Saturday, January 07, 2006

January Reading

I've just finished reading another interesting book - The Truth - With Jokes, by Al Franken. It was an easy read, and it had a few jokes in it which made me laugh.

A few days earlier I finished reading A Team of Rivals, a very good book written by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Anyone interested in Lincoln, or history should read this book!

A few days ago a coworker hands me a book - it's not really a book as much as it is booklet. It's only a few chapters long, and it was written by one of Springfield, Illinois' founders - Major Elijah Iles.

The little booklet represents Isle's autobiography, and it dovetails quite nicely with some side reading of which I was partaking on the Todd family, of Mary Todd Lincoln fame.

The Todd family, and Iles' own family had both crossed into Kentucky during the same period when that region was complete wilderness.

A few generations later many families from Kentucky were migrating for the Great Northwestern Territory, which included Illinois.

It's hard to think of Illinois as a great wilderness, but it was then an ocean of grass as tall as a man on horseback.

My own family has roots which go back to the very beginning of Illinois' statehood, and I find reading about the early days of Illinois very addictive.

Illness Strikes Springfield Area

It seems currently that many locally are becoming afflicted with a viral, or bacterial infection which unfortunately has taken me into its midst. I left work early Friday after holding out against its effects until lunchtime.

Friday night was an entire loss. Intending to make Saturday a worthwhile opportunity for recreation, and leisure I had hoped upon an early rise, only to find myself much too under the weather.

Finally, my loving wife inquired if I'd ever get a start on the day, which inspired me to step out from under the covers, and into the cruel cold dizzy world. Now that I am awake I find that my spouse is napping - but my spirits are up.

So here I am now wondering what to make of myself - shall it be surfing the net, or cracking open Doris Kearns Goodwin's No Ordinary Time?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blog Is Dead

Dave of The11thhour recently shared with his readers his concern that blogging may turn out just to be another fad.

Dave, and I go back far enough to remember the Citizen Band radio craze that took the nation by craze back in the 1970's. I guess we can lay claim that we were then some sort of "leading edgers" at the time.

It was only a short while until the sheer glut of new CBer's, combined with a bad, and unusually long lasting case of "Skip" (CIA plot) combined together to render CB nearly impossible to use - pity. It was easier to listen to extremely powerful CB broadcast originating in Mexico (CIA) than it was to talk to your friend just down the street - pity.

Thus ended the fad, and social experiment of free radio communications within the United States (CIA) - pity.

Dave went on to real radio broadcasting, while I stuck to writing the occasional letter to the editor, and passively listening, and watching mainstream media - slowly become the oligopoly of evil it has become today.

Dave eventually left radio, but I suspect it won't be long until he begins a regular podcast - he'd be good at it - hint, hint.

Then came the Internet, and blogging. I highly doubt that blogging is a fad. I suspect Dave's speculation was more a lamentation over a seasonal, or holiday related decline in blogpostings.

I for one have an excuse. I recently purchased a stack of some rather interesting, and well written books, and have been reading like crazy.

I've previously posted on my purchase of 1776, but I also have recently finished A Team of Rivals, and have begun No Ordinary TIme.

I also have some industry related books which I'm reading. I actually get tested on the industry related books, and if I pass the test my employer forks over sixty dollars. Not a great deal of money, but if you take a few of those test here, and there it pays for a trip to the bookstore - to buy more books which I find truly interesting.

So it was a decision read three pleasurable history books during the holiday season, and two industry books - or spend a lot of time blogging. A big part of my blog are the photographs. One may not believe it, but it takes time to prepare those photos (I probably spend way too much time), and get them posted. So I just decided to spend a little time on a few good books.

And then there's Christmas, and New Years!

Anyway, blogging isn't a fad, and I'll probably continue posting to this blog because it's fun. If it ever ceases to be fun - I'll stop - and I'll start calling blogging a fad.

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