Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush's Spin of the War Speech.

Maybe I was just tired, but I fell asleep about ten minutes into Bush's Spin of the War Speech.

What was it all about?

Help me out, I fell asleep - is the war over, did we win?


bj said...

I was at Damon's that night; about 10 minutes is how long he lasted before they changed that screen over to sports too.
Of the 6 networks, the online tv listings only showed this as scheduled on ABC. Did the other networks really just show their usual reruns instead of his speech?

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what the major media did. I honestly fell asleep. Like most Americans I'm sleep starved, but I'd usually have fought the impulse to zonk out for something interesting.

Ten minutes of the "I'm a real man, and like to hang with my pals in the military speech" sent me right into a deep slumber.

He pulled that a few years ago on the flight deck of USS Abraham Lincoln - just a photo op for the coming election, I guess.

And of course it seems to appeal to a certain constituency of his - but seems a rather dishonest stunt in my mind. (considering that he went AWOL while in the service, and that he pretty much made it look as if he were announcing the end of the war in Iraq back on May 2, 2003).


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