Friday, October 05, 2007

Dad, I Broke My Cell Phone

Pink Razor: Deliberately Destroyed Sixteenth Birthday Gift

Daughter: I have some bad news.

Dad: What?

Daughter: I broke my cell phone.

Dad: How did that happen?

Daughter: (lie) I put it on top of my car, forgot it was there, and I drove over it.

Dad: That's just great.

Daughter: Don't worry, Mom's already ordering a replacement.

Mother: Did your daughter tell you what she did?

Father: She left her phone on the car, and ran over it.

Mother: Well, actually that's not how it happened.

Father: What do you mean?

Mother: (truth) She was angry at me so she snapped it in half.

Father: What?

Mother: Don't worry, I've ordered a new phone.

Father: This is unbelievable! She should buy her own phone!

Mother: I'll pay for it myself.

Father: We don't have the money.

Mother: We'll have to cut back on food for awhile.

Father: The world you've arrange for her has no consequences, do you know that?

Mother: She needs a cell phone.

Father: She's acting like she's six not sixteen, and you're enabling her!

Not to buy her a laptop computer for Christmas which the daughter claims she can't live without.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

When Britney Spears Kills Herself...

Chris Crocker's History!
CNN Reports that Britney Spears has lost custody of her two children. While people may be asking themselves how could Britney have gone so wrong they should be asking if there's really a problem - or if the media is just helping to destroy someone they've been making money off of for years..

Britney Spears Has A Substance Abuse Problem

Sadly, drug use is fairly common for people in their teen years, and in their early twenties. Drugs are a waste of time, and money, but when you're young it seems that there's plenty of time to waste, and for many people money is no object. Despite my objections to drug use I feel that the media focus on Britney Spear's drug problem is self serving. The media loves a good story, and when a movie star has drug problems it sells. It's obvious Britney needs to grow up. I can't believe she's out partying when she's the mother of two very young children. Then again I'm not rich, and young. If I had been maybe I'd have left the kids to the Nanny when they were sleeping so I could go out and have fun. Then again, I doubt I'd have wasted my time hanging around clubs getting high on coke - there's just too many good museums in Europe to explore for that kind of nonsense.

Britney Spears Is Acting Weird

Frankly, who cares if Britney Spears shaved her head? Britney means a lot to the super thin white bulimics and anorexic crowd that put their faith in designer clothing and mommy and daddy's credit card. I'm sure that those most disturbed by Britney's fall into madness are more concerned that someone might question how their "role model" could ever become unhappy. Some people viewed her behavior as a cry for help. I'd say it showed that she actually had a brain - which for many is a kiss of death from a social point of view.

Britney Spears Has Rampant Sex

And is it any of our business? Anyone who cares how many sex partners Britney has had should get a life. If Britney was a young man would anyone be trying to protect her from herself - to keep her sexually unspoiled? Britney Spear's image was never one of a virgin. The first time I saw Britney Spears, and was forced to buy her CD she was making full use of her sexuality - as a teen aged Lolita. She used her sexuality to make tens of millions of dollars, and as long as she doesn't self destruct she'll never have to work another day in her life. She's a big girl now. She's married, a mother, and divorced. It's her life.

Britney Spears is a Bad Mother

Except for not using a child restraint when she made an escape from a horde of photographers I don't think there's ever been any proof that she is a bad parent. Some say that now that she is a mother she shouldn't go out to parties. But let's think now. If an average person is out partying while their kids are at home we have good reason to wonder who is looking after the children, but Britney is loaded, and has a nanny. The children are very young, and if they are asleep why is it absolutely necessary that their mother be at home every night? We want Britney to be like the Virgin Mother, but Britney is not a saint, she's a real person. I personally believe she should have delayed having children until after she got all the partying out of her, but it's only a matter of time until she grows bored, and realizes her little children are far more exciting and important than getting stoned with her so called friends as some Hollywood club.

Britney Spears Doesn't Have A Driver's License

Is that why Britney's little children will be kept from their mother? And that's what it came down to. We have a Hollywood judge who has been watching a bit too much of TMZ lately and decides to play up to the press. If those kids had been anyone else's kids they'd be back home with their mother. That doesn't mean Britney Spears shouldn't change her life - she should, but why is she losing partial custody?

What Britney Spears Should Do

She should sit down and decide what is more important right now, her children, or her party friends? If her party friends are more important, then she needs to do nothing. If her children are more important than she needs to head to a good drug rehab center, and get some help. She also needs to get a valid driver's license, and a better attorney.

It won't be long until Kevin Federline ends up in a photograph snorting some cocaine with a high priced hooker in arm, and then Britney can get partial custody back. You see in the end the media creates, and the media destroys. Now that Britney's life is in ashes she will be portrayed as the tragic victim, and Kevin Federline is next. What do you suppose a cellphone or digital camera image of Kevin Federline doing drugs at a club will sell for now?

I just feel sorry for the kids.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The War - Concludes

I have spent many hours over the last week watch Ken Burns' World War II documentary - The War.

"The Second World War was fought in thousands of places, too many for any one accounting. This is the story of four American towns and how their citizens experienced that war".

I viewed each episode twice, and most episodes three times already.

That's a lot of World War II in one week, but considering that it adds up to only one work week it's really nothing compared to the importance of the topic.

I'd like to say more, and I'll probably come back to put more in this post as it certainly deserves it, but I'm watching an episode of The War right now, and I want to get back to it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Incredible Liu Yifei 刘亦菲

Liu Yifei 刘亦菲 turned twenty one in August (2007)

Liu Yifei was just ten years old when she left China to live in the United States. Her parents were in the midst of a divorce, and a bitter custody dispute. She returned to China when she was fourteen to attend the Beijing film academy. She knew then that she wanted to be an actress.

China's Beautiful Starlet Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei big break in the film industry began with the drama "Dragon" at the age of fourteen in which she played the dragon girl.

神雕侠侣 (2006) Liu Yifei in the Return of Condor Heroes

Since then she has appeared in several films including "Manipulation", "May Love", and "Return of Condor Hero".



Her previous roles suggest she has a broad range of acting talent, as well as ambition. Liu Yifei is one of China's hottest starlets. Her recent roles in "Female", and "Chat" shows her transition to adult roles.

Liu Yifei states,


See This Link For More Information

Video Featuring Liu Yi Fei


I had posted that Liu Yifei had appeared in a nude scene, but this may not be the case - yet.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Total Victory In Iraq Imminent!

CNN Propaganda: The "Petraeus Doctrine" Is Succeeding!

  • This is the end game!
  • We've got em on the run!
  • Turned another corner!
  • Won't be long now!
  • See the light at the end of the tunnel!
  • It's a whole new ballgame!
  • Mission Accomplished!

Surge Architect & Future Oil Industry Lobbyist: General David Petraeus

The Pentagon now resorts to manipulating casualty statistics in order to promote support for the U.S. occupation of Iraq. There is little real chance that the "Surge" currently being employed will in fact quell sectarian violence in Iraq. There are simply too few U.S. troops to lend their presence in every potential hot spot.

While it is true that when our troops move into one area, and a reduction in sectarian violence in that area occurs, it is misleading to suggest that it is a successful strategy as the violence simply ends up being expressed where the troops are not. Without a political solution within Iraq itself there will never be an end to sectarian violence, and in fact it is reasonable to suggest that any regime which receives U.S. sanction will have little long term chance of survival without continued U.S. occupation.

With the upcoming 2008 presidential election in the U.S. it's important to keep in mind that main stream media is being used to promote falsehoods about the nature of the Iraqi occupation. GOP candidates must convince their voters that there really is a snow ball's chance in hell that continued occupation will somehow lead to peace, democracy, and a new friend in the Middle East - despite how utterly unbelievable that sounds to the rest of us.

In the mean time there is little likelihood that even a Democratic president will withdrawal troops from Iraq - as all the major Democratic presidential candidates have refused to specify either how or when they would pursue such a goal. A goal which they all advocate in general terms due to popular demand.


  • No political solution within Iraq means no end to sectarian violence
  • U.S. troops won't leave until the sectarian violence ends
  • Sectarian violence won't end until after the Iraqi civil war
  • The Iraqi civil war won't end until one side looses
  • No side will lose until the U.S. leaves
  • The U.S. has no real plan to leave Iraq
  • The U.S. has built massive permanent military bases in Iraq
  • U.S. corporate main stream media is a tool of U.S. foreign policy
  • Democrat or Republican the next president will not withdraw troops

It's About The Oil

As long as the U.S. remains completely addicted to Middle Eastern oil it will: lie, cheat, steal, kill, or do anything necessary to maintain its next fix.

The U.S. energy policy is controlled by the fossil fuel lobby. The U.S. will not act to free itself from its oil addiction even in consideration of the profound impact of global climate change, or the certainty of future economic crisis brought about by oil shortages, and increased oil prices.

This From JuanCole.Com

The United States is the world's foremost business society, and virtually everything in the society (low taxes on the wealthy, no health care for the middle classes and poor, no protections for labor organizers, favoring of certain kinds of international trade over lower middle class job security, etc.) is arranged for the convenience of the business classes. If Friedman's conviction becomes widespread in that community, the pressures to abandon the 'War on Terror' will be irresistible.

Bushism-Cheneyism has aspects of Bonapartism, whereby the state rules in an authoritarian way and disregards the people, representing itself as the true representative of the business classes. In fact, it serves only a small spectrum of corporate cronies of the ruling elite, disadvantaging almost everyone else. It expands government, but not into provision of useful infrastructure (bridges, airports), but toward the provision of "security" (often just a label for make-work unnecessary jobs, such as extra al-Qaeda-fighting police in Wyoming) or of artificial "investment opportunities" such as an Iraq under US military occupation..

Thus we have never ending oil wars. It's good for business.

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