Friday, September 16, 2005

Car Cage

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Photo: Car Cage - Saint John's Parking Ramp - Madison & Sixth - Springfield, IL

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Photo: Red Stairs - Municipal Parking Garage 7th & Washington 08.31.05

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Photo: Square Windows - Springfield, IL Municipal Parking Garage 08.31.05

Car Cages

Lurking about the parking ramps of downtown Springfield, Illinois sounds spooky!
Actually my brief tour of Springfield's parking garages with camera in hand openned up several photo opportunities.

Parking in d downtown Springfield has always been problematic. Downtown Springfield needs more parking spaces. Through the creation of diagonal parking zones, the City of Springfield has added dozens of parking spots along Adams street east of sixth street and west of fifth street. Yet, the demand for parking will only increase as downtown reinvents itself into a tourist, and specialty shop mecca.

Some are calling for the municipal government to build several more parking ramps to solve Springfield's parking problem once, and for all, but the city has never wanted to step up to the plate. Aside from tourist having nothing to do in the evening, parking is perhaps the biggest factor holding back continued growth for downtown.

The City of Springfield needs to change its approach, and sell some bonds to raise funding for the construction of several more parking ramps in the downtown area. This act would put to rest once, and for all the parking problem which has haunted downtown for decades. Talk about spooky!

About the Photographs:

The photograph I've titled Car Cages plays upon the feeling I had that people use cars as horse were once used. We no longer use stables, but parking garages. The cars remind me of living beings locked up behind wire mesh cages awaiting their master's return.

The red stairs photo is very interesting with the gold light streaming in from the windows. I don't see these stairs leading to hell. They look like they lead to an interesting place. I love the geometry of the stairs.

The square windows photograph speaks for itself. Geometry which encloses, yet opens up to the world beyond. Fuzzy, yet clear. This photograph is one of my favorites.


Dave said...

Hey, that's my car and the license plate is showing! Now my wife knows I'm still having that affair with the nurse. You've ruined my life. I'm suing! And I'm coming after you, pal!

The preceding has been a dramatization intend solely to scare the living crap out of careless internet photographers living in Jerome

Anonymous said...


Actually, there's a greater danger! Plate-O-Philes!

Yes, Plate-0-Philes!

These disgusting perverts stalk the Internet searching for photographs of cars with their license plates showing.

Many photographers posting family photographs of their cars carelessly allow their car's license plates to show!

Exactly why these Plate-O-Philes seek photo's of cars instead of trucks, or vans I do not know.

I'll leave it to your imagination - yuck!

In this case I can only say that people can do what they want to do with my photographs. I don't make them do it. If you have a problem with those people, I suggest you ask them about it.

I'm expressing my First Amendment rights - and do not believe I've violated any Car-Porn laws!

It's art you sickos out there!
I'm exploring the beauty of the cars - it's not exploitation.

Leave the cars alone, and let me go on creating the art that I see fit - as long as it doesn't hurt the cars of course.

This has been a public service announcement from JeromeProphet


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