Friday, November 04, 2005

21st Century Thunderbirds

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Art Work: A Stealth Fighter Shoots Infrared Laser Weapon

A black jet on a black-op over an unknown land, directs a black-op energy weapon into a rain laden cloud setting off torrents below. This may not be that far off into the future.

I've read about a program called HAARP, which is a land based weather modification pilot program based in Alaska. The whole program looks like one giant disinformation program. Well meaning people speculate that HAARP is somehow responsible for altering the shape of the ionosphere, and therefore changing the course of the jet stream. The small array of antenna, and the low power transmitters used by HAARP make any such claims absurd. Again, the whole project looks like a token research program being offered to scientist interested in the possibility of altering weather, and specifically targetting those scientist not wanting to work in the covert world of black-ops. Or perhaps it's a means of feeling out who would be interested - a recruiting tool?

Why on Earth would we waste time, and money on such a program? If I wanted an effective weather modification program I'd employ it right over the areas I want to control weather. The only way to do that, and not get caught? You guessed it, stealth aircraft! Whether the temptation to develop such a program could possibly be resisted decade after decade is the question. Certainly the development of directed energy weapons, and techniques to alter weather would hold great appeal.

Such a covert program would allow both the technology, and techniques of weather modification to be refined without restrictions which would be placed upon any overt program. One can only imagine the political uproar such a program could cause if one community received too much rain, while another didn't, or if a tornado wiped out one community, while another was spared.

The decades of debate which would naturally, and necessarily occur in the scientific, and political realm would certainly slow down the progress of the development of any overt weather modification program. However, such a program if intended for military use would most likely be hidden from public examination for as long as possible.

Thus it is likely that whenever a program of this type shifts from the world of black-ops to that of a public service the technology, and techniques adopted will have been proven with decades of prior research.

Art Work Credit: JeromeProphet.

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