Monday, August 08, 2005

Duck, Duck, Goose!

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Who wants to be it?

Here's a list of interesting projects:

Map the human genome (done).
Determine human gene functions (15-25 years).

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Identify all genes which play a role in causing cancer (5 years).

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Analyze how cancer, and other genetic diseases work on a molecular level (50-100 years).

Develop treatments for all major forms of cancer, and genetic disease (100 years).

Develop treatments for all major viruses, and bacterial infections (never ending).

Significantly slow aging, and thus extend lifespans to hundreds of years (50-100 years).

Dave of The11thHour questions why American tax dollars are being wasted on the Carlyle Group-Haliburton War when it could be used to research cures for disease? Good question!

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