Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Inevitable Bombing Of Iran

The government of Iran will not reverse course on their headlong pursuit of building an atomic arsenal. The petty attempts that the U.S. and Europe make at punishing Iran will fail utterly in persuading Iran to cease its nuclear ambitions. And most important of all, those in power in Europe and the United States will come to the inevitable conclusion that Iran must be stopped militarily.

The question is when this attack will happen, not if the attack will happen. With George W. Bush's historically low approval ratings it is doubtful 'W' will launch an attack before he leaves office. This was a real possibility up until the 2008 Presidential election results came in. A quick bombing run just before a hand off to the McCain administration was certainly possible, however, the Bush Administration lacks any remnants of credibility on either the domestic or international front.

Despite any belief that an Obama Administration will lack sufficient backbone to deal Iran's nuclear ambitions a fatal blow it is more likely that Iran's nuclear program will become the center of an Obama Middle East policy once U.S. troops leave Iraq. Despite the proximity of troops within Iraq the U.S. presence in Iraq is more a hindrance to the U.S. in terms of forcing an Iranian capitulation.

Despite any increased diplomatic pressure the U.S. puts upon Iran after the U.S. leaves Iraq the simple fact remains - Iran considers acquisition of nuclear weapons paramount to all other considerations. Acquiring nuclear weapons is more important to the Iranian government than feeding its own people, and nothing short of the destruction of its military will stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

I would expect a full scale air assault of Iranian radar installations, air bases, missile facilities, navy, communications facilities, select governmental facilities, and of course nuclear assets, within the next eight years - most likely at, or near the end of Barack Obama's second term or perhaps sooner.

By then the U.S. had better be much less dependent upon oil imports from the Middle East. For that reason I suggest that the U.S. expand it's strategic oil reserves so as to be able to support transportation, heating, and industrial needs for one year at current usage. The U.S. also needs to rapidly replace its inefficient automobiles.

The reason for this course of action is that Iran will launch missile attacks against oil facilities in neighboring states.

Iran will also attack Israel. This much is anticipated, and will result in the need for a sustained series of massive air assaults against Iranian governmental and industrial facilities - on a scale not seen since the Iraq war - with the difference being that no attempt at holding territory will be made.

Do I really believe this will happen? Yes, because any sane and rational individual would realize the absolute necessity of making certain that Iran doesn't become a nuclear state.

There is little doubt that a nuclear armed Iran would initiate an attack against Israel which would of course lead to the nuclear destruction of Israel, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and possibly Egypt.

The surviving military of Israel, witnessing the incineration of its population, would no doubt carry out a final solution to the Islamic problem - and there is little the U.S. or any other state would be able to do to stop it.

One of the greatest disasters of the Bush Administration is its attempt to occupy Iraq, instead of attacking Iran. Containing Iraq, and attacking Iranian nuclear sites would have been far less expensive and resulted in a better long term outcome than the debacle the neocons within the Bush Administration have created.

A Love Deep, Dark and Beautiful

Lacuna Coil - Enjoy The Silence (UK Version)

Deep, Dark and Beautiful is Lacuna Coil's rendition of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence.

I've been in a place so filled with pain that words would only lead to more injury, a place in which the soft embrace of the one I desired would have been the only thing capable of ending my despair. And conversely I have been in such states of happiness and contentment within my lover's arms just gazing into their eyes that words would have broken the totality of the union. Love is a form of telepathy, and in this sense it goes beyond words.

Love songs are so beautiful when they capture just one moment or just one aspect of a relationship and expand upon it. Many pop love songs treat love in a trivial puppy love style, and some in a flowery romantic way, but Enjoy the Silence is asking that we look a bit deeper and darker. The nature of love and its connection to addiction, the psychological and physical pain that is felt by lovers to be with each other is both beautiful, and frightening - both magical and evil.

Communion of two lovers is an act of consumption without destruction, or at least it can be. In those moments of closeness words can fail to express the intensity of desire, and the level of ecstasy felt by the couple. Enjoy the Silence is a song that describes those moments.

Lacuna Coil - Enjoy The Silence (US Version - My Favorite)

While Depeche Mode originated Enjoy the Silence Lacuna Coil's version is much better in my opinion. Depeche Mode presented an innovative sound in the 1980s, and certainly should be credited for the many excellent songs which they so generously brought forth, but Lacuna Coil's advantages are many.

From the much higher production values, and better technology, to their brooding and intense style Lacuna Coil's sound craft creates a multitude of layers within the song that lends it a luxurious yet honest feel. Lacuna Coil transforms Enjoy the Silence into a mastepiece, whereas Depeche Mode invites one to take to the techno dance floor.

The lyrics below are a simple chant asking us to enjoy the pleasures of a sexual and romantic coupling without all the complexities of a commitment.

Enjoy the Silence

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All i wanted
All i needed is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Vows are spoken
To be Broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable

All i wanted
All i needed is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

All i wanted
All i needed is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

All i wanted
All i needed is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Enjoy the silence
Enjoy the silence

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (The Original)

The techno style of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence has a cheap and silly sound, but that's due to the primitive keyboards and mixing. The lyrics and vocals are great. The video is bizarre, and actually funny to look at.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Durbin Sheds Tears For Joe Lieberman

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Crys For Traitorous Senator Joe Lieberman

Hey Dick I want my ten dollars back!

Needless to say my recent emailed recommendation to my Senator, Dick Durbin, was given all the consideration it was due - none at all obviously.

Watch Joe The Traitor Lieberman In Action Attacking Barack Obama

At least that is what I thought as I watched the honorable Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois warmly bob his head in agreement as he stood behind the traitorous Senator Joe Lieberman during Tuesday's news conference announcing that Mr. Lieberman had not only been allowed to continue to caucus with Senate Democrats, but will keep his committee chairmanship over the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Watch As Dick Durbin Sheds A Tear For Joe Lieberman

It is simply unbelievable how Obama and crew has taken on a traitor within their midst just to reach the magical and illusory number sixty.

Now Joe Lieberman can issue subpoenas against the Obama administration in any witch hunt he desires to create from his Homeland Security Committee, and there's no way the Dems can remove him to stop him if the Republicans fillibuster - a fillibuster Liebermann would obviously snake in the grass style allow.

Watch As Senator Joe Lieberman Tongue Kisses With George W. Bush

My latest emailing to Senator Dick Durbin:

Senator Durbin,

In my recent email to you I had requested that you not welcome Senator Joe Lieberman back into the Senate Democratic Caucus, but it appears you have chosen to throw your support behind this most unwise course of action.

I have been a Democrat my entire life, and won't abandon the party, like some have, but unlike Joe Lieberman you will be punished for your decision - I had made a decision to start contributing to your campaign fund on a regular basis, but have decided not to do so.

I know I would have only been a small time donor, but the choices we make in life do ultimately have an effect.

I have also posted a blog piece critical of your support for Joe "The Traitor" Lieberman which you can find here:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Republicans to American Industry - Screw You!

Republicans to American Industry - Screw You!

Is it any wonder that the Republican party has lost its soul?

For it certainly has lost its heart, and its vision.

Republicans, hear this clearly, there are not enough millionaires, and billionaires in this great nation of ours to buy the Senate, the House, and the Presidency.

You must change or perish - it's as simple as that.

Your politics of division and hate has failed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom

by Jerome Prophet

If I wrote a thousand pages and sealed them in a book
And if my predecessors cast my works as divinely took

Would you quiver as you read those thoughts believing every word
And would you revere it as old wisdom and act as if you've heard

Would you preach it every Sunday and whip your children well
Justified in every act and curse and sacred spell

Would you kill the children and women too if discovered unbelievers
And cast your sins off lightly as if you're God's chosen creatures

For if that could be possible I'd burn this very sentence
I'd cast away my thoughts no more for fear of your intentions

For the smattering of this consciousness I've claimed for my pitiful self
Could not bare responsibility for mankind's self made hell

And so I beg those so inclined - you takers of beliefs so blind
That faith has damned those adopting her and could every single time

Oh employ your goodly senses and cast doubts to shield yourselves
For it's your true and loyal protector and not Kings, or Gods, or Elves.
Photo: A photograph of Lizzie Borden which I modified digitally

Senator Lieberman Must Go!

Senator Durbin:

I'm a big believer in building coalitions, and transcending partisanship - when it works, however, it is time to give Senator Lieberman his walking papers.

Senator Lieberman might just be the nicest guy in the world, but he should be denied a committee chairmanship. He's not a member of our team, and he has actively worked to defeat our side.

I've been a democrat my whole life, and I've been a precinct committeeman. I donated money I could barely afford to your campaign and Barack Obama's campaign, and I can tell you it incenses me to no end to think Senator Lieberman will be rewarded for his support of McCain, and Republican Senatorial candidates. This makes no sense at all.

We can get sixty votes elsewhere. We don't need him.

Will you vote to strip Lieberman of his committee chairmanship?

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