Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Dark Fall

Photo: A Dark Fall In Springfield, Illinois - 2006
A Dark Fall

- JP -

I'm not a person at all.
But a state of confusion and pain.
Every season is Fall.
Filled with a desolate cold reign.

Another day passes.
With less, and less to say.
Another day for sadness.
Another gray sky day.

Its dark cold gladness.
Wraps about me so.
Deeper into its madness.
A heart of blackness I grow.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday's Beer Bloggin Post!

If you mixed two of your favorite Root Beers would the resulting hybrid be:

  1. An improvement
  2. Simply horrible
  3. Hard to describe
  4. I hate Root Beer

Post your opinions, and include your favorite brands of root beer that you'd be willing to mix for the cause.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lapdogs For The Ruling Class - Talk Radio

Dave of The11thhour has an interesting, and revealing post on talk radio's role as Republican party booster. What was once a public resource is now completely controlled by corporations. Consolidation of ownership of radio stations into fewer hands has meant that fewer people chose which voices are allowed on air.

Almost anyone with some technical knowledge could take some wires, electrical components, and electricity and create a radio transmitter. Radio is a natural phenomena just like sunlight, or the wind. Radio waves don't belong to anyone. In the early days of radio regular people tinkered around and built their own radio stations. This is how radio began.

If you tried this today big daddy government would toss you into jail for doing so. Government enforces an oligopoly in radio broadcasting - and thus protects the interest of corporations which control those radio frequencies. For this special arrangement there was supposed to be a trade off. Broadcasters were supposed to in some way prove that they were proper stewards of the airwaves. In exchange for granting a license to make money using radio, and television, broadcasters were supposed to serve the community.

That changed as broadcasters bought off enough corrupt representatives to dismantle the broadcasting laws which had protected the rights of the people, and the community.

In the age of digital communications there is no reason why frequencies allocated in the FM, and AM bands can't be allocated in a more competitive, and community accessible manner. All broadcast should be digital. There is no need regional radio broadcasting. By reducing the range of radio broadcast we open up frequencies for local use. By converting to digital more frequencies will become available for local use. Radio as it is in the U.S. is obsolete.

Despite the conservative nature of talk radio you never hear those conservative voices complain that the radio spectrum should be thrown open to use by anyone who wants to start a local broadcast center. They are silent advocates of their own special arrangement - the protection racket which our corrupt government operates on behalf of broadcasters.

The last two weeks leading up to the election WMAY acted as an extended, and FREE advertisement for REPUBLICAN candidates (yes there were exceptions). There wasn't any attempt at objectivity, or fairness. It was repugnant to recognize how one group of people dictate "truth" to the public. WMAY, and other radio stations, enjoy the protection of the U.S. government, yet radio talk show hosts advocate less government. This is both ironic, and revealing.

Will there ever be a change?

Only when our representatives in Washington are no longer bought, and sold, like cheap crack whores on a Saturday night will anything change.

In the meantime we must recognize that the sorry state of talk radio is a direct reflection of greed, and corruption in Washington. Greed, and corruption has a voice - a voice that pretends to represent the common people, but instead is a tool used by the ruling class to seduce those ignorant enough to actually believe what they hear.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

About Time

We're not headed toward nirvana. The war won't end overnight. Graft, and corruption won't die out.

But what we have now is this - a little bit of fear.

That's right - fear.

The next time some Congressman, or member of the Bush Administration, whether Democrat, or Republican, decides to break a promise, or a law, they might have just a bit of fear that their action will result in some consequence.

And that's what I'm looking for - some congressional investigations.

We're about to find out how much money has been stolen from the U.S. taxpayer since the Iraq war began.

Folks, no matter what your political convictions let's face it - one party rule is not good for the country. We need to have these people competing with each other, and to some extent controlled by each other - otherwise it's like the wild frontier in D.C.

I believe many Republicans refused to vote Republican this year hoping that some of these corrupt people will be exposed through the political war that is just about to begin now.

This also puts some serious stress on Bush's little "Stay in Iraq until Hell Freezes Over" plan. Even Republicans are getting fed up with this "wait until we get around that next corner" crap - it's getting old, costly, and I don't believe anyone is buying it anymore.

Monday, November 06, 2006

You Should See My Scars

Video: Garbage: Bleed Like Me

This song is about girls who cut themselves. Shirley Manson had at one point tried to commit suicide. Hard to believe it, but she was tormented relentlessly as a child for having that beautiful head of red hair. She resorted to cutting instead of ending her life.

Bleed Like Me is an excellent song. Being the father of a teenage girl I can say that I know several teenage girls who have used, and periodically still use cutting as a way of dealing with the pain they feel - usually divorce related.

This song found itself circulating among the girls - most of whom, had never heard of Garbage before. Hey fathers - just because you're divorced, and don't live with your kids anymore doesn't mean that you shouldn't tell your daughters (and sons) that you love them every time you get a chance!

I Was Totally Unfair to Brody Dalle!

I just realized I posted an unequal number of videos for Garbage vs. The Distillers. For this I apologize, and I therefore must make amends.

Video: The Distillers: Drain The Blood (oh yeah).


Video: The Distillers: A Tribute Video

What is it about a beautiful woman in a leather jacket, with an electric guitar, and a voice as sweet as Brody's?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Let's Talk Brody Dalle & The Distillers

Video: The Distillers - Young Crazed Peeling

From the very first time I heard this band I was very impressed. A lot of energy, talent, and rock and roll.

Video: Distillers - Drain The Blood (live)

I won't gush forth words of praise, and fanatic love, as I might have if I were a younger man, but suffice it to say I like Brody Dalle's style, and love the music.

Oh yes, turn your speakers all the way up to get the desired effect.

Video: Distillers - The Hunger

Love that raw punk Brody energy.

USA Election Day Weather Modification ALERT!

This year I'm asking my readers to watch both the election results, and to keep an eye on weather leading up to, and on election day.


  • A right wing conspiracy to alter election results via weather modification


  • Thunderstorms effect arthritis suffers miles from the actual storm loci.
  • Thunderstorms prevent people from getting a proper night of sleep.
  • Thunderstorms during polling hours make voting more difficult.
  • Thunderstorms can cut power to voting machines.

Who are least effected

  • Affluent
  • Well Educated
  • Political, and Economic Elite.
  • Republicans

Who are most effected

  • Poor
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Those who already believe their votes won't count
  • Democrats


  • Stealth aircraft
  • Cloud seeding
  • Pulsed lasers (used to trigger lightning, thunder, and rain burst).
  • Particle beam generators (used to generate artificial lightning bolts).
  • Lack of public knowledge, and fear and alienation among those who do.
  • A series of close election.


The military, intelligence, and defense industry stand to gain from continued one party rule by the party they have most closely identified with since the Cold War - the Republican Party. This election will help determine how hundreds of billions of defense sector dollars is spent. Defense contractors like Lockheed, known for its close ties with NSA, and CIA, see the USA as home base. Few within such organizations would need to be aware of the existence of such a program to carry it out.

Program Already Exist

In previous post I have argued that a covert U.S. weather modification program has been in operation for decades. I have argued that a convergence of enabling technologies, and motivations, has allowed for the development of a successful covert weather platform. I claim that the NSA, and CIA operate such a program on a wide range of scales, from local thunderstorms to mesoscale continental weather fronts. For further reading please run a search on this blog for a listing of related post.

What to Look For

Take just a moment or two to ask yourself which elections are so close that an artificially intensified weather event would help change the result of the election. Then watch those precipitation, lightning, and radar maps closely.

The first step in modifying weather is to create overcast. The process must begin seven to ten days before. Altering jet stream patterns by shaping the ionosphere, doping aviation fuel to create more contrails behind jet aircraft is something that takes weeks to accomplish. So we need to look at how the overcast came to be in the first place.

Weather radar can be spoofed (by sophisticated radar "jamming" systems) so even a prediction of intense thunderstorms can be based upon entirely false information, and can alter voting patterns (there need not be an actual storm to influence voters to stay home).

Let's keep in mind the effects of sleep deprivation. A long lasting thunderstorm the night before an election would likely result in fewer votes cast - so we need to watch weather trends for several days before an election.

We need to look at how artificial lightning is used to generate sonic booms (thunder) which make it seem as if a thunderstorm exist when one does not, or in triggering a storm when and where one would not have existed otherwise.

Keep in mind that a few sonic booms traveling through a precipitation laden cloud can force condensation of water vapor resulting in a torrent of rain on a town, or even a section of a town. Which sections of towns see more lightning, and thunder, and rain on election day, or the night before elections? Do sections of metropolitan areas with democratic voters, or Republican voters receive more storms on the day of a close election?

Simply inserting a few dozen artificial lightning bolts into an otherwise mild thunderstorm may persuade some voters not to show up at the polls. In a close election this could be all that is needed to change the result of an election.

This Can't Happen In America!

Even a handful of particle beam generator equipped stealth aircraft could fly over vast areas of the continental United States in a very short time period. Such aircraft diving down from high altitudes into local areas with cloud cover could alter dozens of local weather events within minutes. It doesn't take a vast conspiracy to misuse a covert weather modification operation - if it already is in place.

A small group of self righteous "super patriots" convinced that they are untouchable due to their position within the national security state (Boeing-Lockheed-CIA-NSA) would be all that would be needed to man such an operation.

Even the use of pilots would be unnecessary if Remotely Piloted Vehicles are used. A small covert airbase (Utah has several connected with black-ops), a dozen RPVs, and a handful of "Oliver North Types", would be all that would be needed to alter the outcome of a series of close elections using weather modification.

If such a covert weather modification program were already in place for "experimental purposes" most of the support staff assigned to such a program wouldn't need to be aware of how the program was being misused. Those who had doubts about anything they might witness on election day would likely remain quiet, in fear for their lives, or concerned that any whistle blowing would result in prosecution for violating their secrecy agreements.

For those sophisticated readers who read this post with a smirk - it's time to step into the twenty first century. We live in a one party garrison state - in which corporate interest are held as more important than the good of the people. My fears are both logical, and based upon what is technically possible.

There is absolutely no one, and no institution within the United States of America that can stop the scenario which I have listed above.

We Were But Organics

Photo: We Were But Organics - Downtown Springfield, Illinois

I submitted a similar image from the same location which appears in the current edition of the Illinois Times. Ugly, yet beautiful. Organic, yet hardware. A synthesis of old, and new. I worked the image using various digital edits to give the photograph an otherworldly look. Could this possibly be downtown Springfield, Illinois?

I titled the image, and this post, We Were But Organics, based upon my feeling that we are but fragile organic life forms moving closer to the edge of obsolescence in this ever more technology driven society. We link ourselves to the world via technology which we believe will free us, but find ourselves trapped within the intermeshing of that very technology.

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