Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama Eaten By Cannibals!

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Shortly after Barack Obama announced his bid for the Presidency at Springfield, Illinois' historic Old State Capitol Building hundreds of those in attendance rushed the platform and proceeded to eat Mr. Obama. Several dignitaries, and security officers were eaten as well.

"It was an opportunity for Springfield, Illinois to rid itself of its ugly past, but what do the people of this blasted town go and do?", asked Springfield Mayor Tim Lamblin, adding "This will take years to live down".

After waiting in freezing cold temperatures for several hours before the speech grumbling could be heard within the crowd. Police at one point recommended canceling the ceremony after a small fire was set.

"We thought they set the fire to keep warm", said Sangamon County Sheriff Chick Williamson. As it turned out a large boiling cauldron was being filled with various spices, meat tenderizers, and vegetables in preparation for Mr. Obama.

"I don't know how we'll ever live down our cannibal past?", asked local artist Bart BeQue, referring to the Donner Party which originated from Springfield Illinois.

"Why can't we just talk about Abe Lincoln?" was the response from several in the crowd of witnesses to the horrific event.

Time Magazine exposed the dark side of Springfield, Illinois shortly before Mr. Obama made his final speech, but Obama staffers were lured to Springfield in the hopes that the people of Springfield had changed.

"We thought the whole Lincoln motif would work well in middle America. We simply couldn't believe that this type of thing could take place in this day and age. This town hasn't changed at all", Said Obama campaign coordinator George Fish.

"It's probably going to be a long time before we'll be able to get any more federal funding for our new Abe Lincoln Presidential Library" said Avis Wings of nearby Rochester.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - Who Were You?

Anna Nicole Smith More Icon Than Real

I first became aware of Anna Nicole Smith like many men through the image oriented men's magazine - Playboy. Anna was just another face, another body, another men's fantasy.

She once again topped the radar screen when the story broke that she had married "some ole rich guy for his money". The thought disgusted me, and still does but people do all kinds of things for money - and she gave the old man a thrill of a lifetime before he kicked the bucket. I never considered that to be a dishonest trade.

Next her show on VH1, or was it MTV I forget. It was totally senseless, and I only watched because it was so totally stupid. I felt sorry for her because she had gained so much weight, and had surrounded herself with so many people who really didn't care about her.

The one bright spot seemed to be her relationship with her son Daniel.

Then came TrimSpa. I was on Atkins at the time, and I had lost a lot of weight, and I noticed her promoting TrimSpa. Several times I wondered if I should try the stuff, and fortunately I decided not to.

Then came the Larry King interview, and I knew there was something wrong. She seemed stoned. Yes she looked good, but she was stoned - slurred.

She kept getting thinner, and thinner. In a way she looked hotter, and hotter, but she also looked closer, and closer to death. Something was not right.

And of course we all quickly discovered she had had a baby. We could only hope it would give her a new sense of reason, a new responsibility and would force her to grow.

And then out of nowhere David dies of an overdose.

The circumstances of David's death was incredibly tragic. Celebrating life, and destroyed by death all at the same time. How could someone so ill fit to handle life deal with this?

She was destroyed, but she tied the knot, and we hoped that she'd put herself together, and live for the sake of the baby. Perhaps she'd raise the baby better than she did David, and everyone would live happily ever after?

Except today Anna Nicole Smith died.

Probably drugs, and stress.

She caused much of her own demise, and she was a wacky woman, most would say not to be taken seriously - yet I mourn her.

Her life was tragic, and that's sad.

Even the most cynical among us will never be able to forget her. Just try, it can't be done.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Knock Knock Knockin On Heaven's Door

Heaven's Gate Home Page Announced The Coming of a New Age - After Earth's Destruction
In 1997 a UFO cult, now referred to as Heaven's Gate, came to the desperate conclusion that only by committing mass suicide could it take a giant step toward a new and higher level of existence. The cult came to believe in a link between extra terrestrials, and the attainment of a higher form of existence, and spirituality.

They believed that the coming of the comet Hale Bopp was not only a signal for when they should commit suicide, but that the comet was being followed by a UFO. They also believed that the world would come to an end in the year 2000.

Member of Kingdom of Heaven?
The Ride Home

They had faith that extra terrestrial super beings would in some manner collect their just released souls, and that they would be carried back by the aliens to some higher physical form of existence.

Sounds a little strange, yet very familiar. While it may be sad that they went ahead and killed themselves we who survive this cult's self destruction only know for certain that the world did not end in the year 2000. Maybe, just maybe they were right, and they're on their journey to some distant alien utopia. We'll never know for sure.

In the end the Heaven's Gate UFO cult stands as an example for all those who would follow. Let it stand as a warning on how not to let your own personal fears be used against you. The biggest danger of feeling bad about yourself as a human being is that your perceived deficit only feeds into your desire to worship someone, or something.

The Heaven's Gate cult sounds new to us, because it employed ideas like advanced technology which would allow for interstellar, and possibly interdimensional transportation, but in fact the Heaven's Gate story is an old and familiar story.

Comet Hale Bopp in 1997
Cult Rule Number One - Don't Commit Suicide

The first rule that any budding UFO cult, or any cult for that matter should adopt is not to commit suicide. If you kill yourselves then that is the end of the cult.

Heaven's Gate claimed it had such a rule

"The true meaning of "suicide" is to turn against the Next Level when it is being offered. In these last days, we are focused on two primary tasks: one - of making a last attempt at telling the truth about how the Next Level may be entered (our last effort at offering to individuals of this civilization the way to avoid "suicide"); and two - taking advantage of the rare opportunity we have each day - to work individually on our personal overcoming and change, in preparation for entering the Kingdom of Heaven".

And This

"We fully desire, expect, and look forward to boarding a spacecraft from the Next Level very soon (in our physical bodies). There is no doubt in our mind that our being "picked up" is inevitable in the very near future".

Yet it was the cult's fear of being attacked, and persecuted which allowed it to rationalize, and prepare for a mass suicide which it eventually carried out.
Alternative To Suicide - Baby Making

It is far better for a cult to use the Judeo-Christian-Muslim approach and preach that every sperm is sacred. Follow that up by preaching that contraception is bad, and that making children is somehow creating souls for God.

This method has worked quite well for followers of Jesus, Yahweh, and Allah. Also preach that suicide is bad. The more the merrier. These rules were adopted long ago by successful religions, which is why they've been so successful.

Comet McNaught (2007) Is It Connected to the Wave of UFO Sightings?
If you're a fledgling UFO cultist you don't want to forget to take advantage of the occurrence of yet another comet. People tend to get somewhat nervous when there's something glowing in the sky which isn't ordinarily there. When any significantly visible comet like Hale-Bopp, or McNaught comes hither it's time to start with end times preparations, speeches, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, books, web sites, audio recordings, and videos, and lectures - you get the drift.

There has been an intense international UFO sightings wave recently, and I'm not really sure why it's taking place just now, but maybe the comet McNaught can be tied into all of this.
Start The Big Rumor

Perhaps comet McNaught brought with it a package of UFOs which are now invading (gently visiting) Earth? Picking up souls perhaps? Maybe that's how it works? The UFOs will return to the comet after making observations, picking up some souls, and generally making all kinds of fools of themselves by getting spotted - unless of course they mean to be spotted.
Conclusion - Real Believers Choose Life
We all feel alienated, sort of like aliens do I guess, in this modern world. We all wish there was some greater good, or big brother aliens to lean a shoulder on. It would be great to find out that everything we do as ape like animals is seen for what it is, and that one day just in the nick of time we'll be saved from this utopia we call the human race. People have been praying for that for millennium.

In the mean time however as we modify our beliefs to suit this modern technology based society it's important to remember that no one actually has the answers to any of this. So if you ever get the urge to follow someone, or join some group - hold off on joining if suicide, and or homicide are ever a prerequisite to stardom. Don't strap on any bombs, and don't drink any Kool Aid for Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, or even Lord Zeebert the Alien Overlord.

Heaven's Gate

Hale Bopp


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is NSA Raining Spy Satellites Upon Illinois?

Meteors Shower Central Illinois and Missouri?

The skies of the Midwest were filled last Sunday evening with flashing lights, and the sounds of thunder - but this was no Winter thunderstorm. The State Journal Register reports..,

"People across Illinois and Missouri reported seeing the strange lights, which were attributed to meteors. Many reported bright lights with flaming tails behind them.

Some callers said they looked like a meteor shower, others compared them to a large fireball, and at least one person said it looked like a white ring in the sky, the dispatcher said. Deputies were dispatched to take a look, but finding nothing, they soon returned to regular duties, said the dispatcher, who declined to give his name.

The dispatcher sounded sincere when he was asked what he would do if someone said, "Take me to your leader."

"I'd have to take you to the sheriff, I guess," he said".

Comments Revealing

More interesting that the State Journal-Register's article written by Ruston & Reynolds are the comments being posted by readers to SJ-R's website.
Let's Look At Just One Comment Written By K9

"There have been sighting like this all over the world recently, it makes you wonder if this is a joke that people are running with? Or maybe Chinese space junk burning up on re-entry".

Jerome Prophet's View
Let's ask ourselves this question. Which nations would benefit the most from the continued, and heightened belief in Unidentified Flying Objects as constructs of alien manufacture? Which nations would benefit most from a sense of uncertainty about aerial phenomena? Which nations possess the means and the motivation to create the international wave of UFO sightings which is currently taking place?
Nations Which Control Spy Satellites

  • United States
  • Russia
  • France
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Israel
Nations Motivated by Secrecy

  • United States
  • Russia
  • France
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Israel
Out of the list above the United States wins hands down when it comes to military expenditure. The United States spends more money on its military than the rest of the world combined. Expenditures for the NSA, CIA, and Military Intelligence are enormous. Quite obviously out of all the nations listed above the United States has the greatest means, and motivation to create a UFO sightings wave.

Means - Spy Satellite Deorbit

Short use spy satellites are not a new form of technology. In the past the United States used film based satellites which would eject canisters of film that would then fall from orbit, and be retrieved. The satellites themselves would also decay in orbit eventually burning up as they reentered Earth's atmosphere. Telling these satellites how, when, and where to burn up was simply a part of each satellites lifecycle.

As the United States moved toward long use CCD based imaging satellites few deorbits were necessary. However the United States still needs to deorbit aging spy satellites, and it also possesses short life spy satellites.

The way a satellite burns up upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere can be altered in several ways. When, and where a satellite reenters the atmosphere can be determined from ground control stations which direct the satellite's path. The angle at which a satellite reenters the atmosphere also will help determine how long the satellite will take to disintegrate as it deorbits. In effect the NSA could deorbit a satellite over the Pacific Ocean where few people would see it burn up, or it could deorbit the same satellite over a populated area. The NSA could instruct the satellite to burn up quickly by having the satellite reenter Earth's atmosphere at sharp angle, or have the satellite burn up slowly by instructing the satellite to reenter Earth's atmosphere at a shallow angle. This all goes to say that NSA can create wide spread visual displays over large geographic areas including brilliant light flashes, and thunderous sonic booms if it chooses to.
Why Now

We must ask why at this point in history is it necessary to create an International UFO sightings wave? Which new weapons systems are being rushed through development which would necessitate this?
Possible Systems Include

  • Heavy Lift Stealth Transport Systems (huge flying triangular aircraft)
  • Long Duration High Altitude Stealth Spy Blimps
  • Unpiloted and Remote Controlled Vehicles (disk)
  • Rapid launch and recovery spy and communications satellites
  • Covert Military Space Plane
  • Covert Next Generation Sub Orbital Spycraft
  • Covert Next Generation experimental fighters and bombers
  • Laser and particle beam weapons
  • Kinetic energy weapons
  • Anti Ballistic Missile Weapons Systems
  • Weather Modification Systems
  • Exotic Next Generation Weapons Systems (EMF weapons, sound weapons)
  • Next generation propulsion systems

The covert plate is full. Many of the systems above have been in development for decades. I suspect the United States has aircraft, and weapons which would be more akin to the stuff of Star Wars than anyone would ever admit. When will the public get a peak? It could be another generation, or perhaps it will only take an all out war before these weapons are brought out of the closet. In the meantime keep looking up.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

When Meteors Hit Chicago Suburb

NBC: Meteors Turned Night Into Day Over South Chicago Suburb In 2003

Back in March of 2003 flashes of light, and the sound of thunder rocked a Chicago suburb as a rain of meteors struck homes in the south Chicago suburb of Park Forest. Several homes were damaged. Scientist requested that all meteorites be located, and turned in for study.

As Reported By NBC

Callers flooded police departments, fire departments and various television stations overnight. NBC5's Kim Vatis, reporting from Park Forest, said it turned out to be a meteor shower "that forced a shower of panic calls" to authorities all over the Midwest.

In Park Forest, some people who were in their living rooms watching war coverage, thought the United States was under attack with the amazing light show produced by the meteors. It started with a blast of light and a thunderous sound, witnesses told Vatis. Then, chunks of meteorites dropped from the sky. One of the larger segments fell through the roof of a family home and into the bedroom where a young boy was sleeping.
As Shared by UFO News - A February 2007 Deorbit

BBC: Space Junk Leaves White Trail During Deorbit

Needless to say we live on a planet which possesses gravity, and objects rain down upon Earth every day. The Earth is orbited by thousands of pieces of space junk consisting mostly of old satellites. Slowly these object's orbits decay and most of these objects burn up harmlessly before ever reaching the ground. Many of these aerial displays are mistaken for alien space craft. NORAD tracks hundreds of thousands of objects left in orbit. Recently the Chinese tested an Anti Satellite Weapon which added tens of thousands of small very fast moving objects into Earth orbit. Objects of this type endanger crew aboard the space shuttle, the International Space Station, the United States top secret space plane, and future missions to space by all nations including the Chinese themselves.
UFO News

Video on Youtube

BBC Video Broadcast

Meteor Light Flash Story and Photo by NBC

All video, photographs, and quoted text would presumably be under copyright by original owners (not me), and is used without permission via Copy Right Free Use Rules for literary, and scientific purposes. The remainder of original content is under a creative commons copyright - see bottom of this page f0r additional information on using this information.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Colts Win Superbowl - 1000 Die in Iraq!

Bread and Circuses - It Worked For Awhile
Colts Win the Super Bowl!

While listening to the Star Spangled Banner at the opening of Super Bowl XLI tonight I couldn't help but reflect upon how insulated the people of the United States seem to be. We are after all the nation which invade Iraq, a nation which was no real threat to us. Our invasion and occupation of Iraq has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

We claim to have brought a type of freedom to the Iraqi people, but instead the people of that nation seem poised to begin genocide upon itself.

In previous ages our invasion of a weak nation like Iraq would have been perceived as barbaric, and imperialistic, but Americans don't seem to fully appreciate how others view us, nor do they seem to care. Today billions of people around the world view the United States with great suspicion, but this wasn't always the case. America was once considered a shining beacon of freedom, and justice.

Americans of previous generations would have had problems with the type of society this nation has become. Our addiction to imported oil, and our desire for the easy life has changed us into a society willing to redefine what is moral in pursuit of what generates a quick profit. Our nation's military, and economic might has ultimately begun to infect us, corrupting our national soul.

We are after all a nation that finds a way to sleep at night, enjoys children's games like football while others suffer due to our lack of concern, and lack of action against the Iraq war.

The luxury of isolation from the effects of war is nothing new in the history of the United States. In previous wars the United States has been afforded, due to geography, the luxury of celebrating its pastimes even during war. Yet it seems that there has never been an American war in which so many victims have suffered as a result of our national will while so few Americans seem either to care, or even to be aware. Americans of this generation, except for those in the military services and their families, do not appear to be inconvenienced by the ongoing civil war in Iraq.

There seems to be a national disconnect from the reality of what we have enable through our complicity, ignorance, and continued silence.
This Week One Thousand Die In Iraq

This week was a particularly bloody week for the Iraqi people with an estimated one thousand Iraqis being killed. Most were innocent victims of the madness which has befell Iraq since the U.S. invasion.

This week the Bush Administration announced that the cost of the ongoing occupation of Iraq over the next two years will total two hundred and fifty billion dollars!

While hundreds of thousands of Americans huddle within cardboard boxes for warmth tonight, and forty nine million working Americans have no health coverage the taxpayers of this nation are told they must continue to finance George Bush's Iraqi quagmire using an enormous treasure!
Where's The Outrage?

Any empire which bases its primacy solely upon military might is doomed to fail, and the United States will not be an exception. In this we can at least take some solace, for if there is a God watching down upon the actions of this nation we surely will be punished.

Perhaps that punishment has already been visited upon America for it appears that it has already lost its historic claim of representing the world's clamoring masses. At the very least America has lost its claim to innocence.

The Ruins of the Roman Forum - Is This America's Fate?
We The People Desire Better Representation

Despite our guilt over enabling the invasion of Iraq we have come to see that our occupation of Iraq must end. The American people spoke clearly through their votes last November. They clearly stated that they wanted Congress to end the occupation of Iraq. One would have thought that the fall of the Republican Party from power in the Senate, and the House of Representatives would have sent a clear message to the Democrats, but it seems that lesson has been lost.

The sense of indecision which festers within the hearts and minds of those sent to Washington is obvious. Congressmen, the people will not retaliate against you simply for acting in a manner requested of you. That's a promise. Act now, or loose the moment.

Fully one in three Americans are ignorant and self absorbed enough to continue supporting Bush's debacle in Iraq, but most Americans are fed up. They feel cheated out of their tax dollars and hold dear their soldiers lives. They know that they were lied to about the justification for going to war in Iraq, and no longer believe that staying will help.

We are not oblivious to the fact that conditions in Iraq will get much worse before they get even a little better, but we also know that there is no military solution to the problems which face that land. We know that by walking away from Iraq we walk away from controlling the vast reserves of petroleum which was never ours in the first place. We also know that America can not morally force its version of peace upon that region without becoming evil itself.

We can not accept that continued dependence upon foreign oil is good for the United States. We can no longer accept the lies which have been peddled to the people from a corrupt, and dishonest regime which has contemptuously ruled by decree since September of 2001.

America is a nation waiting for leadership. We await a leadership based upon a quiet moral authority, a steadfast determination, and a real courage not based solely upon war, but a courage willing to challenge the status quo. We await a challenger to the petty tyrant who now appears more jester than king.
Photo Credits

Creative Commons Atribution - The Colosseum by Night - Rosino
The Roman Forum Free Use Link

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dan Aykroyd Purchases O'Hare UFO Photos?

Did Dan Aykroyd Just Purchase The Real O'Hare UFO Photographs?

The Folk at UFO News have an interesting update on the O'Hare UFO story. Chuck at UFO News states that he recently had an opportunity to speak with Dan Aykroyd of Saturday Night Live fame. Dan Aykroyd's production company may be in possession of real photos, and even video of the O'Hare UFO!

I'm not sure what to make of this story, but it sounds like something Dan Aykroyd would be interested in. Dan Aykroyd has been interested in the "paranormal" for decades - even financing parapsychology research on ghost.

Dan Aykroyd's interest in UFOs may have driven him to layout some big bucks to get the rights to photos, and videos of the O'Hare UFO. Let's hope he didn't get ripped off by someone taking advantage of his curiosity.

Dan Aykroyd intends to include these videos, and photos in an upcoming DVD on the subject.

I'll once again state that it does not matter whether photographs, or videos exist of the UFO which is alleged to have hovered over the O'Hare International Airport. What matters is that as the Chicago Tribune reported that a dozen United Airlines employees sighted a disk shaped object hovering over one the busiest airports in the world.

In this post 9-11 age for any airborne unregistered, or unrecognized object to hover over a major international airport is of uttermost concern. And for United Air Lines, and the Federal Aviation Administration to be actively involved in a cover up of such an incident is deplorable, and illegal.

This nation was led to invade a sovereign nation which was no threat to it on the pretext that it threatened the security of the United States, and for the very same government to cover up a violation of air space over the busiest airport in the world is a total breech of trust between the people of the United States and it's representative government.

Whether every photograph we see is a fake isn't nearly as important as the fact that there are over a dozen United Air Lines employees who remain silent about their observation of a UFO simply because they fear the consequences for telling the truth. In the post 9-11 era this is wholly unacceptable!

I urge all of my readers to write their Congressman, and request an investigation into the FAA cover up, and any allegations of illegal coercion at UAL.

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