Sunday, August 28, 2005

Koshi the Blogging Cat!

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Photo: Koshi the Blogging Cat!

Koshi is actually white, with a touch of black on his ear and tail, but he appears gold in this photo due to lighting. It seems that cats can always pretty much tell which place commands a sense of power, and authortiy.

Sometimes a swishing tail makes things a bit difficult to read, but that's o.k. with me.


Dave said...

I think Jim's radio show is also number one among cats.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

I was going to make a comment that played on a synonym for cat but that would be base and uncalled for. Johnny Carson got away with it Zsa Zsa but I'm not Johnny Carson.

That confessed, it's good to see that you are using Firefox. It really is a superior browser to the default Explorer.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely cat. Looks like a cuddle-bunnie, solid and soft. Guess you realize I'm a cat-lover. Hi, Koshi

JeromeProphet said...

Anonymous 8:15,

He's definately a wonderful little person.

Just a year old.

Very contemplative, and a great sleeper.

Big eater too, and extremely nice. Shy with new people.

Just a nice guy. He's the girls favorite, and it's hard to ever get time with him - but to the girls dismay he's begun hanging out with me recently - ha!

He's one of four cats - each a unique personality.

He's a van, that is, he has a black tail, one black ear, the rest white.

His brother is just the opposite, all black with white paws.

I would be a liar if I said I didn't love my cats.

Two years ago I forbid even a discussion of having even one cat, but my daughter put the pressure on, and I relented.

Now, I'm totally sold on cats. They're worth all the time, money, and trouble a million times over. Everyone in the family feels the same.

If I had a bigger house, I'd probably have a few more.

Jim said...

While I admire your cat's taste in blogs, I feel compelled to remind you that cats, to the extent they think about you at all, want you dead.

If they could figure out how to write checks on your account and work the can opener, they would kill you in your sleep without hesitation.

When cats cuddle up to you and purr, they are trying to lull you into a false sense of security.

I just thought you ought to know.

Anonymous said...


Now there's the rub.

People who love cats accept that they are independent, carnivores, who just happen to put up with human beings hanging around.

While I'd never advocate anyone letting a cat live outdoors (and certainly not here in the Midwest), they do in fact survive despite a shortened lifespan.

They essentially don't need us.

The queen (a queen is a pregnant cat)that adopted us was a stray. We already had one cat, and I was opposed to taking in another cat, let alone one we suspected was pregnant.

I remember it well as I sat on my porch, and it came up to cuddle - a gentle friendly cat. Out of the corner of it's eye it saw a rabbit, and in less than a second jumped out of my arms clear off the porch in one jump - startled the heck out of me. But it kept its claw retracted so as not to scratch me when it jumped, otherwise I would have been badly cut.

I guess my presence spoiled the hunt that time for it failed to catch the rabbit, but it would on occassion come back with bird feathers matted to its fur.

I gained incredible respect for any creature that can take or leave human beings. Frankly I believe humans are much less trustworthy than cats.

If you treat a cat with love they respond in a gentle manner. No they don't "understand" human love, but they are mammals, and seem to understand the mother-kitten relationship quite well, and are willing play kitten for as long as they are treated properly.

Other than an occassional playful nip of the tooth, or accidental scratch they never knowingly do evil, which is far different from human beings - just look at New Orleans for how people would act in any crises. And people mistreat each other even in the most civilized of settings, and say, "That's just business".

Cats don't murder they hunt. Cats aren't cruel, they play.

It's people I don't trust.

Long live the feline!


Marie said...

Until last December, we had our Madison for almost 22 years. He was always an indoor cat - with just a few great escapes. I attribute the fact that he had such a long life to having lived the good life indoors. And, because he had such a long life, our lives were so much better than had we never known him. He gave us so much love and attention. I really miss him.

Marie said...

I originally intended to say, what an adorable cat Koshi is. And becautiful markings. (Too many interruptions around here.)

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