Sunday, September 04, 2005

50,000 Souls?

UPDATE: As of 09.09.05 estimates of fatalities have been sharply reduced - perhaps below 10,000. Let's hope, and pray that this trend toward reducing fatality estimates continues. This reduced estimate in no way mitigates the senseless, needless nature in which the victims of hurricane Katrina lost their lives.

Original Post Follows:

I saw an interview of the Mayor of New Orleans today. He stated that the population of the city of New Orleans had been Five Hundred Thousand.

He further stated that under the mandatory evacuation they believe eighty percent had the time, and means to evacuate, leaving One Hundred Thousand remaining in the city.

So far aproximately forty thousand people have been evacuated from the city since the disaster.

No one knows for sure just how many more are still alive and await rescue.

But the math is frightening.

I keep wondering if somehow I've died without knowing it, and this is some version of hell? But no, my spouse assures me, that I am still alive, right here in the United States of America, and the year is 2005.

Something is very wrong here.


Krishna said...

Thanks for scrappin on my Blog !!
Its real sad when such natural calamities happen.
It reinstates the fact that anything can happen to anyone anytime anywhere doesnt it .. !!

And yeah i meant Java 'the Programming Language' ..

cheers ..

JeromeProphet said...


We're all vulnerable.

It seems the very basis of our modern life is profoundly connected with the sense of safety - some might call it denial.

We buy insurance, pay our taxes, wear our seatbelts, and hope for the best.

But in the end the grim reaper comes knockin, and we take our out.

It is especially disturbing to see so many die in what could have been prevented.

The city of New Orleans should not be allowed to be inhabited again until changes have been made to it's sea walls, and until other measures are taken to prevent this disaster from ever happening again!

We, as a nation need to fork over those resources once the city is drained, and cleaned up.


Quen said...
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Quen said...

Yes, the population of New Orleans ( inside the city ) is 500,000. And this is not counting the other Parishes ( Jefferson, St.Benard, St.Charles, etc.). This is spread amongst 9 parishes, I believe. So, the Greater New Orleans population is really well over 1 million people. Check out this info

Quen said...

Here is that link again

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