Friday, July 29, 2005

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

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Hey Mister, can you spare 48 minutes?

Well, how about if it was for the good of your nation?

There's a great documentary focusing on the Carlyle Group, and the Bush family connection to Saudi Arabia's Bin Laden family. You'll need RealPlayer, and just one hour of your time to download, and view this remarkable peek into how powerful interest are pulling the strings in the beltway, and beyond.

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Photo: Four on Carlyle Group's Payroll

This site is also a great resource for understanding why the United States was taken into a war with Iraq by President Bush, and how a coven of political, and corporate elites, including the Bush family stand to profit financially from the war.

Here's another excellent article, from which I grabbed the following:

Unlike those firms, however, the Carlyle Group itself is not a manufacturer. It offers no services directly to the Pentagon, and has no defense contracts. Rather, it manages investments—some $18.4 billion from 600 individuals and entities in 55 countries, according to its Web site. The firm's business is making money for these investors, the vast majority of whose identities are not disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission or other government bodies.

Though Carlyle itself has won no contracts, the companies it has owned or controlled have done billions of dollars worth of business with the Pentagon. The Carlyle unit that brought in the largest share—$5.8 billion—was United Defense Inc., which manufactures combat vehicles, artillery, naval guns, missile launchers and precision munitions. United Defense also owns the country's largest non-nuclear ship repair, modernization, overhaul and conversion company, United States Marine Repair Inc. Its most famous product may well be the Bradley fighting vehicle. United Defense brought in more than 60 percent of Carlyle's defense business.

The scam is a simple one, politicians, and their subordinates, are purchased by Carlyle Group through campaign donations, and the promise of lucrative compensation after they leave their government positions. All the crooked politician has to do is to shape government policy, and contracts, in such ways as will benefit Carlyle Group. Since Carlyle Group is a private company there's virtually no government, or media, oversight of who is working for the investment firm, or how much they are being paid.

Did Carlyle Group invent this approach? No, but they have mastered it like no other firm in history, and for that reason they deserve great attention from the American people who bankroll their entire operation.

If you know of any ideolistic teens thinking of defending this nation against terrorism by rushing off to Bush's War, praise them for their concern, buy them a beer, and try and get them to sit down for an hour, and watch this documentary (see link above) - it just might save a life!


ExNewfie said...

Hey Prophet: I tried to download this but it times out. So I went to the indy site and it still times out. If there a transcript available elsewhere?

JeromeProphet said...


Sorry so long to get back to you on your question. I hope you're still out there.

I'm not sure why it's timing out when you attempt to download the documentary. It works just fine for me.

It might be how much bandwith you have, or perhaps the settings on your software. I recall the good ole days of dial up when I'd try for days to download the latest version of this or that softwware. I'd wake up the next morning to find my tenth attempt had timed out once again!

I researched the problem, and downloaded a variety of "fixes" which would keep my connection alive, or would allow me to restart a download if it were interupted. Today I think back to those days a cute, but frustrating.

You might want to do a google search on the filename to see if there are any other mirror sites which might be fewer router hops from your location - it might improve your chances at completing a download.

Or you could run a traceroute to the fileserver were the documentary is stored, and see if there's a problem along the way.



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