We really can't trust what we hear on AM radio because in the end it's a business, and those folk working the airwaves are getting paid to get people to listen. Getting people worked up enough to call into their talk show is part of that business - but many people either don't know that, or don't care.

I'm not sure what Pam Furr was thinking when she agreed with the Hitler sympathizer, perhaps she was supporting what sounded like a conservative tone - just another right wing nutcase to stroke while keeping the calls coming in.

Yet the conservative caller was lamenting the end of the good ole days when blue eyed white men could proudly rule with an iron fist.

With swaztikas on their arms, iron crosses on their chest, and "Rat Jews"* under their storm trooper boots we must never forget that all things being equal being pinned by Hitler wasn't so bad. Yes, the good ole days of incinerators for the Jews of Europe, and segregation, and race based oppression in the U.S. really is a misunderstood time. Those poor ole white folk just wanted to have a good time.

There is a point which on air professionals like Pam Furr should not cross while on the air - which after all is a public resource (but controlled by corporate interest), and it was crossed that morning alright, but it wasn't by the intelligent, and thoughtful Jim Leach.

The Civil War Has Yet To End Here In The U.S.

A recent report was published, not sure by which organization, but it shows that 45% of children under the age of five in this country are minority - not white.

That's the future of this nation. By the time those reading this now (2006) are old enough to be rocking in their rocking chairs at the old folk's home this nation won't be the white nation it is today.

It might still be controlled by whites (barely), but it won't be a white nation.

The south will rise again - only it won't be racist white men in the red states calling the shots then. On that day I hope we as a nation have clearly stated our commitment to minority rights, and put to rest the notion of "southern heritage" which is nothing more than racist code talk.

Explanation of Anti-Jewish Phrase Use Above.

*My use of the term "Rat Jew" above is indeed offensive. I use it only because it illustrates just how revulsive the NAZI regime was. It illustrates the degree of insanity present within the social fabric of Europe, and even the U.S. during that time (and even now to some degree). Jews were being villified, and portrayed as if they were a type of plague similar to rats, which had to be taken care of. There simply can be no compromise, or advocation of this type of thought in any way shape or form. Not only is it evil to do so, it is irrational thinking, and extremely dangerous to everyone in this age of nuclear weapons.

Here's a link to Pam Furr's Blog (not a lot of material).

Here's a link to Pam Furr's MySpace Link (for you tweenie boppers).

Here's a link to Springfield, Illinois radio station WMAY

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take The "Mayor & Sheriff Test" On NSA's Domestic Spying

Ask yourself the following questions,

Do I want my town's Mayor to have the county Sheriff collect a list of every phone call I have ever made, or will make?

Do I want my town's Mayor to have the county Sheriff listen to my phone calls without asking a Judge first?

While it is true that a police state affords a greater level of safety it also entails a greater level or risk. Police states usually foster, and promote states in which violence is directed in state sanctioned ways.

Hysteria following 9/11 allowed a group of presumably well intentioned individuals within very powerful governmental institutions to bring the United States closer to being a secret police state than it has ever been during a time of peace.

The fact that a "War on Terror" is a never ending war dictates that any changes in the power equation between the individual and the state be made permanent. This should concern anyone who loves freedom, and democracy.

Please ask yourself what kind of nation you wish to live in. Do you want to live in a society in which you, your family, and everyone in your community is under constant surveillance?

Do you want to be considered a criminal until proven innocent?

What would you want your Mayor to do?

Do not allow words like "President", "CIA", "NSA" confuse the situation.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Is It Time For A Paradyne Shift?

Image: Video Capture Of Particle Beam Weapon Testing Over Oklahoma?

The image above is a high contrast capture nineteen seconds into a NASA video (see below) of a thunderstorm over Oklahoma. The lower cursor points to a linear ejecta of "lightning", while the upper cursor points to an area of synchronized lightning.

Could this particle ejecta have originated from a particle beam weapon?

It certainly doesn't look like normal lightning - looking far more like a spray of ionized particles - similar to what one might see ejected from a rocket.

Video: NASA Video Of Thunderstorm Over Oklahoma

Is the thunderstorm simply a natural phenomena, or has it become a manmade phenomena? In the NASA video above (you'll need a current version of Macromedia Flashplayer Installed) we see a "god's eye" view of either a purely random natural phenomena, or perhaps you'll see the deliberate manipulation of a thunderstorm through the use of particle beam generators (artificial lightning generators).

We live in an age of such incredible possibilities!

We live in an time in which stealth UPVs equipped with artificial lightning generators can deploy into thunderstorms with the mission of covertly altering weather.

Is It Time For A Paradyne Shift?

Is it time to ask, can thunder make it rain?

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