Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I Know About You

Oasis - Supersonic

What I Know About You
By JeromeProphet

What do I see when I look at you?
What do I feel when I feel you?
What do I know when I know you?

But something.

And I'm never absolutely certain
that what I

and know
about you
is only that which I want to

But I do know one thing for sure,
and that is that you are very
inside and out

And that I want you

Beyond that
I'm taking it a moment at a time
And hope I don't get it all wrong
For both our sakes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Eyed Goddess Divine

Green Eyed Goddess Divine
by Jerome Prophet

In your eyes
I see your smiles
of distant whiles
My heart is raised.

There's no surprise
No time for tides
We rush toward crashing waves.

I feel your heartbeat
Your fluttering heartbeat
I feel your hand in mine.

Your lips are trembling
So softly remembering
Our promised love this time.

We come together
You're now my treasure
Radiant sweet sublime.

My darling precious
Your love has blessed us
Beyond all measure
My green eyed goddess divine.

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