Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scanning Using Quantum Entanglement

One interesting subject.

Using quantum entanglement in a sensor.

The same technology which will be (which could already have been) developed for use in Quantum computers, and quantum communication systems would be useful toward the development of a new type of scanning technology - one using quantum entanglement.

For example with radar a beam of microwave radiation is emitted from a EM source, and travels at the speed of light until it is reflected off of an object, and then returns back to a detector.  Essentially there is a round trip involved.

With a quantum entanglement based 'radar' system there is no return trip.

Now this brings up some interesting questions doesn't it?

While it would appear to operate at a faster than light speed this is not the case.

However information could be obtained instantly, or better to say at the point of photon emission.

All kinds of interesting considerations there.

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