Friday, October 14, 2005

Burning Burning Bright

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Photo: Myer's Brothers Building Downtown Springfield, IL

Burning Burning Bright
By JeromeProphet

I stumble down the stoney path
Never sure in which direction.
I only know I'm heading down
From my body's resurrection.

I tumble down the rocky cliff
Never sure it's my intention.
I only know I'm heading down
From my soul's intentions.

I've made my way to the end of this world
There's nowhere to go but down.
The fire burns below me now
The smell of death surrounds.

I slipped back down into the pit
From which I tried to climb.
The fires below me begin to spit
My soul burns sublime.

Just down, Just down, stumbling down.
Swallowed by the quickening darkness of fire.
I awaken in this place with a smile.

Explanation: This poem is a description of one soul's descent into hell. It is not an endorsement of hell, or going to hell. Please, to those weak-minded enough to believe that sin, and worshipping the devil is a good idea - I say think again. Hell is a horrible place, the devil a horrible creature, and this poem touches upon this theme throughout.

Photograph: Myer's Brothers in Downtown Springfield, Illinois. Captured in October 2005 around sunset. Photograph by JeromeProphet. I used this photograph with the poem, as the title of this post matches both the poem's theme, and the photograph.

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