Saturday, October 01, 2005

Richard Kohlrus' Prairie Archives Art

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Photo: Prairie Archives Old State Capitol Plaza Springfield, IL

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Photo: Richard Kohlrus' Prairie Archives Window Mural

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Photo: Richard Kohlrus' Prairie Archives Jaguar

Richard Kohlrus is the artist behind the Route 66 Mother Road Festival mural which adorns the Prairie Archives window on the Illinois' Old State Capitol Square.

Prairie Archives is a wonderful way to spend hours searching through stacks of thousands of old books, periodicals, and other printed materials. Prairie Archives owner, John Paul has transformed Prairie Archives into a Internet clearing house for antiquarian books. Before venturing into online book sales Prairie Archives was almost exclusively dependent upon the local demand in marketing its printed materials.

While the Prairie Archives still has the look, and feel of the used book store, it's very much operating a bustling clearinghouse of used books behind the scenes. Most books sold by Prairie Archives are never seen by the casual visitor to the store.

The owner holds a Ph.D., and was curator of the Illinois State Museum located in Springfield, Illinois. The building which currently host Prairie Archives was put to use for several years by Springfield's Lincoln Library during replacement of Springfield's Carnegie Library with the construction of the Springfield Lincoln Library back in the 1970's.

Prarie Archives for many years hosted Mike Manning, a local artist who resided, created his art, and ran his business out of the loft above the main entrance of the building. Mike Manning's artistic oasis is now located near the intersection of Seventh, and Lawrence just down the street from the Abraham Lincoln historic neighborhood.

Richard Kohlrus' Del's Route 66 Mural

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Photo: Richard Kohlrus @ Del's on 66 (i.e., 6th)

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Photo: Kohlrus Preps Window Prior to Painting

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Photo: Kohlrus's Assistant Applies Paint 09.29.05

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Photo: Kohlrus Paints Sky 09.30.05

These photographs were taken in front of Del's Popcorn Shop located at 213 S. Sixth Street in downtown Springfield, Illinois. Local artist Richard Kohlrus, and assistant were busy creating a Route 66 window mural for Del's Popcorn Shop.

Kohlrus was the artist behind several other window murals in downtown Springfield, Illinois including a Route 66 window Mural at Prarie Archives.

Kohlrus' mural project at Del's Popcorn Shop took several days to prepare, and several days to complete. Kohlrus admitted he's a perfectionist, and wants every detail to be just right.

When shoppers view Kohlrus' window mural from within Del's they will only find red, and white stripes. The mural is designed so as not to conflict with Del's "red stripes" theme.

The Del's mural as seen from the sidewalk presents a multi-seasonal chronology incorporating different Del's products popular with each season.

You might have to look closely to find the Route 66 theme present within the mural. Hint: Abe Lincoln is driving an automobile down a candy land Route 66!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ryan Sponsler @ Art

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Photo: Artist Ryan Sponsler with Paint & Easel @ 6th & Adams

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Photo: Ryan Sponsler Applies Paint to Ameren's Window

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Photo: Ryan Sponsler's Route 66 Festival Window Mural

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Photo: A Route 66 Reflection - Jerome Prophet Self Portrait

Ryan Sponsler admitted that this mural is the largest one he's done so far. It looks great! Definately a Chicago skyline in the background there. I'll always remember my father telling me as a child that route 66 started in Chicago, and ran all the way to the Pacific. Ryan will spend about fifteen hours to create this mural. The Mural will remain on display possibly through March 2006.

To locate Ryan Sponsler's Route 66 Mother Road Festival window mural you just need to drive down Route 66 - Oops, I mean 6th Street into the heart of downtown Springfield, Illinois.

The mural is located on the south west corner of the Ameren CIPS building. Local Springfield, Illinois history buffs will know the Ameren building by another name - the Illinois Building. The Illinois building is an art deco high rise located at the corner of Sixth, and Adams street, just across the street from the Illinois Old State Capitol.

Route 66 Festival Rolls Royce Art

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Photo: Holy Land Diner Route 66 Festival Window Art

The Holy Land Diner located at 518 E. Adams in Sprinfield, Illinois provides this incredible Route 66 Mother Road Festival window art. They offer a fantastic view of Illinois' Old State Capitol, and a scrumptious all you can eat buffet!

I love Holy Land Diner's food. The owner is a very nice woman, and a fine cook too. The photograph above is of a Route 66 Festival window mural hosted by Holy Land Diner. The automobile is a classy vintage Rolls Royce. The reflection of Illinois' Old State Capitol adds interest to the mural, as well as the arched window frames.

Route 66 Drive Inn Window Mural

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Photo: Route 66 Window Art by Shelley LaMantia & Susan LeMasters

The photo above features more excellent Route 66 Mother Road Festival Window Art. This time by artists Shelley LaMantia, and Susan LeMasters. The Theme illustrates the Route 66 Drive Inn featuring the 50's Horror Flick, Creature from the Black Lagoon.

This window art is on display at Uptown Looks. Uptown Looks is located in the Old Broadwell Drugstore at #1 W. Old State Capitol Plaza, in Springfield, Illinois.

Downtown Springfield, Illinois will play host to the 2005 Route 66 Mother Road Festival this weekend.

Here's an excellent list of Route 66 Drive Inns. Most are closed, yet a few remain open, like the Sky View Drive Inn which operates in Litchfield, Illinois.

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Image: CFTBL DVD Cover*

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Movie Poster: Creature From The Black Lagoon **

Creature From The Black Lagoon is an amusing "B" horror flick, that certainly represents it's genre well. It's been many years since I've seen it, but composing this post has me interested all over again. With a cast like Richard Carlson, Julia Adams, Richard Denning, Antonio Moreno, Nestor Paiva, and Whit Bissell no movie could go wrong. Now which one played the creature?

* DVD Cover Link: Amazon.Com
**Movie Poster Link: Kensforce.Com

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Castle Car Wash by B. McVay

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Photo: Route 66 Mother Road Festival Window Art By B. McVay

I'm not unbiased, Becky McVay has practically been a second mother to my daughter, but even if I hadn't known who she was I'd still have to envy her artistic talent. Check her window art out at Brewhaus located at 617 E. Washington in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

The 2005 Route 66 Mother Road Festival will be hosted this weekend in downtown Springfield, Illinois.

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Photo by Dave Clark: Castle Car Wash Ogden, IL

For more information about the Castle Car Wash visit this site. There's an interesting story about the Castle Car Wash written by Dave Clark of the Route 66 Association of Illinois.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Spartan's 2005 Homecoming Banners

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Photo: Three Spartan Homecoming 2005 Banners

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Photo: Spartan Drum Line

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Photo: Spartan & Senator Post Game Handshakes

Just wanted to add a few more photographs of the Spartans vs. Senators game.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Spartan's Homecoming Defeat

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Photo: Spartans Flag Twirlers - HomeComing 2005 09.24.05

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Photo: Spartans Cheerleaders - HomeComing 2005 09.24.05

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Photo: Spartans Cheerleader Springfield, IL Southeast High

Except for turnovers, and penalties the Spartans played very well. O.K., what does that mean? It means that tackling has greatly improved, the defense was much more consistent, and the offense made some good plays. It also means that the Spartans could have won the game if it just kept their fingers on the ball, and off of the other player's jerseys.

Both teams played very well, with neither side giving up. The game went tied 28-28 into overtime, and was decided with a Senator's field goal ending the game at 31-28. No one's going to forget this game. If the Spartans continue to improve they should be able to put several wins behind them before the end of the season.

As always the pom squad, cheerleaders, and the band put on a great performance!
Southeast Springfield High School is located in Springfield, Illinois.

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