Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rove - A Brown Mass Has Arisen

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Dave, at The11thhour, has an excellent commentary on the Karl Rove CIA Scandal.

It appears that none other than Bush Political Hack Karl Rove has been fingered for having fingered one of our own CIA agents, Valerie Plames.

Rove outed the agent in an attempt to smear her husband (a U.S. Diplomat) for truthfully reporting that the nation of Niger wasn't exporting uranium to Iraq.

Not only is identifying CIA agents a violation of federal law, but the act was carried out against our own intelligence community during a time of war.

The motivation was purely political, and was part of an attempt to cover up the truth about the lies the Bush administration was casting about WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Those lies in turn were used to justify invading Iraq. A war that has cost this nation over three hundred billion dollars, and nearly two thousand American lives.

The Bush Administration is overflowing like a toilet. Yet another disgusting revelation floats to the surface.

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