Friday, September 23, 2005

ALPLM Garage

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Photo: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum From ALPLM Garage 1st Floor

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Photo: ALPLM Garage Stairs B/W 09.22.05

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Photo: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum from Garage 4th floor

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Photo: Union Station on Madison St. from ALPLM Garage Roof

My Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum obsession continues. I captured this series of photographs in the ALPLM Garage located on the north side of Madison street between Fifth street, and Sixth street in Springfield, Illinois.

Once again I spent a little time hanging out in a garage in downtown Springfield, Illinois. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum parking garage was just too tempting of a photo opportunity to resist.

I began to wonder what type of perspectives of downtown Springfield, Illinois would make themselves available from this brand new garage. Finally, I could resist no more, and took the plunge. Actually I just walked in, with camera in hand, walked up a few flights, and snapped away.

I liked the idea that I may just be the first person to make art from this space.

The green tinted glass, and the bird's eye view afford a unique perspective of both the north west side of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, as well as the north face of Union Station - which is also a part of the ALPLM complex.

Sunlight beams througg green tinted windows bouncing softly off of white walls, and stairwells. The effect is augmented with the soft yellow hues originating from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. I feel that the first photograph recreates the feel of the mixture of colors the best.

The pattern of the windows, and stairwell railings create a shadow pattern that I felt was best illustrated with a black and white image.

The final two photographs were taken from the top floor of the garage. I have never seen the ALPLM from this perspective. Most photographs of the ALPLM complex feature teh main entrances along Jefferson. As I have said in the past, the entire ALPLM complex is one great photo opportunity. It's just a very beautiful building.

I was tempted to turn the last photograph on its side, but I present it as I took it. Looking at it recreates the feeling of vertigo which I felt when I leaned over the edge of the garage to capture the image. I love this shot. Something about looking down a highway filled with cars I guess. I also like the historic nature of the photograph as the image includes the ongoing construction project at Union Station.

Let me say once again that I can't stand the huge ugly power poles, and power lines that totally destroy the multi-million dollar effect which the Union Station Projects seeks to create. I plan to write the Mayor of Springfield, Illinois to ask about this issue. Springfield looks like a small town with those horrible poles running through it. It's time for them to go.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Union Station Park Dedicated

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Photo: Empty Platform - Dignitaries Left an Hour Earlier than Scheduled

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Photo: Dedicated Dirt - Still Aglow With Governor's Footprints!

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Photo: Union Station Project Engineer Joe Rein

Wednesday afternoon Union Station Park was dedicated. Various dignitaries attended, including Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Richard Norton Smith, project promoter Julie Cellini, and others.

The Governor's schedule demanded that the ceremony be advanced by one hour, leaving me unable to photograph the dedication, however I did photograph the empty platform, and dirt!

I was told that a great deal of effort was put into preparing the dirt so that it would be easily scooped up by the dignitaries with their shovels.

I found it odd that a ALPLM security guard was posted next to the platform. I asked him what he was guarding since the ceremony was over. He explained that he was there to inform all those arriving on time for the ceremony that the dedication had already taken place, and that all the dignitaries had already left.

I spoke with one gentleman who arrived on time for the ceremony only to find the emply platform. He seemed rather shocked that the dedication had been moved up by one hour to accomodate the governor's schedule.

I did run into the Project Engineer for the Union Station Project. Mr. Joseph Rein (pronounced Ryan) kindly gave me a short interview. Mr. Rein is with BRIC Partnership LLC, of Belleville, Illinois. He explained that the original clocktower foundation had to be removed, and a new one poured in order to prepare for the installation of a new clocktower.

I mentioned to Mr. Rein that a clocktower had been promised for decades, and that the people of Springfield, Illinois will be very happy to finally see a clocktower installed.

When this project is complete the entire area will be transformed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Katrina Horror Story

This afternoon I spoke with a woman living in Beaumont, Texas. The subject of Hurricane Rita which is currently spinning a path toward the Texas coast came up.

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Photo: Hurricane Rita - GOES-East Gulf of Mexico Infrared 09.22.05

After a brief exchange of concerns relating to the possible path of Hurricane Rita this resident of Beaumont, Texas confessed that the horror of Hurricane Katrina had very much made its way into her life.

She explained that she was becoming burdened with stories which Hurricane Katrina's survivors had shared with her in recent weeks. Beaumont, the woman explained, is a short drive up the coast from New Orleans, and many of those who sought refuge from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina are now staying in Beaumont.

She shared with me the story of one man's struggle to survive the hurricane, and to put his life back together since the devastation.

The young man resided in New Orleans with his roomate. Their home had weathed the high winds of Katrina, but became flooded, like most of the city, once the sea walls broke. He, and his roomate had scambled up to their attic taking only their persian cat with them.

Once in the attic, rising flood waters forced them to frantically chop a hole in the roof. They climbed out, and noticed they were completely surrounded by water. They stayed on the roof for three days, and nights without anything to eat, or drink.

On day four they decided that no one was coming to rescue them, and that they'd have to do something before sucumbing to the lack of food, and water.

The young man had parked his car down the street, which was on higher ground. They decided to swim to the higher ground.

They bundled their cat in a shirt, and began to swim towards the car. One of the young men was a stronger swimmer, and he took the cat with him. Tragically, the other man drowned in the attempt.

The surviving roomate swam back to rescue his friend, but it was too late. By the time he reached his friend he was already dead. He retrieved his drowned friend, and dragged his body to the truck.

He placed his friend in the back seat, and released the cat into the car. He then got behind the wheel, started the car, and somehow managed to drive out of New Orleans. He drove all the way to Beaumont with the body of his friend, and the cat in the car along for company.

Not having eaten, or having any water in four days he was in miserable shape when he reached Beaumont.

The young man is now dealing with post traumatic stress from his experience.

Let's hope, and pray that Hurricane Rita somehow putters out. It will be awful if it comes barrelling into areas where Huricane Katrina survivors are. I can only imagine what it would be like to have to seek refuge twice, to be uprooted a second time, from two hurricanes in less than a month.

One thing that Hurricanes Katrina, and Rita have made clear is that living in the Midwest may be boring, but it's also safer to live in a town like Springfield, Illinois than it is to live right along the gulf coast in these monster hurricane days in which we appear to be living in.

Two More from Spartans vs. Titans

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Photo: Freshman Titans Depart Spartan Field

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Photo: This one's for you John

The Spartans suit up for Southeast Springfield High School in Springfield, Illinois, while the Titans play for nearby Chatham-Glenwood, Illinois.

And that's it until next time!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Southeast High School Football Roster 2005

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Photo: Spartans & Titans Leave Field At Halftime 09.17.05

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Photo: Titan's Matt Pierce #11 Evades Spartan Defense & Lofts Ball Downfield

Springfield, Illinois
Southeast High School
Varsity Spartan Football

Numb Name Position Weight Year

1 White LaShaun WR/DB 150 11
2 Dismukes, Josh TE/LB 210 12
3 Hale, Brandon WR/DB 150 12
4 Hernandez, Travis WR/DB 150 10
5 Shelby, Darrian QB/DB 175 12
7 Parker, Channon QB/DB 160 11
8 Acers, Carleston WB/DB 150 11
10 Montgomery, Jairus WR/DB 195 11
11 Graettinger, Nick LB/RB 190 11
13 Ray, Zachary QB/DB 160 10
15 Shepherd, Justin WR/DB 190 11
20 Akuoko, Barimah RB/DB 170 10
21 Doss, Tim RB/DB 190 12
22 Lograsso, Dan RB/LB 180 11
23 Foloyan, Gabe RB/DB 160 10
25 Williams, Searcy DB/WR 160 11
27 Smith, Mark WR/DB 135 12
31 Stratton, Dennis LB/DE 200 12
34 Bates, Landis RB/DB 170 10
40 Morgan, Lance LD/RB 160 10
42 Beler, Harrison TE/DE 210 11
44 Ferry, Jeremy LB/RB 180 11
45 Baumberger, Eric RB/LB 175 10
51 Nation, Rick DL/OL 200 11
52 Roan, Cody OL/DL 240 10
55 Ogden, David OL/DL 225 11
57 Simpson, Geoff OF/LB 220 11
61 Collins, Jessie OL/DL 250 12
62 Wade, Ryan OL/DL 210 10
63 Savage, Craig OL/DL 200 10
68 Johnson, James OL/DL 225 11
70 Williams, Andre OL 270 10
71 Smith, Trevor OL 270 12
72 Norris, Jared OL/DL 250 10
73 Wheatley, Chris OL 240 12
74 Rogers, Royce DL/OL 200 11
75 Lipscomb, Chris OL/DL 210 12
77 Ousley, James OL/DL 300 12
78 Taylor, Chris OL/DL 225 10
79 Jordan, Johnathan OL/DL 300 11
80 Dismukes, Curtis TE/DE 240 11
82 Lanier, Chucky WR/DB 170 12
85 Nash, Troy WR 200 11
90 King, Demetrius DE/DL 225 12
93 Lott, Stacy RB/LB 215 12
n/a Gillispie, Jurrell OL/DL 220 10
n/a Pugh, Chris DE/RB 200 12
n/a Saunders, Mario OL/DL 230 12

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Photo: Southeast Band Half Time 09.17.05

Southeast Springfield High School is located in Springfield, Illinois. All photographs in this post were taken by JeromeProphet.

Spammer Beemer Famous!

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Photo: Spammer Beemer's Fifteen Seconds of Fame?

A blogger in Portugal has posted a link to Springfield, Illinois' Spammer Beemer!

Here's a link to the post, and here's a link to the site.

The blog's post caption reads:

"Vamos dar uma voltinhana Galarza-motinha?"

I don't yet know what that means, but I'll find out and post the translation.

Note: Springfield, Illinois' Spammer Beemer is a BMW Motorcycle with two large Saddle boxes (utility boxes) which look exactly like cans of SPAM luncheon meat.

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