Saturday, July 23, 2005

Gus Macker Tournament Hot!

Springfield's 2005 Gus Macker 3 on 3 Tournament is being held in downtown Springfield, Illinois this weekend. While temperatures are soaring, the event itself defines "cool".

Thousands of spectators will have a chance to root for competitors young, and old. If you plan to attend Sunday make sure that you use your sunblock, dress lightly, and don't forget to bring sunglasses, a hat, and water bottle (you can fill your waterbottles up once there).

The photo below was taken on Washington Street, between Sixth, and Seventh Street. Notice the level of intensity on the court, and the ways that the spectators are using to keep cool?

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I titled the photo below - Coca Cola Cops.

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This colorful photo was taken in front of Horace Mann on Jefferson Street, just east of Seventh Street. Once again, the intensity of play was impressive.

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This photo was taken in the Lower Blue Parking Lot in front of Horace Mann. This young man is flying!
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Except for the intense heat radiating off of the asphalt it was a wonderful event. Walking from game to game was effortless, and very exciting. I felt a great sense of community at the Gus Macker Tournament. The love of Basketball seemed to prevail. Whether rich, poor, male, female, black, white, old, young, it didn't seem to matter, everyone there appeared to be having a good time.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Nice job. To me, the posting of these photos is real journalism and the kind of thing that give blogs credibility for those who think that they are just the ramblings of over-opinionated simpletons (see: BlogFreeSpringfield).

Question: Was the young man in picture 1 called for the illegal screen?

JeromeProphet said...

I believe in this case the camera was a bit quicker than the GusBuster's eye.

In Gus Macker games involving children calling fouls is left up to the GusBuster to catch, and I suspect some leniency is granted to the younger children.

Thank you for your generous comment, but I find political opinion to be the hardest task of all. If one makes a comment, and it isn't based upon properly interpreted material someone is bound to let you have it.

You do an incredible job. The scope, and pace of your postings is amazing, and I'd never put myself in your category.

While you'd find a home on page one, or the op-ed page, I'd be struggling to find a place in a Sunday Feature's section.

Still, I enjoy it.

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