Saturday, January 14, 2006

To El Presidente's Credit

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I was reading a NYTimes article on Thursday about the how the size of yachts have grown so large that they are now called super yachts. These mega sized yachts have grown so large that in many cases they can't even find ports which can accomodate them. Imagine that!

In some cases after laying out two hundred million dollars for a super yacht the proud skipper then finds that he can't sail his noble ship into waters simply because the ship will run aground - his hull is too deep!

Coming to the rescue are newer ship building methods which rely upon designing these super yachts to meet the needs of the individual skipper. If the proud captain intends to sail to Island locations with shallow waters hulls can be designed that are wider, rather than deeper.

This new technological advance in super yacht design is really a credit to the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of the mega-wealthy.

So I must ask, why do some people still refuse see the good that this Congress, and the El Presidente has done in passing tax reforms which have obviously helped to solve this pressing issue?

Why is it that these types continually harp on El Presidente's every flaw, but fail to see the good that he, and his congress have done?

You just can't please some folk!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Goodwin Goodloss

When I discovered that my favorite author, well at least recently, is visiting Springfield, Illinois I excitedly told my wife to call, and find out the details on Doris Kearns Goodwin's planned visit.

Next month Goodwin will be speaking at a Banquet, but sadly I won't be attending - due to money, yes money.

Sorry, but at seventy five dollars a ticket I'd rather go to the bookstore, and walk out with a few good books - and a triple mocha.

Still, for at least a day or so I had imagined myself lucky enough to attend, and wanted to let Ms. Goodwin know how much I appreciated her recent book, Team of Rivals. I guess I could just put that in a fan letter one day.

And so it goes, another sad story from the life of the working poor.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hunting Deer @ Govs. Mansion

Having just read an autobiography titled, Sketches of Early Life, and Times - Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois written by one of Springfield, Illinois' founding father's Elijah Iles. I found several passages memorable - one of which I wanted to share.

Iles mentioned that a grove exusted where the Illinois Governor's Mansion is now located, and that it was a great place to hunt deer. Kind of amazing to consider how much Springfield life has changed since the early 1800's!

Iles was a state repesentative when his district (I believe there was only one, or two) extended all the way north of what later became Chicago. He led a squad of volunteers, including Private A. Lincoln during the Black Hawk War.

Excellent book. To obtain it visit the Iles house, and make a donation!

Try tapping on the New Springfield bloglink for some excellent Springfield history.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winter Sun Day

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Image:Christmas Tree Sunset Jerome Illinois 01.08.06

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Image: Christmas Tree & Sunset Jerome Illinois 01.08.06

Today was an incredible day for Central Illinois - weatherwise that is. I hadn't been feeling well this weekend (see previous posting), and slept most of Saturday. This led me to an early rise on Sunday morning. In fact I was up before dawn, and stayed up with just a few naps the entire day. It was in fact a long, productive day.

Productive for a Sunday meant visiting the doctor's office, and then the pharmacy. Stopping by Macdonald's with my spouse. Taking a drive on the west side of town with no particular place in mind - with the window rolled down!

Going to the grocery store to pick up a few items. And reading a good book while sitting outside on a lounge chair!

Not to mention football playoffs!

One would think this day was an ordinary day if I was living in Arizona this time of year, but this is Central Illinois, and it is only January 8th!

The weather gods conspired to make this a rare treat, and many automobiles were out on the road today - I suspect with people getting out just for the sake of enjoying this rare good weather day.

As the sun started going down, I wanted a reminder of this day. I have other photos from today, but I thought I'd post just two. We go a little overboard in the Christmas tree department - having three trees. I know some people have more, but we tend to toss our living tree out after New Years, but we keep our artificial trees up longer than most people - so as to help defeat the utter gloom of January.

Today's Winter sunset was spectacular, and I took these shots from inside our home. Another sad beauty which portrays the passing of time. Yes, every moment is fleeting, and you can't get it back - ever, so enjoy it, because you never know which may be your last.

Celebrating life seems to come easy on days like today. In summer a day like today would have been considered a cold, and horrible day - but to get into the sixties temperature-wise for this time of year, and in this part of the United States is certainly something to celebrate - especially with a much blue sky, and strangely "summerish" looking clouds floating above.

Ahhh.., just four more months until the weather starts to look like this everyday.

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