Friday, June 23, 2006

Cheerful Media Tools Of The One Party State

ART: You Are Here Too - 5th & Adams - Springfield, Illinois - 2006

Opinion: Watching the news cycle so expertly crafted is enough to make anyone retch. Main Stream Media is staffed by corporate stooges who hide any personal concerns which they may have over being used by the spin masters of the one party state. Could we expect anything more from corporate media?

Oh my god a group of "terrorist" was planning to bring down Sears Tower in Chicago!

Let's see what other issues are ignored meanwhile.

It's always the senzational stories which dominate the headlines. It seems that less, and less consideration is given to stories of merit. There are some exceptions, but consolidtation of ownership of major media outlets has worked wonders in allowing the powers that be to squelch out voices of discontent.

In a world in which more voices should be heard than ever before the major media outlets tend to focus on the same sensationalistic stories. How can a democracy continue to exist when its people are so uninformed?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Image Monkey

Caption: Image Monkey

In school they taught me how to sit.

It worked because that's what I do for a living.

Sit boy! Sit!

Playing in the Dirt

Randy from photo-etc requested that I resume a more regular blog post routine.

So I will.

I've been very busy recently. I purchased two tons of top soil this week, and leveled out an area in my backyard that was on an incline.

Thing is I bought the soil in forty pound bags - stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do.

It was a major undertaking.

Next comes some late gardening.

I firmly believe that man can not live by blog alone.

People need many hobbies, and diversions or else those means of recreation become stale.

My blogging pace may have slacked off a bit, but I don't plan to stop blogging. In the end I'll be out here bloggin long after many others have grown bored of it.

By the way Randy, I like your blog.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Faith Based War

Supporters of the Iraq war feel that the money borrowed from future generations to pay for the war has been well invested. They believe that the benefits of the war outweigh the cost.

Have faith.

These patriots believe that the world will be a better place because of our actions, and that one day Iraq will be a free, and democratic society - one which will look upon the U.S. as a friend.

Let it be.

Why else would we spend three hundred billion dollars, and kill, and wound tens of thousands of human beings if it wasn't to turn Iraq into our trust muslim friend?


This faith based approach to foreign policy refuses to believe the war could possibly be a mistake. Like any religious crusade the Iraq war is fueled on the faith of its supporters.


While the borders of the homeland remain virtually undefended, and cargo containers with nuclear weapons could easily be brought into just about any U.S. port we are asked to believe that we have been made safer through our actions in Iraq.

Praise Him!

These lovers of freedom know in their hearts that Iraq was behind 9-11 no matter what anyone says.

In his infinite wisdom!

They know the Weapons of Mass Destruction were real.

You must believe!

And that our actions are justified!

Yes, justified my lord!

That torture is justifiable.

In the name of all that is holy!

That creating a terrorist state is justifiable.

In the name of God!

That lying to the U.N. is o.k.

Praise Him!

That lying to America is o.k.

His will be done.

That graft, corruption, and war profiteering is o.k.

God loves the sinner!

No matter how many enemies we create around the world.

We will prevail!

That the war in Iraq is God's will.

We are saved!

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